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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by RoseyWitch, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! This is my first post to the forums, but I have been browsing them for a while.
    While playing Stardew Valley, I keep on getting ideas popping into my mind. Today I will be talking about New shops and NPC's!
    I love that it's a close tight-knit community, and it really gives a sense of how rural Stardew Valley is. But I thought that maybe there should be something expanded.
    I think it would be great that somehow, whether that be with the fall of Joja, something should be implemented into that building. Maybe some sort of strip mall, which could have a food stall with foods that you wouldn't find otherwise. Inside the strip mall, besides the food stall, maybe there could be a place for art that you can add to your house, a tailor (i saw this suggested here: ), and maybe more. I figure they'd be small shops/stalls.
    Also, I think it'd be cool to have a shop where it's someone who makes different furniture. Maybe take the furniture out of Pierre's place and put it in there as well as some special things.

    Maybe after certain packages in the community center are fulfilled new people come into the town, and maybe they unlock some of those shops.
    But these are just some ideas I had in mind. What kind of ideas do you guys have?
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      I was thinking the same thing in a way. I would love to have more houses and choices to marry people. Maybe expand the town a little but nothing major. I would also like to see someone move in after the fall of Joja. Maybe a rich family or person who buys it and builds a mansion and is even more trouble than joja? Make their butler do all their dirty work so everyone hates him (for an in depth story like the other characters)? Just an idea. That way there's longer gameplay. Sometimes I find I run out of things to do, especially in winter. I play religiously though :rofl:\

      PS I am also new to the forums

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