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  1. Cloudhopper

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    This thread is going to be for the RP clan, New Floran Kingdom, to use until Starbound releases.
    Hopefully this doesnt get deleted, i'm still working on it.

    Intro: This RP takes place throughout the known universe, with the central location being the Flagship of the New Floran Kingdom, which is known as the vague-yet-fitting term "The Flagship".

    • No godmodding
    • or Powergaming. whatever you want to call it.
    • Don't kill other people's characters without permission
    • No Mary Sues.
    • Please use this thread mainly for RP. If you're having an OOC post, say so at the beginning.
    • Don't die a bunch. I'm serious, Cloning's too expensive for us to afford.
    • We don't have endless pockets, pick a weapon and stick with it.
    All posts must be at least 3 sentences. It is suggested that you don't control other player's characters unless they give you permission. That means, no controlling conversations, or controlling the outcome of a fight. PM Someone to discuss what happens in a battle, so the fight happens in one post. Unless, of course, the Fight in question is a war.


    A small graveyard atop a grassy hill on a calm, quiet grassland planet. The place where we bury our dead.

    Flagship Locations:

    The main control room of the Flagship, towards the aft of the vessel. It is lined with several computers, and a large walkway through the middle, leading to a large reinforced viewing window. Not designed to withstand direct collision with other ships.

    A long room lined with Hospital Beds and Apex Life Support Pods. Often holds at least one or two injured Non-player Characters.

    A wide room the size of a football field, where those of us with personal Spacecraft keep them when not in use. It's also where we keep most of our Cargo.

    on Space Kickstarter, we eventually got enough funds to hire a Robot Chef. He's surprisingly good at his job of cooking food.

    The crew quarters consists of a hallway lined with sliding doors that lead to a small personal bedroom for each member of the crew. Each one includes a bed, a Nightstand with a lamp, a moderately-sized closet, and a small Shiplocker in each room.

    This is where we'd keep our prisoners, if we had any. They'd be held in their cells with energy barriers, and the room happens to be next to the Mess Hall.

    Main clan page:
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  2. Clan RPs go in the Clans subforum.
  3. Cloudhopper

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    Oh. sorry.
    could someone delete move this? xP
  4. No need, just ask a Mod to move it.
  5. Cloudhopper

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    There we go. Thanks, Mods!

    ((EDIT: The RP is starting now. ))
  6. Paillan

    Paillan Phantasmal Quasar

    what about previous issues?
  7. Cloudhopper

    Cloudhopper Pangalactic Porcupine

    What do you mean?
  8. Paillan

    Paillan Phantasmal Quasar

    isn´t it going to be like a: things happened so far, thingy?
  9. Cloudhopper

    Cloudhopper Pangalactic Porcupine

    Oh. Well, i'm restarting the RP completely. So everything that happened on the other thread has NEVER happened. Dun dun dunnn.
    Also, i'm going to have a "Story So Far" section in the OP, once things happen.

    Birds chirp in the distance, and Cloudhopper sits up with a yawn. Sitting up in his bed, he sluggishly heads downstairs to eat breakfast. After a quick glance out the front window, he cooks some eggs and bacon and wolfs them down hungrily. He gets dressed for the day, and heads outside to check on the rest of the village.
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  10. Paillan

    Paillan Phantasmal Quasar

    seems legit, but alot of things were yust sended to trash D:
    Stands up from meditation, slowly looks around, he i still a bit dizzy, finally, he can look well, goes to kitchen and wants to eat something, them he remembers he is at fasting. He goes to the others bedrooms and them realises that nobody stays never in the flying platform. Puts on mechanical wings and starts flying to the surface.
    Arrives the surface and sees that anybody is sleeping expect cloud, enters cloud´s hause and says as a greeting:
    What is new down here, cloud?
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  11. Cloudhopper

    Cloudhopper Pangalactic Porcupine

    "Not much, Paillan. The construction on the hangar is finishing up."
    Cloudhopper looks out the window at the workers building our new Hangar.
    "Well, i'm heading to the Blacksmith, i need my sword sharpened."
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  12. Paillan

