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New Drone/Item Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Reciful

    Reciful Orbital Explorer

    I don't really like the idea of another item that doesn't do anything combat-wise. In fact, it doesn't affect gameplay whatsoever.

    And since I should be adding some suggestion(s) along with this post...

    Sticky Bomb [Tier 2 Passive]
    Attacking an enemy has a chance to attach a timed bomb to it, which explodes after a delay. (After a short period of time (~3 seconds), the sticky bomb detonates, dealing damage to mobs around it.)

    Eruption [Tier 3 Passive]
    Killing an enemy has a chance to cause an eruption, dealing damage vertically. (Think a volcanic eruption at the ground that spews lava upwards for a certain height, then fades after a bit. Or a geyser of lava. A neat effect would be the killed mob's body floating on the lava. If anyone's played Dust: An Elysian Tail, this is the same concept as Fidget's fire projectile. Not sure if adding a knockback would make this item better or worse.)
    • Rawrquaza

      Rawrquaza Existential Complex

      I thought a cool change to the "The Backup" would be something like this:
      For the first few seconds after activation, drones start spawning at a rate of about 1 per half second up to a max of 4-6 drones. Each immediately starts to fire at enemies per usual drone AI. Once the effect gets close to ending, the drones will sequentially (each in turn, the reverse order they spawned) burst into flame and spiral in an arc at the nearest enemy (or just the ground, if no enemies are around) and explode on contact, dealing a small amount of aoe damage. This would solve the problem of that item being relatively useless without just buffing it's damage or duration, and with a cool-looking effect to boot.
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      • Vahnkiljoy

        Vahnkiljoy Ketchup Robot

        Bola shot -exsplosive-(Tier 2 Passive)
        Random chance on regular attacks to launch a bola that will stick to an enemy(ies), slow then down then detonate a second or two later.
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        • Zone Spyker

          Zone Spyker Aquatic Astronaut

          [Tier 1]

          Street Smarts
          Gives a chance to evade an attack.

          Angel's breath
          Holding jump in the air makes you fall slower.

          [Tier 2]

          Happy hour
          Can confuse foes, making them attack other enemies instead of you.

          Speakeasy Spoke
          Your skills cycle through damage types randomly and apply the effects for each one.

          [Tier 3]

          Last word
          Revert damage you and your drones have taken from from targets you kill.

          Permanent Marker
          Chance to mark a target, enabling them to take damage from other enemies.


          Glance of Argus
          Fire a thick laser beam in front of you for three seconds , dealing damage and knocking back all enemies hit by it
          • yyzlooply

            yyzlooply Space Spelunker

            Climbing Harness [Tier 1 Passive]
            Gives you the ability to wall jump. Whenever you jump against a wall you stick to it for 5 seconds and have the chance to jump to another wall nearby or onto the same wall if you are skilled enough. Every time you pick up this item the length of how long you can stay on a wall is increased by 5 seconds.

            Broken cloning device [Active]
            When activated creates a clone of you after 5 seconds. The clone copies your exact movements for 15 seconds with a 5 second delay. Deals the same amount of damage equivalent to your level. 70 second cool down
            • Rawrquaza

              Rawrquaza Existential Complex

              In an effort to reduce the need for Harvester Scythe and/or Leeching Seed to get far in a run, I though there should be more items that have healing effects. I submit these for consideration. Change the values as necessary for balancing, of course.

              Leechflower Bloom (tier dependent on balancing)
              inflicting damage restores health or damages you a random amount from -5 to 15. The point here is that it's like a more advanced stage of the Leeching Seed (look at the description) in that it can damage you, but the expected value of the healing is still greater than the seed gives. Depending on how it works in practice, the values might be increased.

              Bloodlust [tier 3]
              There is a (>5?)% chance upon killing an enemy that you gain (massive life per hit/massive health regen) and increased attack speed for 5 seconds or so.
              • ehbrlb1820

                ehbrlb1820 Void-Bound Voyager

                [Tier 1 Active]: "Petrified Racoon" Turns the user into stone, lasts for 15 seconds unless deactivated by using it again.
                [Tier 1 Passive]: "Supplement Bar" Small boost to all stats.
                [Tier 1 Passive]: "Participation Award!" Increases luck at shrines by 5%.
                [Tier 2 Passive]: "Burning Passion": When you get hit an aura around you catches enemies on fire.

