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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Praxxis, Feb 26, 2019.

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    Hello and Welcome.

    I'm going to be hosting a new MP server moderately modded located in central canada GMT-6 from roughly 4pm-12pm and I'm look for people to join.

    A few things to know. I'm an older gamer just looking to enjoy some more stardew. The Mods I've chosen are:
    Ui Info Suite

    Plus dependencies.

    You'll find a link to my Mod Folder below. If you have the latest version of Smapi Installed you should in theory just be able to copy the folder and replace your mods folder (Make a backup if you have your own mod list).

    The Invite code as of Feb 26 is : E8ICSEZJ8EQ

    Ill be monitoring and hanging out for the first day if anyone would like to join feel free. If the server remains stable I'm open to trying additional mods beyond whats currently installed.

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