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New Drone/Item Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Wolfkit

    Wolfkit Void-Bound Voyager

    Medical Scanner (Tier 3 Passive)
    Killing marked enemies greatly heals you.

    This would mark a random enemy like the Hit List, and heal you for 20% of your max health upon a successful kill.
    • Burby

      Burby Phantasmal Quasar

      The hit list actually used to be this in early builds, healing you to full health when killing a marked enemy. You'd lose so much health in such a short time though that it wasn't all that useful.
      • Dolphinflavored

        Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

        Manipulation Pellet (Active)

        Shoot a pellet that sticks to the first enemy it touches. Use again to pull enemies inward toward the pellet. Short cooldown.

        Dubious Goo (Tier 3):
        Mysterious goo molds to upgrade your current use item.

        A few examples:
        Sawmerang: Increase range and velocity

        Unstable Watch: Increase damage output by 10% temporarily.

        (That jellyfish thing): Shoot 2 more pellets and stun for 2 seconds

        Manipulation Pellet (why not?): deal 20% DPS for 5 seconds upon the "pulling-in" of enemies.
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        • geekofalltrades

          geekofalltrades Phantasmal Quasar

          Rubber Gloves (Tier 1 Passive)
          Order Description: +10 resistance to shock damage.
          Stacking: +10 resistance to shock damage.
          Sent To: Power Substation B-52, Red Spot, Jupiter
          Shipping Method: Standard
          Order Details: I know you think surviving 17 Red Spot lightning strikes makes you a big man, but please put some damn gloves on. Your mother is worried about you.

          Fire Blanket (Tier 1 Passive)
          Order Description: +10 resistance to fire damage.
          Stacking: +10 resistance to fire damage.
          Sent To: Stonehenge Stadium, Exoplanet 11
          Shipping Method: Standard
          Order Details: In response to last week's four spontaneous combustion incidents, all stadium staff are now to carry a fire blanket at all times, effective immediately.

          Proximity Detector (Tier 1 Passive)

          Order Description: 5% chance to dodge attacks from recently teleported enemies.
          Stacking: Additional 5% chance to dodge.
          Sent To: Blarfar CSI Dept
          Shipping Method: Confidential
          Order Details: Exhibit A: Twenty (20) concealable motion proximity detectors. Exhibit B: Tattered note; "come to sneak up on me brother well this house is my fortress mother's fortress eyes everywhere no sneaking thousands of little eyes glass eyes steel eyes glassy eyes steely eyes the eyes see you brother."

          Mitotic Capacitor (Tier 2 Passive)

          Order Description: +2 health/s for 5s when in a Leeching enemy's health field.
          Stacking: Additional +2 health/s.
          Sent To: Andtler Ring
          Shipping Method: Field-Found
          Order Details: I thought at first that these rudimentary electrochemical batteries were exclusively Lemurian tech, insofar as the Lemurians have tech... but they appear to be carried by nearly every life form I've yet encountered, even the ones that don't appear intelligent. Could they be naturally occurring, somehow? Just now a Lemurian carrying dozens of them wandered past my hiding place. As he neared, the one I was holding warmed, and I felt... better, somehow. Less weary.

          IFF (Tier 2 Passive)

          Order Description: 2% chance to reflect an incoming missile to a nearby enemy.
          Stacking: Additional 2% chance to reflect, up to 20%.
          Sent To: Staff Sargent Blue, Base Peri, Neptune
          Shipping Method: Military
          Order Details: If those red bastards are still using homing missiles, they're in for a nasty surprise. These new doodads mimic their IFFs long enough to turn the rocket away and then fry its IFF completely, sending it straight for the nearest target. Just be sure to keep dodging as per usual, because it's not strictly speaking working 100% of the time just yet.