                [Tier 2 Active]: ???: A use item that gives a random use item affect. It has 20% lesser cooldown and has a 100% better effect than normal.
                [Tier 2 Passive]:Map Fragment: Shows the character where different things are in the map with an arrow. It comes in 3 stages, eventually leading to the teleporter.
                *Level One: Shows where enemies are.
                *Level Two: Shows where chests are.
                *Level Three: Shows where teleporter is before activated.

                [Tier 3 Passive]: Fiery Essence: Gives a passive burning damage to all characters. Ranged characters' projectiles will glow red, and melee characters would have their weapons or hands glow red.
                [Tier 3 Passive]: Poison Hide: Enemies that hit you get poisoned, affect stacks depending on how much an enemy hits you. Can be limited to only 25 damage on the 1st stack and 50 on the next and so on to limit it's abilities.
                [Tier 3 Passive]: Medal of Valor: Creates "invisibility frames" Stacks Like this:
                Stack One: (0.4 Invisibility seconds)
                Stack Two: (0.6 Invisibility seconds)
                Stack Three: (0.8 Invisibility seconds)
                Stack Four: (1.0 Invisibility seconds)

                And so on...

                [Tier 3 Passive]: Top Hat: When firing, occasionally bunnies will come out of your hat, seek the enemies and explode.

                [Tier 3 Passive]: Mechanical Wings: "If the lemurians can do it, so can we!" Gives a short amount of flight, causes player to glide down by holding the space bar. (Unlocked by beating level the magma barracks)
                • Zone Spyker

                  Zone Spyker Aquatic Astronaut

                  [Tier 1]

                  Creates a ring of sparks around you when a kill is scored, dealing damage to those nearby , more stacks create extra more larger rings

                  [Tier 2]

                  Point Defence
                  Places a small static sphere visual way up on your screen , Occasionally it calls down a laser from its location in the sky that zaps attackers , more stacks mean more spheres.

                  [Tier 3]

                  Isotope X
                  Enemies explode on death , more stacks increase damage and size of the explosion

                  [Active item]

                  Kickstarters (these would most likely be a pair of shoes)
                  On use , knocks up all targets on the map dealing damage to them and stunning them for 5 seconds , targets killed by this or killed during the stun drop more money.
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                  • Daimera

                    Daimera Cosmic Narwhal

                    Philosopher's Stone[Active]:
                    Cooldown: 130 seconds (pending balance)
                    • Mouse-over description - Knowledge is power. Power corrupts.
                    • Short description - Permanently doubles a passive at random, but makes enemies more difficult.
                    • Detailed description - When used, randomly picks a passive that the player has collected and doubles it permanently, while also permanently upping the Director's point scaling by (1%? 5%? also stacks with more uses), resulting in stronger/more mobs quicker. Use it too much and you may be overrun before you're ready, especially if the items randomly chosen for doubling turn out to be rubbish.
                    • Other - This would likely just break the game and make a character godly sooner in an endless survival mode as is currently in the game, and as such should probably not be made available in Arena or other Endless modes in the final game. It should also be exceptionally rare, even as Actives go. It seems like it could be fun as it would give the player a sense of eagerness each time they activate the item to see if something awesome gets the perma-boost, or if they just end up with a double-stack of an item they find disappointing. Probably stacks well with the Clover, as it'd likely up the occurrence of elites sooner.
                    • Other Other - Actually based on an item from my headworld, but I thought it might make for an interesting mechanic in a game like this.
                    This was found on the corpse of the extradimensional drone that landed a few years ago. You know, the one that decimated 70% of the [REDACTED] military? Yeah, that one. It appears to be a living crystal of sorts, which contains untold amounts of knowledge from beings beyond our comprehension... on the downside, it's nearly impossible to tap, and in the mean time, the radiation this thing emits is off the charts. The spontaneous mutations caused by its emissions are ridiculous, so we highly suggest you don't take it out of this protective casing unless you're very serious about studying it. I would honestly prefer if you passed it on to [REDACTED] for safekeeping. He would know how to handle it.
                    • Shrooblord

                      Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                      The extra effort you go through to make something, even as simple as a neat little sprite, Daimera, really makes a difference. It looks great!

