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    This is the list that I would like to see for the next version of Stardew Valley (Most of this are from Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town because I like that game)

    New Characters:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    A police - This new character is mainly there to increase the population of the town.

    A mailman - This character delivers mail to your house.

    A priest - This character's use is to select if you want civil marriage or holy matrimony(all the marriage candidates wants civil marriage or others like holy matrimony.

    A farm expert - This character can give you tips or sells stuff that is useful for early or late game.

    New Items:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Shipping Box - An item that can be placed on your farm and all places to act as a mobile shipping box seen on your farm.(To nerf this, if they placed a shipping box and they removed it, every items that they placed on that particular shipping box on that particular day will be placed back at your inventory)

    Bow(Weapon) - An alternative ranged weapon that uses arrows or other arrows.

    Arrows and other arrows - Ammo for the Bow

    A new ore (I like titanium or cobalt) - A new ore that can be used to upgrade your tools because i dont like the color of the last tier of tools.

    New Buildings:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    House near the Spa - Can be bought at the Mayor's house that acts like your house

    House near the Beach - Can be bought at the Mayor's house that acts like your house

    House near the desert - Can be bought at the Mayor's house or at Mr.Qi that acts like your house

    What the farm expert can sell------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tractor- Instantly hoes the ground 3x3 that your player controls so that we wont use hoes everytime

    Fertilizers and seeds - It is not really good that you buy it in Pierre's supermarket

    Other Stuff:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Scythe upgradeable - Scythe when upgraded can harvest your crops.

    Your kids can grow - And help you on your farm

    Pierre's Shop - Sells other stuff like flour, sugar and other stuff useful for cooking and also remove the seeds there and give it to the farm expert instead.

    New weathers:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Blizzard - Disables any television and disables you to do anything productive because you cant go outside

    Hurricane - Disables any television and disables you to do anything productive because you cant go outside

    Foggy - Blocks your plants the ability to grow. (can only happen once every month)

    New Things to be used in the Wizard or Witch-----------------------------------------------------

    Shrine of Trust - Disables your current wife/husband to be jealous. (Mainly pointless shrine but I hated that your wife/husband is jealous when you give stuff to other marriage candidates)

    Dark Shrine of betrayal - Removes your cat or dog. (Mainly because they dont really do anything and just blocks your path)

    New Event:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    A stray dog or cat - Only appears when you used the dark shrine of betrayal. You can adopt the stray dog or cat or tell them to go away.

    Divorced wife or husband can ruin your marriage - So you have to use the dark shrine of memory to clear their memory.

    Divorced wife or husband can ruin any events involving them - So you have to use the dark shrine of memory to clear their memory.

    Second other stuff:---------------------------------------------------------------------------

    When you select Holy Matrimony and you chose to divorce , You cant select holy matrimony again.


    And thats the thing I would like to see :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    • StardewMe

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      A lot of this is something I've wished to see incorporated into the game. Sorry for the long reply to your long post :nurutease:

      Never thought of the police being in a game, but I could see how that would be interesting. Maybe add events that could be considered illegal and you have to pay a fine or get put into a jail for a night.

      A mailman has been a thought of mine. Instead of having mail come ever single day at 6am when you wake up. Change it to where it comes around 11am-1pm like a realistic mail system, but you could also send mail. Whether it's an item someone requested or just to send a letter.

      Priest - Could be good. Also if they incorporated a Sunday church service. Not a requirement to go to service though. It doesn't affect friendship points, but if you have a religious background it could make the game interesting.

      I don't know if I would do a farm expert for myself, but if there was that option on my first play through. I probably would've used it as a learning experience.

      I would be more excited than a farm expert, a person you can hire that lives in the town to help each day on the farm. You can set up a list of jobs that need to be done and your helper completes those and is paid upon completion at the end of the day.


      A bow and arrow wouldn't be useful for me personally. There is the option of the slingshot that I have never touched. I just put it in a chest of my other "never use" items.

      New ore though, that I haven't considered but I like it. Not because I don't like the color of iridium. I just think it would be nice to have a reason to go to the mine. I go now to waste time when I have nothing to do on my farm. Especially if this increased the range of the hoe. 6x3 for the iridium hoe is okay, but it would be amazing to have a bigger range with it. (This kind of goes in to your tractor suggestion though.)