          And now, a completely useless item:
          Gambler's Fallacy (Tier 1 Passive)
          Order Description: Shrines display how many items they will still yield before exploding.
          Stacking: No effect.
          Sent To: Luxor, Neo-Vegas, Earth
          Shipping Method: Standard
          Order Details: Stick some of these displays on your slot machines. All they do is tally up the number of plays since the last win on that machine and display it to the user. Gamblers will dump thousands of chips into a machine with two more plays than its neighbor. It's unbelievable. Do they not teach basic probability theory in the New States anymore?
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          • geekofalltrades

            geekofalltrades Phantasmal Quasar

            Because missiles aren't lolwut enough already:
            Retargeting Computer (Tier 3 Passive)
            Order Description: Hits by player's missiles have a 1% chance to count as a hit that may spawn another missile.
            Stacking: Additional 1% chance, up to a max of 25%.
            Sent To: Base Morningstar, Exoplanet e51-a
            Shipping Method: Military
            Order Details: You knock 'em down, and this baby'll keep 'em down. Its job is to remember which targets you've locked homing missiles onto and fire off another one if it looks like it's still moving. Just DO NOT apply the firmware upgrade when it asks you - the thing goes goddamn mad and only works when its internal clock count has exactly three prime factors. If you start the thing up and apply the upgrade without reading this message first, then don't come crying to me.

            So, for example, a player with 5 AtG Mark I launchers has a 50% chance of spawning 1 missile on each hit. If they pick up the Retargeting Computer, then hits by their missiles have a .01 * .5 = 0.5% chance to spawn another missile... as does that missile, if it hits. A player with a full stack of AtG Mark I launchers and Retargeting Computers sees each missile launch another missile fully 1/4 of the time. A player with a full stack of Retargeting Computers, AtG Mark Is, and AtG Mark IIs is already launching 4 missiles with every hit. They should then expect a fifth missile to have been launched by the time their four missiles have all connected. And a 21st missile for every 20 missiles that connect... etc.

            Artifact of Masochism
            Whenever you deal damage, you take that much damage. Enemy hits heal you instead of damaging you. You gain an overheal buffer, 10% of your maximum health, above which you may be overhealed (by enemy hits only). If your overheal buffer fills completely, you die. If your health bar drains completely, you die.

            Artifact of Exacerbation
            Apply to a second artifact to enhance its effects.
            Artifact of Masochism: You have no overheal buffer. If you get hit by an enemy while at full health - or are pushed over full health by an enemy hit - you die.
            Artifact of Honor: Enemies spawn as frequently as if they weren't elites.
            Artifact of Kin: Upon death, enemies have a chance to spawn two more enemies of their type. This effect slurps up some points from the AI director's pool, ensuring that the player never gets caught in a Hydra-like situation where the number of enemies alive exceeds the number of enemies at which we expect doubling to happen at least once.
            Artifact of Distortion: One skill is locked for the duration of the game.
            Artifact of Spite: Rather than bombs, enemies spawn a combination of bombs and homing missiles.
            Artifact of Glass: Health-improving items like the Bitter Root, Infusion, and Guardian's Heart are replaced with a Glass Shard which gives +10 health.
            Artifact of Enigma: Use items are more likely to proc when they are less effective (Foreign Fruits more likely to proc when you have more health, offensive items more likely to proc when fewer enemies are on-screen, Explorer's Key when fewer chests are on-screen, Captain's Brooch when you have very little money, etc).
            Artifact of Sacrifice: Only Tier 1 items spawn. The only way to get a use item is to use Enigma, in which case Small Enigmas do not spawn.
            Artifact of Command: Command chests spawn 10% of the time; the other 90%, items remain random.
            Artifact of Spirit: The effect of Spirit on the player is halved. On enemies, it remains the same.
            Artifact of Origin: With each invasion, an additional portal opens (spawning just as many imps). 1 portal on the first invasion, 2 on the second, 3 on the third...

            Man, that is a brutal artifact. I look back on it and wonder what I was thinking.
            And two new artifacts requires two new levels ehh ehh? If by some wild stretch of the imagination both of these artifacts get incorporated, I think it makes sense for the Artifact of Exacerbation to be the new endgame artifact, taking the Artifact of Origin's current spot, and for the Artifact of Origin to be moved somewhere else.