                      Now, for some items of my own. This will be a rather long post, so I'll put lots of things in spoiler tags for you. :p

                      Kiss of the Vampire [Tier 2]
                      Use an ability on cooldown at the cost of some HP.
                      Using an ability when it's still on cooldown reactivates it, but at the cost of 2,5% of your current health per second of cooldown bypassed. If this would cause you to take lethal damage, the effect does not trigger. Additionally, it leaves the player debuffed with the Anaemia status effect for 2 seconds. If the ability is triggered while the Anaemia debuff is applied, it costs an additional 0,5% health per stack of Anaemia active.

                      • Every second Kiss of the Vampire collected causes Anaemia's additional health cost to drop by 0,01%. In theory, this means that if the player has collected 100 Kisses of the Vampire, the additional health cost caused by Anaemia is 0%.
                      • Every other Kiss of the Vampire collected causes the initial health cost to drop by 0,005%. If the player collects more than 101 Kisses, completely removing Anaemia's additional health cost, this effect is the only effect that is stacked (to prevent every second Kiss after 101 collected Kisses from doing nothing at all). In theory, if the player collects 351 Kisses, the item's health cost is 0%.

                      Wolf Blood [Tier 2]
                      Crit hits increase attack speed.
                      Landing a critical strike causes attack speed to be raised by 10% for three seconds. This effect stacks onto itself till up to three times. At full stacks, Wolf Blood causes the player to become Enraged, increasing critical strike damage by 15% and raising critical strike chance by 10% of the current critical strike chance.

                      Additional pickups of Wolf Blood raise the increased attack speed by 1%. The Enraged buff is strengthened by further increasing critical strike damage by 2%.

                      Coffee Beans [Tier 1]
                      Caffeine highs are met with cafeine lows.
                      Whenever the player becomes Hasted, they experience a caffeine high, further boosting the Haste by raising its effect by 50%. However, afterwards they become debuffed with the Drowsy effect, slowing their movement speed by 30% but increasing their health regen by 15% for two seconds.

                      Multiple Coffee Beans increase the effect of the Haste by 5% and increase the slow amount by 2% and the health regen by 1%. Every second pickup of Coffee Beans additionally causes the Drowsy effect to last for 0,1 seconds longer.

                      Adrenaline [Tier 3]
                      Massive tradeoffs for better or worse.
                      This item deals in massive tradeoffs depending on a player's buffs and debuffs. Its effects may vary depending on whether the player is
                      • Hasted: increases the Haste's effect by 10% and additionally grants a 10% attack speed increase.
                      • Drowsy: increases duration of the debuff by 25%.
                      • Enraged: causes bonus damage for 50% of the base attack damage.
                      • debuffed with Anaemia: health regen is decreased by 50%.
                      • low on HP: at 25% health, Adrenaline raises movement and attack speeds by 10% and 2% respectively for every 1% of health lost below that threshold.

                      Multiple pickups of Adrenaline raise its base effects:
                      • Hasted: the Haste's effect is buffed with an additional 2%.
                      • Drowsy: increases duration of the effect by another 1%.
                      • Enraged: bonus damage is increased by 5%.
                      • debuffed with Anaemia: health regen is decreased further by 1%.
                      • low on HP: movement and attack speeds are raised even more by 1% and 0,5% respectively for every 1% HP missing below the threshold.

                      UPGRADE [Active]
                      120 second cooldown. Upgrades your active Drones.
                      Causes your drones to be upgraded like so:
                      • Healing Drones heal for 50% more.
                      • Attack Drone Mk Is become Attack Drone Mk IIs.
                      • Attack Drone Mk IIs deal 15% more damage.
                      • Missile Drones gain 1 additional missile per round fired.
                      • Flame Drones cause their target to become Burned, slowing their movement speed by 10% and damaging them over time for 10% of their max HP. Additional upgrades slow enemies for 5% more and deal 2% more damage.
                      • Laser Drones deal an additional 12% of damage.

                      Ol' Saint Patrick's Hat [Tier 3]
                      Increase your luck.
                      Causes drops to become more valuable: bins drop 20% more gold, XP and HP; loot from mobs is increased by 30%; containers have a 2% chance to drop two items instead of one.

                      Bins' drop value is increased by 5%; mob loot becomes 10% more valuable; containers' double drop chance is increased by 0,5%.