    Paillan Phantasmal Quasar

    "sharpening swords, what nonsense!"takes out his light sword out"You still don´t learn the adventages, huh? I could make you one if you wish, anyway, since the other´s are still sleeping, i will take the forest guard turn, talk to my by radio when this lazy people stands up so they take the guard and i can return to the sky platform, see ya"Gets stuff from the stock and them stops infrom of cloud"anything else you want to say to my or i can go?"
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  13. Cloudhopper

    Cloudhopper Pangalactic Porcupine

    "Go ahead, i'll see you later."
    Cloudhopper watches Paillan fly away, and sighs. Then, he heads to the blacksmith
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  14. Paillan

    Paillan Phantasmal Quasar

    ((i tought nobody was going to manipulate any of others characters actions, yes even leaving!))
    After flying around, arrives the forest"ah...sweet sensation of unlimited liberty"starts looking around"looks like we´re going to have an innundation soon, well i will get company at the flying platform"them from nowhere something brilliant apears in the sky and falls whit massive speed, crushing many kilometers away, shacking the earth a bit"whoa, that´s actually an asteroid, it was so big that i felt it´s crashing effect until here, better going to see what happened"starts flying towards the direction from were meteor falled.
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  15. MRDaniel

    MRDaniel Void-Bound Voyager

    "Pilot Daniel, whats the situation?"The captain asks"we will land in their hangar in 5 hours, captain"i respond"good, mens, prepare yourself, get the costumes and don´t forget our move, we are a floran group which home planet just went attacked, and also get our nice guest out of sight so they don´t realise what we really are"the mens nods"Now, set the course at maximum speed"the captain says"yes, captain"I answer.
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  16. Paillan

    Paillan Phantasmal Quasar

    after flying a while"whoa that thing is far away!"Finally reaches the place were meteor falled"Holy fucking god avian... I will warn the others!"returns at max speed to planet platform, arrives really fast, takes the planet side talker"Hello, somebody out there, Paillan here, calling all star trackes, we have a ecosistem disaster here"A voice answers"sorry, but we are to far away, it would take 4 weeks to us to come"I sign"Okey, just keep yourself well"turns off the planet side caller"I will warn Cloud!"Jumps of the platform, and activates the wings near the ground"New jump of record, 2700 free fall meters"the computer of the wings say"a bigger record would be dangerous for body tolerance!"I land"i don´t care machine!"i run to the blacksmith"Cloud, we got a problem, we have to wake every one up!"
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  17. Cloudhopper

    Cloudhopper Pangalactic Porcupine

    "A problem? What is it?"
    Cloudhopper takes his sword, and makes sure the upgrades he made work. After he pulls a trigger on the handle, the blade heats up into a blade of energy.
    "There we go."
    Cloudhopper heads to the Town Hall, and rings the alert bell.
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  18. Paillan

    Paillan Phantasmal Quasar

    Gets air again and tells"A huge meteor falled around 3k from here, is seems like it was full of lava, the whole forest will burn in 10 or 13 days, but the village is to near, it won´t take more than 2 hours for the fire to come here"everybody gasps"Also, we will soon have another inundation"he takes a deep breath"we wilol have to look the hangar for any coming ship, we don´t want our new citizen to die yust when they arive"they all asent"okey, lets go the forest and see what we can do"
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  19. GabirilosGR

    GabirilosGR Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Bonespectre after a gooooood sleep wakes up and hear the alert bell. He get off his bed, grabs his sword and goes out to see what is happening.
    "I better go to the Town Hall and see who is ringing the bell"
    Runs to the Town Hall and sees Cloudhopper
    "What happend, why are you ringing the bell Cloud?"
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  20. Paillan

    Paillan Phantasmal Quasar

    I answer instead"A meteor falled near, spectre"we need to puts its fire down before it arrives here"and there will be an inundation soon"
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