            Also: perhaps beating the game with all artifacts but Exacerbation gives you Exacerbation, then beating with all artifacts and one of them Exacerbated allows you to Exacerbate two artifacts for the next playthrough, then three... up to the point where you can unlock the ability to Exacerbate all 11 of the other artifacts, for a truly merciless game. Beating it with 11 Exacerbated artifacts should then yield a neat prize.
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            • Slaughterfest Sam

              Slaughterfest Sam Orbital Explorer

              Shipping Details
              -Estimated Delivery: 1/17/2056
              -Sent to: 8505, Civil Rights Museum, Earth
              -Order: Challenger's Bullhorn
              -Order Description: Increase the timer by 1 minute times the current difficulty modifier (i.e, 1 on Very Easy, 2 on Easy, 3 on Medium, etc) and summon a random boss from the level's pool at your location. (90 second cooldown)
              -Shipping Method: Volatile
              -Order Details: This thing's design might be archaic, but don't let that fool you. It's seen thousands of protests, demonstrations, hell, even a fair share of riots. If you want your voice heard, it will make it loud and clear. This thing has a history of bringing down some pretty nasty opposition, so be careful when and where you decide to use it, if you're going to use it at all. I mean, the best thing to do from a logical standpoint is to keep it on display, but. . . why put it to waste being ogled at by those who don't have the stones to change anything?
              Shipping Details
              -Estimated Delivery: 4/4/2056
              -Sent to: Restricted Section, Galactic Library
              -Order: Eldritch Lexicon
              -Shipping Method: Volatile/Fragile
              -Order Description: Instantly gain a level on pickup, and increase experience from all sources by 100%.
              -Order Details: The man who wrote this thing apparently had visions of [REDACTED], some sort of cosmic horror that lurks beyond the edge of the known universe. We'll never know for sure, because no omniglot or translator has managed to make sense of the gibberish inside. I think it's all bull, personally.
              (Stacking: Another level, and an additional 50% experience gain, additive.)
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              • Olphus

                Olphus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Alien Self-Help Booklet (Tier 3 Passive)
                Similar to the Ancient scepter but provides each character with a unique passive effect to one or more of their abilities, excluding the 4th.
                Global - All of the Commando's attacks pierce up to 3 enemies.
                Specific - Tactical Dive can now be used twice before going on cooldown.

                Global - The Enforcer's attacks have a 20% chance to stun.
                Specific - Protect and Serve can now switch directions while active.

                Global - All of the Bandit's abilities gain 30% Critical hit Damage.
                Specific - Doubles the movement speed and damage done by Smokebomb.

                Global - 10% chance for the Huntress's abilities to fire twice.
                Specific - Laser Glaive now has a 30% chance to bounce to 8 targets.

                HAN-D :
                Global - To be decided. Perhaps temporary increasing attack speed or damage per hit.
                Specific - HAN-D has a 50% chance to gain a second drone per kill.

                Specific - Enemies killed by Tri-Nade have a 50% chance to reduce Auto-Turret's cooldown by 1 second.
                Specific - The Engineer now drops 2 Mines at once.

                Specific - Backblast now deals it's damage in both directions.
                Specific - Drill Charge no longer requires charging, and does it's full damage.

                Specific - Use a magazine, allowing you to shoot 5 times before reloading.
                Specific - Military Training's Colldown is reset if you dodge an attack with it.

                Global - Acrid's DoTs heal hiim for 1% max health each tick.
                Specific - Neurotoxin applies 2 stacks of the Festering Wounds Debuff.

                Specific - Laser Sword now initiates a combo chain, every 3rd hit in quick succession sends a piercing wave of force through up to 5 enemies for x% damage

                I tried to keep them as consistent as possible with each global and specific passive.
                • Clione

                  Clione Astral Cartographer

                  Gatling drone
                  activation cost: +++++
                  health: +++++
                  regen rate: +++++
                  damage/effect: varies from +++++ to +++++
                  Starts firing at a slow rate of 2 times a second for 20 % damage, and speeds up significantly as it shoots until it starts firing 9 times a second. After three seconds of not shooting, the drone will reset to the default firing speed. Can only appear in the temple of the elders and the UES Contact Light.[DOUBLEPOST=1408040275][/DOUBLEPOST]Slugger (passive)
                  order details: increases damage stat by 2
                  stacking: increases damage by 1 for every even stack and another 2 for every odd stack. Caps at 13 stacks for 20 bonus damage.
                  sent to: 5622, Teddy Meadow, Earth
                  shipping method: confidential
                  order description: Here you have it. The baseball bat that was used by the infamous Adam Wake throughout his entire career. Remember how he always hit home runs? Yeah, everyone knows it by now but his secret was this bat. Thing is, nobody understands how this bat is special, it just is. It's just a regular wooden bat, but for some reason you can hit home runs effortlessly with this thing. I think the thing is cursed, honestly. I feel cold when I hold it, not to mention I sometimes hear things at night. Well, whatever, this thing is on your hands now. Send me the money when you can. Or don't, honestly. Just please take the damn thing off my hands.
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                  • Slaughterfest Sam