                      Cloning Vial [Tier 2]
                      Items have a chance to dupe.
                      Items have a 1% chance to be duplicated; picking one up may result in gaining two.

                      Chance to clone items is increased by 0,5%.

                      Death's Embrace [Tier 3]
                      Has a chance to defy death, reviving the player upon hitting 0 HP.
                      A ring that raises the chance you will rise from the dead! After dying and lying around a corpse for two seconds, you burst back to life, knocking enemies back, making you invulnerable for four seconds, granting you 50% of your max HP and raising your movement speed by 200% for the duration. Defying death leaves you with the Mortality debuff for 150 seconds, which, when active, causes the chance that Death's Embrace procs to drop to 0%. The ring in the item HUD appears broken and black smoke emanates from the player as long as Mortality is up. Half of the amount of collected rings is consumed on use. If only one ring is present, one ring is removed.

                      Every Death's Embrace raises the chance of revival by 2%, starting at 6% with the first ring. Additionally, every Death's Embrace past the 48th pickup (100% chance to be resurrected) lowers Mortality's cooldown by 1 second. In theory, having 198 Death's Embraces will allow you to cheat death twice in a row. Remember though that half of the Death's Embraces are consumed every time the player is resurrected.

                      Scythe of the Reaper [Tier 2]
                      Increases crit damage and chance.
                      Increases critical damage and strike chance by 20% and 5% respectively. Additionally, if the player is debuffed with Mortality, this effect is increased by 50%.

                      Multiple Scythes increase critical damage and strike chance by 2% and 1,5% respectively.

                      The Hourglass of Life [Tier 3]
                      Has an auto-firing active with a cooldown of 30 seconds, which kils all marked enemies and replaces them with Ghosts.
                      Passively marks enemies hit with the Touched by Death debuff, showing as an hourglass above their head. At 50 marks, a ghostly hourglass appears over the player, turns and disappears as the 50 marked enemies disappear in clouds of black smoke and are replaced by familiar Ghosts in a similar fashion to the Happiest Mask and Jar of Souls items.

                      Every additional Hourglass of Life reduces the amount of marked enemies needed to trigger the effect by 1. The proc doesn't immediately happen if this number is reached, but the effect fires if both the cooldown of 30 seconds and the amount of marked enemies required are met. From 50 Hourglasses onwards, the proc cooldown is reduced by 0,5 seconds per pickup. If 50 enemies are marked, the cooldown is ignored and the Hourglass triggers, resetting the cooldown.

                      Dreamcatcher of Lost Souls [Tier 3]
                      Collect Souls to receive permanent upgrades.
                      Enemies have a chance to leave behind a collectible Soul upon death. Increasing the number of Souls collected increases the passive stat upgrades this item grants, up to a cap. Souls disappear after 5 seconds and have a chance of 15% to drop. There are four 'dreams' this item can make come true when collecting Souls. Each stat upgrade is randomly chosen when a Soul is collected, so there is no real order in which these upgrades progress, except that if one stat is capped, it is removed from the upgrade pool. The stat increases and their caps are as follows:
                      Per Soul / Cap​
                      • Dream of Speed: + 1% / + 30% increased movement speed.
                      • Dream of Power: + 0,5% / + 20% increased base attack damage.
                      • Dream of Vitality: + 0,6% / + 18% increased max HP.
                      • Dream of Ferocity: + 0,4% / + 10% chance to Fear enmies on-hit.
                      Players must watch out for Nightmare Souls, dark, wretched Souls, that occasionally drop. Upon collecting 5 of these, any (combination of) the following may happen as the player becomes debuffed with Nightmare Manifest:
                      - movement speed is reduced by the amount Dream of Speed should be buffing it (the Dream's effect is reversed).​
                      - controls are reversed.​
                      - damage received is increased by 15%.​
                      - black fog covers the edges of the screen, reducing visibility.​
                      - gold ceases to drop.​
                      - base attack damage is lowered by the amount that Dream of Power should be increasing it (the Dream's effect is reversed).​
                      Collecting an amount of Souls equal to the amount of Nightmare Souls collected to trigger Nightmare Manifest, removes the debuff and resets the Nightmare Souls count to 0.