      I have thought the ability to buy new house would be fun. I know this is basically a farming simulator but late in the game gold is endless. Maybe buy the houses for a million or more (keep in mind I have a few hundred million gold and I assume many others do also). Then treat it as your home from a new game. Pay to upgrade the home. Give the option to gift the house to someone or to rent it out. The renting option could bring other characters in game.


      I mentioned your tractor suggestions a couple sections up, but I would be perfectly happy with buying a tractor. Even having to supply fuel for it, routine maintenance, buy supplies (such as tires), upgrade it. Maybe start with a 1x1 as a new tractor, but upgrade it to get to a 3x3 or more radius.


      I would agree with the scythe, I use a mod for this already. If done right, you can do 5 rows crop in one swing. This makes it much faster.

      100% agree on kids growing. I've seen this so much in YouTube comments and "What I would change" type videos. This might not be easy on the dev, but I don't like how the kids are, well... useless in this game. Have the kid grow, go to school with Penny. Dialogue changes as each year passes. "How was school today?" and the child responds with something they learned. Cut scenes of teaching your child how to hoe a field or harvest crops. Maybe even petting the animals and picking up eggs, milk, wool, truffles. I would be excited to push it to year 20 or 30 if this was an option. Just to see how everything changes. Including me as a character and my in game spouse aging. I would like to see more kids also. If the kids would grow and help on the farm. Not if they would be walking through walls and staring at a corner all day.


      I like the idea for new weather. It might be a put off though in the event of a blizzard or hurricane and not going outside. Kind of like a wasted day. I would be interested in seeing this though.


      I would probably use the shrine of trust, but just because it was there haha. Not because it's been an issue with me.

      After my first save, I've never adopted the cat or dog again. Just got annoying in the game. If I remember right, I've seen a forum post somewhere that you can remove the cat/dog from your save file which would remove it from your game even if you chose to adopt it.
      • Chris776

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        i like the idea of having new characters on the game, such as the police, the priest and the farm expert, to which is... maybe you're grandfather? because he's the only farmer in the valley, but then again we could say that he is one of your grandfather's friends.

        i cant seem to agree with having blizzards in the game, as this would hinder players to go outside, which will prevent them from doing anything and it will waste 1 day of their time instead of atleast fishing, or water their winter seeds, or mining, maybe it is better if certain paths are blocked off and you cant go over there not until you go around to access it, like for example the north path of your farm is blocked off by snow, you have to go around to access that path like bus station>town>robin's house>the place.

        hurricane would devastate their crops, they wouldn't want that but maybe let's say whenever there is a hurricane coming, it should only bring lots of trash on your farm, some crops stopped growing for 1 day because of the hurricane or fences are damaged that only 1 more day it would be breaking down and you have to replace them.

        Tractors would be biased to having your tools, eventually people think that tractors would be a great addition to the farm? i think not.
        tractors i have thought of that as well, but think of what will happen if players have those big vehicles around that would make their work faster? they wouldnt need to use their tools anymore, the uniqueness of the game is because you have to labor yourself from working out your farm and not depend on machinery most of the time, that is why harvest moon was a popular game other than those farming simulators you see on steam, it is simple yet you learn something from it to do "hard work" to earn yourself, not "work hard" to get somthing you want.

        we already have the slingshot for range, having a bow would be bias as well on the slingshot.

        the scythe upgrade would be fantastic, if i can harvest crops with it i wouldn't have to waste time on collecting a lot of crops i planted on my farm, i usually go with a 6x3 size plot of planted crops where my iridium watering can could water, if there is a scythe upgrade that could charge up, and then harvest my crop on that range, that would be wonderful.

        kids growing i have never thought of that kids couldn't grow old enough other than being a toddler, looks like CA haven't thought of having complicated things such as kids taking over your farm and then you could go somewhere else to do stuff and your kids could help you out on the farm like water all your plants while you mine or forage, or your kids could do tasks for you like you could assign them to fish, to forage or to mine, would be cool as well if your spouse could also go out of town to advertise your farm.
        • cocodojo

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          I'd like to be able to plant rice! A few more crops, like rice that you can irrigate in water. Oh! And irrigation by digging a trench from your water sources like a pond to some of the nearby plants so you have some way to keep them watered, maybe have a limited range to keep it from being too OP'd and make sprinklers useless (Unless you using the river farm, then the river will constantly feed fresh water through).

