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    So I recently bought the game and been lurking the suggestion forum and noticed some people wanting homeworld planets for races. I don't think a homeworld for the races would mesh with the play style which seems to favor a feeling of isolation and exploration into the unknown. I think a balance should be made though, one that gives justice to a race's accomplishments and failures while keeping isolation and exploration.

    The Abandoned World (was going to call it Ruin world but that name is taken) would be a city planet, like Coruscant, but abandoned a few centuries or millennia prior to the PC arriving. Instead of ground the planet would be covered entirely in crumbling skyscrapers, instead of caves it would be mazes of rooms inside the skyscrapers. It would be exclusive to frozen and fiery stars.

    Planet Details:

    Due to the state of the planet, with the bio-sphere damaged, industrial machines slowly decaying and breaking down releasing their contents, the atmosphere would be radioactive and toxic, weather would consist of acid rain, storms, and sand storms.


    • Dead City Biome: The surface biome which covers the entire planet. It would consist of skyscrapers 100's of blocks high. The interior of the skyscrapers would be filled with many collapsed rooms full of rubble, ruined corridors and staircases, half collapsed rooms and a few intact rooms with working lighting. The tops of the skyscrapers would be partially collapsed, covered in dirt, sand, sparse grass, vines and trees with holes in the "ground" leading into the structures themselves. In between the skyscrapers would be what were streets, now either covered in sand, rubble and trash, or pools of poison water. The rooms would have a variety of mechanical lifeforms. The city biome can come in Apex, Hyloti, Apex, and Avian varieties, which would have the structures using materials that those races building's are built in. There could also be structures made of rusted metal and "forgotten race" style of the biome which uses heavy stone and stone pillar skyscrapers to give off some sort of space Rome environment.
    • Sewer/Subway Biome: Under the city would be collapsed basement rooms, tunnels filled with sewer pipes, raw sewage, poison water. Basically the Old Sewer dungeon.
    • Beneath this could be plenty of different cave biomes, such as abandoned factories, abandoned labs and weapons manufacturing, abandoned overgrown factory farms, vaults, and abandoned mines. Too much to describe.
    • Finally in the lower levels you would reach the typical cave biomes and finally the core and magma sea.
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    This seems similar to the Scorched planets that are already in the game, but better.
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    I can see that comparison. Though where as the scorched planets are like doomsday worlds where something either happened to the star or the race on the planet either had a massive war or something, Abandoned worlds are kind of like space Pripyat, where the race on a sprawling industrialized planet suddenly left en-masse for some unknown reason and nature is starting to retake the planet. There's environmental hazards on an abandoned world, but not exactly like a scorched planet.
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    This sounds really awesome and creative!
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