                      Stacking Dreamcatchers does a number of things:
                      • It increases the caps for the Dreams by 10%, 5%, 6% and 4% respectively.
                      • It increases the number of Nightmare Souls that need to be collected in order for Nightmare Manifest to trigger by 1.


                      I hope you like them! :D
                      My favourite are the Dreamcatcher and Adrenaline, because I think they would make for some very interesting gameplay.
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                      • AbeX300

                        AbeX300 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        Right, so I decided to look through the topic and try to jot down as much as possible on the items (not the drones!). This list is pretty sloppy, and there are some not listed (either due to it already existing, or it wasn't given a name but a future idea did), but it should give you an idea as to what ideas are already suggested:

                        Battle Stim:
                        - On Kill: Temporary Speed Boost
                        Scavenger's Pack:
                        - When Active: Absorb More EXP and Gold from Corpses
                        Deadman's Glove:
                        - On Hit: Chance to Curse Enemies
                          - Cursed: Gradually Slowed, Takes Bleed Damage
                          - Curse Kill: Spectral Matter (Spores?)
                        Eye of the Eagle:
                        - Random Mark
                        - On Hit Marked: Temporary Bonus Damage
                        Brain in a Jar:
                        - Works only well with Deadman's Gloves
                        - Revives marked enemies as allies.
                        Growing Guard:
                        - On Taking Damage: Next damage taken is reduced
                        Napalm Strike:
                        - When Active: Fire Missles!
                        Spore Burst:
                        - When Active: Spores!
                        Regeneration Matrix:
                        - When Active: Massive Health Regen!
                        Orbital Cannon:
                        - When Active: Cursor Becomes Beacon, Shoots Down Giant Orbital Laser!
                        Odd Memento:
                        - On Taking Damage: Chance for Healing/Experience Orb or Gold
                        Scrap Metal Bracers:
                        - On Hit Bleeding Enemie: Chance of Poisoning
                        Speckled Mold:
                        - On Taking Damage: Spores!
                        Stardust Pouch:
                        - On Hit: Chance of Launching a Meteoroid
                        Strangely Familiar Cloak:
                        - On Taking Damage: Increased Dodge Change
                          - Dodge chance goes away after actually dodghing.
                        Health Pack:
                        - When Active: Gold to Health (Hold Item Button)
                        Got Your Back:
                        - On Attack: Chance of attacking behind as well. BRISTLEBACK
                        Panic Button:
                        - When Active: TELEPORT ANYWHEREAFJSDFDSAJF
                        - Just hope that you don't end up in a bad place.
                        - When Active: Champion -> Regular
                        - Hold a % of gold when going to the next level.
                        Mobile Teleporter:
                        - When Active: Puts a point on where you stand.
                        - WHen Active Again: Teleports to that teleport point.
                        The Disc:
                        - Chance of seeing the TERRIFYING DISC OOOO~
                        Thor's Hammer:
                        - On HIt: Chance of striking them with lightning, which also slows.
                        Arsonist's Dream:
                        - On Active: Everything's on fire but you.
                        Refurbished Implant:
                        - Bonus damage based on your level.
                        Stacked Deck:
                        - Increases chance of items triggering.
                        Armageddon Theorem:
                        - On HIt: Chance of vacuum.
                        Chaos Orb:
                        - When Active: Confusion on enemies, causing them to fight each other
                        - When Active: Explodes corpses and spawns spirit missles from them.
                        Heartless Gravity:
                        - Falling Damage Decrease (Also creates shockwave from high heights)
                        Last Stand:
                        - More powerful as you lose health.
                        Jack of All Trades:
                        - More max HP, damage, speed, crit chance, jump height, and reduced
                          active item cooldown
                        Eyes on the Prize:
                        - Chance of extra item from boss.
                        Cupcake Decoy:
                        - When Active: Giant Cupcake, attracks enemies. End of duration
                          detonates it and deals massive damage to enemies. Survivors are
                          enraged and get more powerful.
                        Parasitic Chains:
                        - On HIt: Chance of producing chains on enemies, reducing range
                          of movement from each other.
                        Absorb Damage for Drones
                        Increase Drone Health Regen
                        Repair Cost Reduction
                        Health Pickups for Drones When You Don't Need Them
                        Explodo Buddy
                        - When Active: Creates a replica of yourself, which deals reduced
                          damage. You turn invisible and can't attack for a period of time.
                          After the duration or when the decoy is killed, it explodes, dealing
                          massive damage.
                        - Extra proc hits for chance items.
                        - Activating an ability makes a close-ranged boom on you.
                        Endurance Belt
                        - When health reaches to 0, it jumps back to 1, but gets disabled
                          for a while. During the cooldown, healing and regen is reduced.
                        The Equalizer
                        - When Active: Nearby enemies' health becomes your % of health.