          Scythe upgrade to harvest is lovely, I'm also using a mod for this and it helps a lot.

          We need... Willy to work with Robin on a project. Willy after you get some heart levels up with him, will ask if you'd like to fish out in the open waters (further out in the ocean lot), but since he only own his little fishing shack, he'd suggest you talk to Robin about building a small boat. Talk to Robin, provide her with some materials, (hardwood, cloth for sails, some metal bars for fittings, fiber for... ropes?) Robin takes a few days building it on the side of the beach. You get a simple boat, with oars, then slight upgrades so it can go out further, and add sails, etc...

          Another little thing, keeps bothering me. A recycling center, with garbage pickup crew. There is a LOT of trash at the bottom of the cliffs, junk around outside Pam/Penny's trailer and generally all that junk you find in the waters. Sure you can recycle all that yourself, but why not also have a recycle center in town where you can turn in garbage you don't need (anymore) for a little something? The garbage pickup crew will get unlocked after you've helped clean up the town enough and they'll remove the junk at the beach and cliffs and other places you can't reach after you've turned in enough junk to the recycle center. They can help clean up the debris after a storm and you can go to the center and pick up anything they found before it gets sent off to be recycled (removed from the town) on pickup days.

          The buyable additional homes sounds good too. Maybe purchase a small plot from the Mayor, and you can build a small away from home shack? Love to go into the mines? Get a plot up in the mountains / spa area! Like to wander the forest for forageables? Purchase a small plot in the forest! Just enjoy going int he desert for the deep skull cave / casino? Maybe work out a deal with Mr Qi (or whomever out there) for a tent or abode nearby.
          • Chris776

            Chris776 Subatomic Cosmonaut

            irrigation system would be great, but i dont know what happens to the sprinklers now? maybe irrigation should only work in a limited range where your ponds on your farm are located, sprinklers should still be useful not only inside the greenhouse but also outside your farm

            having go out into the sea to search for more rare fish to catch, that would be awesome! although what would be your destination? is it just in the middle of the ocean? or maybe you and willy could go to the nearest island to go and catch fish on that beach? and then explore the island's forest and places and more, that could be expanding the game's exploration.

            a recycling center would be great, but unfortunately trash types are only limited to broken glasses, trash, soggy newspaper, driftwood, and joja cola, there should be more garbage added into the game such as old boot, tattered rag, plastics, broken mug, broken bottle, rusty pipe and some other human wastes, that could actually contain some valuable items when recycled like the broken glasses could turn into a refined quartz that would save you the trouble of spending 1 coal and 1 quartz, recycling machine is great but if there were a recycling center, what would be the use of the recycling machine then? maybe you could actually donate a recycling machine onto the center in order for them to do their job of processing and recycling trash faster and more efficient, let's say sometimes when you trade in trash to them, and the other day you visit and ask if there was any other stuff that was produced after recycling, they would say "We didn't get anything good from yesterday's recycling process, sorry" the more you donate recycling machines, the better the odds of you getting goodies from trash you trade in or trash they collect on that current day to process and have results the next day.

            having additional homes in areas would be bias to having obelisks and crafting totems from the first place, i dont know if i like having additional places to sleep considering there are items and features in the game that could help you travel faster in the game.
            • sunlite

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              I don't like the idea of a holy matrimony because it probably wouldn't let us be in a same-sex marriage which is a great part of the game (for me personally)

              And the police could be a good idea. They could fine us for "crimes," like hitting players with a slingshot, etc.

              What I really hope for is new crops and trees.
              • Orion and Dog

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                Along the idea of having different houses in different places, it might be cool to have different farm locations. I think one of the Harvest Moon games did this? Maybe Animal Parade? Basically like the 1.1 extra maps, but having the option to have them in a completely different place. Like a house on the beach but with limited and infertile farming, or a farm up in the mountains with TONS of space, but with the caveat that it's far away from the town. Plus, once you get rich enough, you could buy the other plots of land.

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