                    Slaughterfest Sam Orbital Explorer

                    Shipping Details
                    -Estimated Delivery: 8/26/2056
                    -Sent to: Remote Hazardous Materials Research Station, Charon
                    -Order: Irregular Crystal
                    -Shipping Method: Volatile/Fragile
                    -Order Description: Regenerates 3 health per second. Additionally, you can continue to heal past maximum health from all sources at 25% efficiency, which creates a shield that caps at 20% of your maximum life. Additionally, you gain a shield that charges from all healing sources at 50% efficiency, which caps out at 20% of your maximum life.
                    -Order Details: This anomalous red thing is. . . well. Odd, to say the least. My boys found it in a cave after retreating from [Redacted], and strangely enough, their injuries mended and they were fresh and battle-ready! It completely turned the tide of the battle, and kept us alive even vastly outgunned and outnumbered. It was only, well...after....that. . . we found out what this clump of minerals really does. It promotes rapid tissue growth in any living animal nearby, which just happens to start with injured sections of the body, and... the men under my command were turned into grotesque, twitching blobs that soon collapsed under their own weight and died. I managed to use a remote retrieval unit to stick it in a dampening capsule, which brings its effects in line to a more manageable state. I can't look at it after what it did to my troops, though, so you guys can tinker with it and see what makes it tick.
                    (Stacking: +3 more regeneration, 12.5% more overheal efficiency, and 10% greater shield capacity.)
                    (Pickup Text: High on Life!)

                    Shipping Details
                    -Estimated Delivery: 12/25/2056
                    -Sent to: 3223, Science Facility, Remote Colony 06
                    -Order: Drone Upgrade Kit
                    -Shipping Method: High-Priority/Volatile
                    -Order Description: Changes your drones based on your class. Some effects are passive, while others are activated when you use a certain skill.
                    -Order Details: Item confiscated from terminated employee on 3/15/2056, along with logbook for evidence, sent to research station for analysis. Final entry of logbook: "I've done it. All the toying with the cargo under the Captain's nose, and I've finally figured out how to combine anything with a simple dash of [Redacted]. Why? When you're cooped up in a big metal box hurtling through space for months, you stop asking "Why". My first few experiments ended in failure, but now I've managed to find a way to interface with and upgrade machinery in a way that can usher in a new age. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination. . . and your resources. Even what you can do with this is scarce, unfortunately. Anyone trying to USE this would have to cut a LOT of corners. I'm going to have to find a way to mass-produce this once I figure out how to move away from drones."

                    Commando: Activating Tactical Dive will grant your drones shields that absorb two attacks each rather than a set amount of damage.
                    Enforcer: Your drones will slow any enemy hit.
                    Bandit: Killing an enemy with Headshot will grant your laser and missile drones a free attack, and a free burst of healing to your healing and medical drones. If the drones are already healing or attacking, the free strike or heal is queued to occur once it ends.
                    Huntress: Your drones deal increased damage to targets below 20% life.
                    Hand-E: Your drones share Overclock's attack speed increasing effect during the duration, but with a reduced stun chance.
                    Engineer: Your drones will regenerate 2 health per attack for every turret that's out on the field.
                    Miner: Your normal and attack drones now gain a piercing effect on every fourth attack.
                    Sniper: Your drones surround, focus-fire and critically strike the target marked by Spotter: SCAN/Spotter: ISOLATE. This effect only persists if the enemy remains on screen, otherwise, they will simply return to your side and function as normal.
                    Acrid: Your drones cause enemies to bleed, dealing additional damage over time.
                    Mercenary: When hit by an attack, a percentage of the damage is instead dealt evenly across your drones. This effect absorbs less damage at high levels of health and becomes stronger the closer you are to death. Health shrine damage cannot be mitigated by your drones.
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                    • AmericanTrailMix

                      AmericanTrailMix Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      Runic Stone

                      Shipping Method: High Priority/Fragile
                      Order Description: Upgrades your 1st skill. Unique to every character.
                      Order Details: "A big rock with a glowing red symbol on it. I can't tell what it means- it's not in any recorded language I can find. Maybe you can figure it out; I'm starting to get too... attached to it, I guess. I just have that feeling as if shipping it away isn't too good of an idea, but hey, it's not like it's going anywhere else."