                        Risky Rain-Gauge
                        - Collects rain droplets! Yay! (Well not really, but there needs
                          to be ideas for this name)
                        - Increased crit damage.
                        - Chance of reflecting damage. Damage reflection is reduced as it
                        - Killing enemies fills it up. Having your health below 25% will
                          activate it and heal you overtime until it runs out. Has a cooldown.
                        Paralyzing Seal
                        - On Kill: Places seal on the corpse's spot. Lasts eight seconds,
                          activates when enemy crosses it, becomes paralyzed.
                        Rabac's Spool
                        - Being near tether threads enemies. Tethered enemies are damaged
                          overtime, and you are healed for everytime they take thread damage.
                          Thread breaks if traveling too far away.
                        Sheep Bait
                        - On Crit Hit: Chance of turning non-boss enemies to sheep. Baa-aa-aa.
                        - When Active: Puts enemies to sleep.
                        Increase in Explosive Damage and AoE
                        Book of Knowledge
                        - Increases XP gain.
                        Tome of Wisdom
                        - Decreases XP required for getting a level.
                        - Standing still increases damage by 1% and resistance by 0.5% per
                        Mass Amplifier
                        - Gives you moons. When taking damage from projectiles, the moon
                          takes it for you. They do have health, though, so you can't be
                          safe from projectiles, forever!
                        Contingency Scroll
                        - When Active: Upon taking lethal damage, you are healed to 25% health
                          and get teleported to a random location.
                        Block of Mystery
                        - Random Active Item Effect (but doubled)
                        Itchy Trigger Finger
                        - Bonus damage to recently spawned enemies.
                        Sore Loser
                        - Increased damage whenever you fail an altar.
                        - Decreased bonus damage whenever you succeed.
                        Broken Supply Beacon
                        - When Active: Spawns a beacon on your spot. After a few seconds,
                          a chest falls down from the sky, dealing damage to nearby enemies,
                          and contains a random item. (Have to buy the chest?)
                        Hunter's Journal
                        - Marked enemies have a guaranteed logbook.
                        Sticky Bomb
                        - On Hit: Chance of sticking a bomb to the enemy, exploding after a
                          few seconds.
                        - On Kill: Chance of eruption from below the corpse.
                        Street Smarts
                        - Chance of evasion.
                        Angel's Breath
                        - Holding jump in the air makes you fall slower.
                        Happy Hour
                        - Chance of confusion on enemies.
                        Speakeasy Spoke
                        - Random damage types per attack.
                        Last Word
                        - Revert damage on you and your drones from an enemy upon killing it.
                        Permanent Marker
                        - On Hit: Chance to mark an enemy, causing friendly-fire on it.
                        Glance of Argus
                        - When Active: Fires a thick laser in front of you. Pew.
                        Climbing Harness
                        - Wall-jumping!
                        Leechflower Bloom
                        - Chance of healing or slightly-damaging you.
                        - On Kill: Chance of massive life per hit/massive health regen, and
                          increased attack speed for a period of time.
                        Petrified Racoon
                        - When Active: Turns user to stone. Can turn back to normal manually.
                        Participation Award:
                        - Increases chance of winning at shrines.
                        Burning Passion
                        - On Damage Taken: Sets nearby enemies on fire.
                        Map Fragment:
                        - Points to you where things are. Enemies, then chests, then
                        Fiery Essence:
                        - Deals fire damage.
                        Medal of Valor
                        - Invincibility frames.
                        Top Hat
                        - On Attack: Chance of firing HEAT-SEEKING BUNNY MISSLES.
                        - Creates a ring of sparks around you when you kill an enemy.
                        Point Defense
                        - Occassionally calls down a laser from above to zap enemies.
                        Isotope X
                        - Enemies explode on death.
                        - When Active: Sends the enemies flying up into the air and stuns
                          them. Kills with this item will have them drop more money.
                        Philosopher's Stone
                        - Doubles a passive, makes enemies more difficult.
                        Kiss of the Vampire
                        - Can use abilities on cooldown, at the cost of health.
                        Wolf Blood
                        - On Crit Hit: Increased Attack Speed
                        Coffee Beans
                        - When Hasted: Haste effect is increased.
                        - After Haste: Reduces movement speed, but increases health regen.
                        - Increases effects of buffs and debuffs.
                        Ol' Saint Patrick's Hat
                        - Increases overall luck.
                        Cloning Vial
                        - TINY chance of double-grabbing passive items.
                        Hourglass of Life
                        - When Active: Kills all marked enemies and replaces them with Ghosts.
                        Dreamcatcher of Lost Souls
                        - On Kill: Chance of Soul
                        - Can have dream bonus when collecting enough souls

