New utility: pystarboundmap (Python-based Starbound Map Viewer)

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    Hello all! I've got a desktop Python-and-PyQt5-based map viewer available now that I've been occasionally hacking on for the past month or two. It's available either from github or via pip, though in either case you will need Python 3 installed on your system:

    It uses blixt's lovely py-starbound library to actually read the Starbound data/savegames.


    One thing to note is that I've developed this on Linux, and it's not received any testing at all on Windows or OSX. I'd be particularly interested to know if the auto-game-detection works on those platforms. I'm hoping that at the very least there's not some error in there which would go so far as to crash the app while looking for it, but if anyone does try it out, let me know if that happens.

    From the app's main README:

    This project is a reasonably basic Starbound map viewer, focusing on a few simple map introspection tasks, rather than on 100% accurate map rendering. It does pretty much everything that I'd been hoping to have in a viewer when starting out, such as: looking for interesting areas to head while spelunking; checking my home base for "holes" in the background tiles; clicking on tiles to get some detailed information such as the images being used, etc.

    The app is far from perfect, and in specific could really use some performance improvements, but my time playing Starbound is more or less at an end, and my impetus to hack on the map viewer further is pretty much nil. A quick glance at the screenshots below will show that the blocks are rendered as simple squares rather than with all their borders, that platforms don't link up with each other, and that objects aren't currently rendered in their correct orientations (or even variations, in most cases). It doesn't yet attempt to do correct color tinting or the like, either. What you see is what you get!

    I would, of course, be happy to accept pull requests which address any of the items on my TODO list, below -- or other features not on the TODO list -- but I'm no longer actively developing this, myself.
    Additionally, if there's anyone on Windows or OSX who's familiar with Python packaging for those platforms, let me know if there's something I can do to ease installation efforts on them. I know on Windows at least that it's possible to "freeze" an app into an EXE which Windows folks could just double-click on and be done with, rather than having to mess around with installing Python manually and using pip, but I've got no way of investigating/testing that myself.

    Anyway, if anyone does ever check this out, enjoy!
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