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    This has shown that, in game, some products are used far more common than others, while some of them are never used or only used once.

    I've come upon many new recipes, some of them are imaginary, but most of them are based on real life food.
    (I've already emailed CA for some of them)

    but first, I'd like to talk about a new cooking system (edited Nov 14th 2016)

    First, you can discover, purchase recipes rather than waiting for the cooking channel and appease every villagers.

    A slow-cooking option, which is accessible though buying cooking utensils and some furniture like oven. This can be explained as: the regular cooking is made by cooking machine, while the slow cooking is made by hand, and increase cooking skills.

    There are factors in cooking:

    1. Cooking success rate: Influenced by skills and ingredients selected.

    • failed meal: failed meal can be used to feed pigs, hated by everyone, can only be sold for 1g. If eaten, would give some energy, but give negative buffs
    • inferior meal: Inferior meal will heal 0.6x and sell 0.5x. If a NPC love the original meal, he/she now like it, if neutral, now dislike, etc.
    • normal meal - the product is just like the fast cooking methods.
    • silver quality - the product would heal 1.4x, sell 1.5x price (not like other product - 1.25/1.5/2 for silver/gold/iridium)
    • gold quality - the product would heal 1.8x, sell 2x price, buffs last for slightly longer
    • iridium quality - the product would heal 2.6x, sell 3x price, buffs last for slightly longer, and and 1 to each buff
    • diamond quality - the product would heal and buff like iridium,but sell 4.5x (3,4,6,9 x0.5) price, add 75% to friendship if liked or loved, add a level of likehood (like to love, neutral to like)
    The base quality of food for level 0, normal quality and default ingredients is: 20% failed, 30% inferior, 49% normal and 1% silver. Higher quality is not eligible mainly due to the skill.
    2. Ingredient used
    1. Quality of ingredient: for example, if in carp surprise, all the 4 carps are gold quality, the dish would most possibly be gold, then silver quality if not skilled enough. In diamond quality food, using of all additional ingredients is not necessary, but many need some of them, and all food ingredient must be of best or second best quality
    2. Alternate ingredient: truffle oil can replace oil, thus rise food quality. In "Pink cake", if a beet is used instead of melon, the cake would become "red velvet cake", if 5 strawberry is used, the cake would become "princess cake"
    3. Additional ingredient: for example, in ice cream, an additional ingredient must be used to gain at least silver quality - a fruit or an egg.
    3. Maki Roll - a comprehensive example
    1. A slimejack of any quality (not a fish suitable for edibility), a seaweed, a normal quality rice (only normal ones are available now) - at least 50% chance to become inferior quality
    2. A gold quality fish of any kind suitable for edibility (including carp, and carp is in reality, an exquisite sushi ingredient), a seaweed, a normal quality rice - most likely to be silver quality
    3. A fish of any type of quality, a seaweed, a rice, a vinegar and/or mayo - at least silver quality
    4. A gold tuna, a gold salmon, a seaweed, a gold quality rice - at least gold quality
    5. A gold lobster, a gold shrimp, a gold crab, a seaweed, a gold rice - at least iridium quality
    6. at least 3 type of gold quality fish in several types good for sushi, high quality seaweed and rice (not in game now) - great chance of diamond quality if with at least 10 skill level
    4. Cooking time
    For slow cooking, now every recipe cost at least 5 minutes in game, based on the type, the ingredient used.

    Also, the baking recipe - like cookie and cakes - player can be absent after the preparation stage - you can prepare ingredient for 30 minutes, and for 1 hours, you can left your cooking in oven and leave, and take it anytime.

    For some liquid based recipes, you can prepare multiple servings for equal time - like algae soup (just use a bigger pot!) But some not, like sashimi - you have to cut it by hand in accuracy.

    After selecting ingredients and deciding the servings you want to made, an estimated time (preparation and baking, for oven recipes) would be shown.

    5. Skill levels:

    1. Success rate increased (only at most 20% chance to below normal quality)
    2. Success rate increased further (only at most 10% chance to below normal quality), new crafting recipe: Squeezer (turning fruit to fruit juice/smoothies)
    3. Allow choosing ingredients (not replacing them or adding new ones) for type and quality
    4. Available to craft gold quality food (but still, you have to use better ingredients)
    5. Allow discover new recipes after cooking. Also recipe books are available now through mail notification.
    6. Allow discovery and trials for replacing ingredients. New crafting recipe: Salt maker (put them at the sea)
    7. Allow adding new ingredients, and the discovery of them. New crafting recipe: smoke box.
    8. Chance for crafting quality (silver+) food increases. New crafting recipe: drying rack
    9. Food last longer in fridge.
    10. allow to craft at least iridium quality food.
    6. Professions:

    Upon level 5:
    • Speedycook: decrease 20% of the cooking time (not including baking time)
    • Accuracycook: decrease base chance for inferior food for 5%, never fail if choosing right ingredients
    Upon level 10 - speedy branch
    • Manufacturer: Can produce over 4 servings of food at one time
    • Preserver: Time to produce smoked or dried fish/meat/mushroom decreased 40%
    Upon level 10 - accuracy branch
    • Enthuasist - grant a bonus for luck and skills after crafting quality food
    • Labmouse - Best ingredients is hinted upon selecting ingredients

    Realistic ones:

    Porridge Breakfast: 1 rice, 1 spring onion, 1 duck egg
    (Salted duck eggs with porridge, and some roll made of wheat flour)
    (Minced Pork Congee with Preserved Egg) (Preserved Eggs, are duck egg with chemical process, also can use Void Egg in game, since it's black)

    Sushi Set
    5 rice, 1 vinegar, 1 seaweed (for shaping)

    1 sea urchin, 5 shrimps, 1 tuna, 1 eel, 1 salmon, 1 albacore, 1 sardine, 5 clam, 1 squid, 1 octopus, 1 egg, 1 lobster, - makes 5 sushi sets.

    This recipe would be legendary! Up to 5 stats would be added and last for a long time (lesser than 13 minutes, though)

    Spicy crayfish

    5 crayfish, 1 garlic, 1 hot pepper, 1 oil
    Apple Pie
    1 egg, 1 wheat flour, 1 apple, (1 maple syrup), 1 sugar
    Perfect Salad
    See: recipe&referringContentType=search results&clickId=cardslot 18

    1 cheese, 1 tomato, 1 corn, 1 vinegar, 1 truffle oil

    Fish and Chip

    1 Tilapia, 1 Beer, 1 flour, 1 potato, 1 egg
    Halibut Lasagna/Pasta
    1 Halibut, 1 flour, 1 garlic, 1 milk
    Flower shortcake
    1 fairy rose, 1 flour, 1 sugar, 1 oil


    Imaginary Ones
    Icy Princess (A kind of Drink)
    1 grape, 1 crystal fruit, 1 pomegranate
    Coco-nono (Gus's recipe!)
    1 rice, 1 coconut, 1 truffle, 1 amaranth

    I also emailed a form to CA, pointing some insanity in the current recipes.

    Carp Surprise It's bland and oily.
    Need oil
    [​IMG] Carp (4)
    Eggplant Parmesan Tangy, cheesy, and wonderful.
    Need cheese [​IMG] Eggplant (1)[​IMG] Tomato (1)
    Fiddlehead Risotto A creamy rice dish served with sauteed fern heads. It's a little bland.
    Need rice [​IMG] Oil (1)[​IMG] Fiddlehead Fern (1)[​IMG] Garlic (1)

    Fruit Salad A delicious combination of summer fruits.
    Too little blueberry [​IMG] Blueberry (1)[​IMG] Melon (1)[​IMG] Apricot (1)
    Ice Cream It's hard to find someone who doesn't like this.
    May need egg [​IMG] Milk (1)[​IMG] Sugar (1)
    Tom Kha Soup These flavors are incredible!
    Too little meat (shrimp) [​IMG] Coconut (1)[​IMG] Shrimp (1)[​IMG] Common Mushroom (1)
    Vegetable Medley This is very nutritious.
    It's medley, right?
    So at least 3-4 vegetables
    [​IMG] Tomato (1)[​IMG] Beet (1)

    Stir Fry Julienned vegetables on a bed of rice.
    Need rice (and change to Fried rice) [​IMG] Cave Carrot (1)[​IMG] Common Mushroom (1)[​IMG] Kale (1)[​IMG] Oil (1)
    Maki Roll Fish and rice wrapped in seaweed.
    Need vinegar [​IMG] Fish (1)[​IMG] Seaweed (1)[​IMG] Rice (1)

    Post your ideas, gals and guys!
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      I'd like to have a few tiers of kitchen to play with. Buy a microwave to cook up some low tier recipes without worrying about the house upgrade. Upgrade to a kitchen for most regular things. Get a deluxe kitchen for the great things.
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        The post-endgame instant cooking system is still necessary, though.

        I'd like a slow-cooking option, which is accessible though buying cooking utensils and some furniture like oven. This can be explained as: the regular cooking is made by cooking machine, while the slow cooking is made by hand, and increase cooking skills.

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