                        And not to mention the currently existing items. I only decided to do this so I don't end up accidentally "copying" someone else's idea!

                        Wizard's Scepter (Tier 3)
                        Gives several stat boosts and an upgrade to your 4th ability
                        Health Boost: 400
                        Health Regen Boost: 0.5
                        Armor Boost: 1.5
                        Attack Speed Boost: 5%

                        Each character gets a unique bonus to their 4th abilities.

                        Commando: Suppressive Fire fires 10 shots instead of 6 shots, and can be used while moving around.

                        Miner: To The Stars gets a reduced cooldown from 4.5 seconds to 3 seconds, and gets a number on the icon. It works like the Engineer's Bounding Mine and Auto-Turret; you can store up to 2 uses for the ability (effectively allowing you to triple-jump), and it will recharge as the cooldowns wear off.

                        Bandit: Lights Out deals 1000% damage instead of 600%, and reduces the wind-up time to 0.1 seconds.

                        HAN-D: FORCED-REASSEMBLY's force radius is increased by 50%, and deals double damage to any enemy that comes in contact with the hammer itself.

                        Engineer: Auto-Turret now has a maximum capacity of 3 Turrets, and increases their health and firing rate by 35%.

                        Huntress: Cluster Bomb's bomblet count is raised to 10, and each bomblet now explodes into 2 tiny bomblets that deal 25% damage each. From this, the maximum possible damage goes from 800% to 1620%.

                        Acrid: Epidemic spreads up to 4 enemies, and anyone that deals damage to the infected enemies will get healed.

                        Stacking Effect: Gives the same stat boosts, but no upgrades to the 4th ability.

                        Hermes Boots (Tier 2)
                        Increases your movement speed up to 50% as you run
                        As you run in a direction, your character will gradually gain movement speed. The cap is reached after running for 4 seconds, which will cause a smoke effect to emit from your feet as you run.

                        When you stop running, the movement speed bonus is lost until you start running, again.

                        Jumping while the Hermes Boots is in effect will not negate it; however, it will pause the movement speed increase until you land on the ground.

                        Stacking Effect: The time it takes to reach to the 50% movement speed bonus is decreased by 0.5s. The effeciency of collecting the Hermes Boots is capped at 9, where starting to run on the floor at all will have a 50% movement speed increase.

                        Turtle Shell (Tier 2)
                        Increased armor by 40% from behind
                        The back-half of the character will have 40% increased armor against attacks.

                        Stacking Effect: The armor bonus for the back gets half the bonus. So it goes to 60%, to 70%, to 75%, etc.

                        Boss Rush (Active)
                        Turns certain enemies on view into bosses
                        Will work on Jellyfishes, Rock/Snow Golems, (Greater) Wisps, Black Imps, and Boarlits.

                        When used, all of the above enemies that are on-screen will turn into their boss-versions, and their health will reset back to full. When used on a champion/elite enemy, it will turn into a boss with the color it had before.

                        Jellyfish -> Wandering Vagrant
                        Rock/Snow Golem -> Colossus
                        (Greater) Wisp -> Ancient Wisp
                        Black Imp -> Imp Overlord
                        Boarlit -> Toxic Beast

                        Cooldown: 180 Seconds

                        (If you get the references to the first two, you win internet cookies.)