                      Commando: Triple Tap: Shoot thrice for 3x70% damage.
                      Enforcer: Tactical Shotgun: Fire a medium-ranged blast for 200% damage. (20% better base fire rate.)
                      Bandit: Burst: Fire a powerful slug for 175% damage.
                      Huntress: Blitz: Fire an arrow for 160% damage. You can shoot all skills while moving. (15% better base fire rate.)
                      HAN-D : PAIN: APPLY FORCE TO ALL COMBATANTS FOR 220% DAMAGE. (10% better base fire rate.)
                      Engineer: Quad-Bomb: Launch four bombs for 4x90% damage. (Slightly more range, bigger blast)
                      Miner: Smash: Crush nearby enemies for 160% damage. (10% better base fire rate.
                      Sniper: 50 Caliber/Rapid Reload: Shoot an enemy for 300% damage. Reactivate the ability to reload your weapon, dealing bonus damage if timed right. (Larger time frame for reloading damage bonus, faster reload speed, 10% better base fire rate.)
                      Acrid: Smoldering Wounds: Maul an enemy for 135% damage. The target is poisoned for 40% damage per second. (10% better base fire rate.)

                      Mercenary: Plasma Blade: Slash in front of you, damaging up to 6 enemies for 150% damage. (15% better base fire rate, attack is purple.)

                      Shipping Method: High Priority/Fragile
                      Order Description: Upgrades your 2nd skill. Unique to every character.
                      Order Details: "Holy crap what is this thing. I found it in the middle of the woods around my house and it's glowing. I think it's made out of obsidian or something- it's the best description for it. Jet black, glossy, slightly translucent, weird swirly pattern in the middle. I don't want it so take it. No charge."

                      Commando: Heavy Caliber: Shoot through enemies for 280% damage, knocking them back and stunning for 1 second. (2.5 sec cooldown)
                      Enforcer: Shield Bash: Bash nearby enemies for 250% damage, knocking them far back. (4 sec cooldown, larger hitbox)
                      Bandit: Double Toss: Toss two explosives for 2x230% damage. (bigger blast radius)
                      Huntress: Plasma Glaive: Throw a glaive that bounces up to 6 enemies for 400% damage. Increases by 50% per bounce.
                      Engineer: Leaping Mine: Drop a trap that explodes for 400% damage. Hold up to 20. (4.5 sec cooldown, larger blast radius)
                      Miner: Drill Overload: Charge up to 3 seconds. On release, dash through enemies for up to 800% damage. You cannot be hit while dashing.
                      Sniper: Perfect Aim: Carefully take aim, increasing the damage the longer the button is held down. On release, fire a bullet for up to 3000% damage.
                      Acrid: Hypertoxin: Spit toxic bile for 270% damage, stunning enemies in a line for 2 seconds.
                      Mercenary: Hurricane: Quickly slice thrice, dealing 3x100% damage to all nearby enemies.

                      Crown of Queen Eleanor II
                      Shipping Method: High Priority/Fragile
                      Order Description: Upgrades your 3rd skill. Unique to every character.
                      Order Details: "No idea what happened; they seem to have killed each-other. The star of the show is what appears to be a worn-down crown of a queen, sitting on a worn-down throne with an engraving with multiple names on it. I assume the most recent was the current queen; Eleanor the Second. No last name, apparently. It's not made of gold, thats for sure. Must be platinum or something, just look at that beautiful shine. The gems in this thing are obscenely valuable as well. Make sure you take care of it, as it's probably worth millions, or more."

