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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by aypheros, Feb 17, 2019.

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    Sorry for my bad english.
    My idea is to add new "commanders" with new "grooves" to broaden the selection of commanders and more fun!
    i have more i just translatin to english
    I'll just say the grooves that I came up with to add:

    (aging) decreases in one area the movement in 1 to all enemy units excluding the commander. fast charge.

    (war cry) units adjacent to the commander gain additional damage (10% extra damage) (only 4 units) medium charge.

    (roulette) "through a roulette wheel it selects all the units of the map until it falls in one, once it falls in one it is allied or enemy it leaves a roulette of damage and receives that amount of damage, does not apply to structures or commanders"
    Slow loading (this was more like a joke but it can be a beautiful double-edged sword, like the groove of ryota

    (spiritual dissection) selects an enemy unit from any part of the map (excluding commander and buildings) and creates a soul from that unit next to the commander with the same amount of life but can not attack, if the soul dies, the unit dies
    super slow loading
    the soul, lasts 2 turns until it disappears if it is not killed
    (inspired by eloide)
    (undead call) invokes an undead (as strong as a warrior and as slow as a spearman) if the undead kills a unit, the murdered unit becomes undead, low charge

    (King's inspiration) Summon 1 villager with 2 of life in all your cities, the villagers gain 2 of life at the end of each turn, and if they reach 10 without being killed they randomly become a swordsman 50% chance / spearman 40% chance / archer 10% chance slow charge

    (elementary maestry) invokes a "mini elemental" of (depends on the map) that attacks 3 or 5 squares away, can not move lasts 6 turns, if it is a snow map, the elemental is ice, if it is sunny of fire and if it is of sand of earth, it works like the crystal of emeric only that instead of giving defense attacks. same burden that emerged

    Gravitation) Inflicts 1 damage to all enemy units near the commander, same area as the mercia, the air units receive 4 damage. the units hit, lose 1 of movement ground units and 3 air units, slow charge

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