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Bug/Issue Nintendo Switch: Birthday Gifts reverting one of the gift slots

Discussion in 'Support' started by Darkforge317, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Darkforge317

    Darkforge317 Yeah, You!


    Before I start I want to note that this issue was seen back in 2016, most likely on the PC version of the game.
    I assume this bug was fixed on the PC version, however I noticed it's happening on the Switch.

    Bug Description
    When giving a birthday gift to an NPC, the gift UI next to their hearts on the relationship tab will revert the X on the far left box.
    This happened to me with multiple NPC's. The few that I remember are George, Evelyn, and the Wizard.

    The screenshot below shows Evelyn only having one X'd box. Both boxes had X's in them before I gave her the birthday gift.

    How to Reproduce the Bug
    Give an NPC two gifts during their birthday week before the arrival of their birthday.
    Check to see if both gift boxes are marked with an X.
    Then give them a birthday gift on their birthday.
    Now check to see if both gift boxes are still marked with an X or if one of them disappeared.

    If successfully reproduced, there will only be one box marked with an X like in the screenshot above.

    As stated in my second post on this thread: The only problem is the UI. You are not able to give a 4th gift during that week, the limit of 3 is still in effect.

    Also, another detail: The gift I gave Evelyn was a Loved gift. A diamond.
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    • Sorainthy

      Sorainthy Void-Bound Voyager

      So you can give 4 presents in the Birthday week?

      Perfect. As mentioned in the bug thread: I do not see switch updates incoming.
      • Darkforge317

        Darkforge317 Yeah, You!

        Incorrect. You can only give 3. Even if the box is not marked, it still doesn't let you exceed the 3 gift birthday limit.

        Sorry, should've added that. I was trying to give as much detail as possible but I guess I missed some.

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