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Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by Brandini, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Hey guys! I'm a Scottish YouTuber and have recently just started a Stardew Valley let's play! I want to share my Stardew Valley series with as many people as possible who just love this amazing game! So if you're up for joining me on my journey through Pelican Town then awesome! If not, then oh well :( At least I tried. And on the off chance that you actually enjoy my content then please hit the subscribe button so you never miss out on an episode! But anyway, thanks for your time guys! I really appreciate it! :D

    Link to Stardew Valley playlist:-
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      Left you a comment and a like to give you some search engine boost... not that a single person has a whole lot of power. YouTube is a number's game ultimately.
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        Hey thanks man! I appreciate it. Yeah it's hard to get any views these days on YouTube but I just want to get as many Stardew Valley fans to watch my let's play as possible and just interact with a bunch of them and generally just have a good time! :D It would be awesome to count you as one of my subscribers and if you have any friends or know anyone who would be interested in a Stardew Valley let's play, if you could share my video/playlist to them? It's the best of both worlds really. I get recognition and the chance to interact with other Stardew Valley fans and they get the chance to watch my let's play, have some fun and a laugh along with the way as well as interacting with other fans in the comments!

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