                      Commando: Tactical Leap: Roll forward a large distance. You cannot be hit while rolling, and for a short time after.
                      Enforcer: Protect and Hurt: Take a defensive stance, blocking all damage from the front. Increases your attack speed and armor, but reduces movement. (No cooldown, movement speed and attack speed while in use increased.)
                      Bandit: Gas bomb: Turn invisible, stunning enemies for 1 second and poisoning enemies for 40% damage a second around you. After 3 seconds or after using another ability, surprise and stun enemies for 175% damage.
                      Huntress: Teleport: Teleport forward a medium distance. You can not be hit for a short time after teleporting.
                      Engineer: Frozen Harpoons: Launch six heat-seeking, freezing harpoons for 6x250% damage and slowing enemies for 50% for 2 seconds.
                      Miner: Backburn: Blast backwards a small distance for 400% damage, stunning all enemies and creating a trail of fire. You cannot be hit while dashing.
                      Sniper: Special Ops Training: Backflip a tremendous distance. You cannot be hit while flipping. (4.5 second cooldown)
                      Acrid: Corroding Sludge: Secrete acidic, poisonous sludge for 3 seconds. Speeds up allies, while slowing and hurting enemies for 130% damage. (Speedup applies after touching it for 1 second.)
                      Mercenary: Sound-breaking Assault: Dash fowards, stunning enemies for 170% damage and stunning for 1 second. If you hit an enemy, you can dash again, up to 4 times. You cannot be hit while dashing.

                      I have images I made for them, but i don't feel like putting them up right now.

                      • brianhj

                        brianhj Void-Bound Voyager

                        Tractor Beam
                        Pulls in items (the same way money, xp and life are automatically drawn to the player)
                        • geekofalltrades

                          geekofalltrades Phantasmal Quasar

                          Crude Idol (Use Item)
                          Order Description: Activate all shrines on the screen once for free.
                          Cooldown: 120s
                          Sent To: H. Lov Rubbard, Merryfair Correctional Facility, Newer Jersey
                          Shipping Method: Standard
                          Order Details: Ulfmw rg, ylhh. Yvzih gsv xozd nziph lu oliw C, qfhg orpv blf hzrw. Yv hvvrmt blf ivzo hllm, zhhfnrmt gsv tfziwh wlm'g gzpv rg zdzb.

                          Cargo Drone
                          About as tough and expensive as an Attack Drone. Has no combat capabilities. When destroyed, it drops an item, and is not revivable. Getting enemies to crack it open is a risky proposition, but it could pay off.
                          • Double Pwned

                            Double Pwned Poptop Tamer

                            Broken Watch:
                            3-10% Chance to Negate cooldowns for 1-10 seconds on Crit.
                            I'd love some Constructive criticism.
                            • Double Pwned

                              Double Pwned Poptop Tamer

                              Expensive Visor:
                              When at low health, A drone aids your cause! :)
                              • Double Pwned

                                Double Pwned Poptop Tamer

                                How would that work in Command mode?
                                • VF17

                                  VF17 Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Can someone make an list of Maximum item stack?
                                  that will be really helpful
                                  • VF17

                                    VF17 Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Warlock's Staff [Rare-Offensive-Passive]
                                    "Everybody gets hurt"
                                    Order Description:10% chance to bond enemies,taking 30% damage of the "bonded" enemy/ies of the damage taken of the damaged enemy for 3 seconds.
                                    Stacking:+5% chance,maximum at 5 stacks(30% chance).

                                    Yautja's Plasmacaster [Boss-Offensive-Passive]
                                    "Target acquired"
                                    Order Description:Randomly targets a enemy every 6 seconds shooting it by 1 red laser bolt dealing 150% damage .Shooting delay,1 second.
                                    Stacking:+10% damage,maximum at 5 stacks(200% damage).
                                    Dropped by Yautja Boss,15% chance to drop.

                                    The Yautja's Plasmacaster can be rare but it might be an overpowered item if the Artifact Command is enabled.

                                    Magnifying Glass [Uncommon-???-Passive]
                                    "I see it now..."
                                    Order Description:Boss items now drop at 100% chance.
                                    Order details:Wow!This is Sherlock's Holmes Magnifying Glass,it even have his name on it.Well I guess all magnifying glass are just the same but this is from Sherlock Holmes!This is gonna be helpful in my journey finding very valuable artifacts.
                                    Stacking:You can only have one.

                                    Some of the redirection of my other suggestions will be posted soon.It means some of this items might be related to my other suggestions.

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