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RELEASED New Protectorate Clothes 1.9

It's your uniform... make it so.

  1. Artanis00500

    Artanis00500 Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh, alright.
  2. DrPvtSkittles

    DrPvtSkittles Master Astronaut

  3. Vinderex

    Vinderex Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hooray for not seeing stuff until a full year later. :rofl:
    But yeah, I might see about putting it on the workshop too if anyone happens to still be interested. In all honesty though, I'm pretty much on the exact opposite end of that "hearty hatred" spectrum. :p Can't stand the Workshop for several reasons, mainly that there's much less if not none at all checking that outdated mods are still compatible, the auto updating can make server management more of a pain, and then the fact that it makes it soooo much more difficult to take a peek at the raw files for the sake of making addons, or just trying to learn a new trick or two. :notworthy:

    Anyways, back onto the topic of this mod. Love what I see! Always great having more variety.
    And ironically some of my artwork actually resembles your avali uniforms more than my own. :rofl:
    VarlanProtector.png slaying_the_ruin.png
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