                        Of course, this is my first time trying to make suggestions for items, so they might seem quite overpowered/unbalanced.
                        • Ozymandias

                          Ozymandias Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          Explode! [Active]:

                          Cooldown: 30s
                          • Causes you to explode, taking 10%(?) of your max health and damaging nearby enemies, while knocking them back.
                          Sorry if this is already in the game or suggested, I haven't exactly gotten everything unlocked :p
                          • Namemeana

                            Namemeana Orbital Explorer

                            Hero's Sword [Tier 1]
                            [​IMG] (Description: "This looks like the Hero's sword, but really it's just some sort of cheap knock-off that you could find at your local Kids/Role-playing store. Seems to have some sorta weird, Choppy laser beam technology in it... *Grumble* Kids these days and their stupid laser swords *Grumble*")
                            - Randomly fires a laser from your basic attack that shoots straight forward (5% chance per attack, since you are kind of going to most likely spam your basic attack on most characters), laser goes as far as an average Gun shot before going poof, laser travels slowly compared to a gun shot..
                            - Laser deals 50% of your Base Damage.
                            - (If possible) When at full life Lasers fire 100% of the time.
                            [​IMG] [Obvious Zelda reference is obvious]
                            But yeah, this is just my simple, and probably stupid idea for an item, half-jokingly. Obviously stats and pictures and description could be changed if they really wanted to use this (probably bad) idea, I just put them there cuz I could. :p
                            Sorry if anyone else had an idea like this I didn't really shift through all of the items on this thread.
                            • AbeX300

                              AbeX300 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              Updated the Wizard's Scepter to include the two new classes!

                              Huntress: Cluster Bomb's bomblet count is raised to 10, and each bomblet now explodes into 2 tiny bomblets that deal 25% damage each. From this, the maximum possible damage goes from 800% to 1620%.

                              Acrid: Epidemic spreads up to 4 enemies, and anyone that deals damage to the infected enemies will get healed.
                              • KlickIt

                                KlickIt Void-Bound Voyager

                                Magnetized Currency [Tier 3] (Passive)
                                "Let the Cash Fly!" -- Icon is a Golden Magnet with sparks coming from the tips.
                                Item Log -- Allows collected money to be pulled at high speed, dealing 16% of the collected coin as damage when passing though enemies.
                                This doesn't increase the speed of the coins coming to you. The item's stack bonus is half of the previous amount, so it would go like, 16% > 24% > 28% > 30% > etc. down to max +1% every additional stack.
                                So say you kill some enemies, and you get money that goes flying all over the place, though there is still enemies in the middle of it; about 5,000 in coins is there in total. When the money passes though enemies... then you're dealing about 800 damage to the whole group. Want more damage? Get more coin to fly; cause massive coin explosions!

                                Blessed Shoulder Guard [Tier 4] (Passive)
                                "Sacred Protection of the Ancients..."
                                Item Log -- Summons a Lemurian bodyguard. Revives every 60 seconds.
                                Works exactly like the Imp Overlord's Tentacle, but instead spawns a Lemurian to assist with you in battle.
                                Has a low chance to be picked up off of Elder Lemurian.
                                (This would imply it's a "boss unique" in a way, but I couldn't figure out where else it could match to, in terms of a lower tier or enemy. As for warping to your location when out of reach, it's just using the "spawn" animation to catch up closer to you.)

                                >> I know it says not to mimic similar items already in-game, but I'd really like to get more items that bring out friendly assists. <<
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                                • Shrooblord

                                  Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Those two suggestions are awesome. I would love to have a whole scala of items that gives you familiars. I can only imagine the joy of having a posse of Lemurians, Imps, perhaps something like those protector drones from the Temple of the Elders, etc..

                                  Double Trouble [Tier 3]
                                  • Every 60 seconds, spawns a familiar clone of yourself that attacks enemies using all the abilities you have too. The familiar deals 30% of your own damage and has 80%-20% of your health, depending on your own max health and current difficulty.
                                  • Limits to one familiar at one pick-up.
                                  Stack Behaviour:
                                  • Every second pick-up decreases the cooldown of the spawn by one second.
                                  • Every other pick-up increases the number of familiars available. If the cooldown resets and one familiar is still alive, another spawns.
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                                  • AbeX300

                                    AbeX300 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    While we're on the topic of familiars:

                                    Rocket Fall (Active)
                                    Gotta kill 'em all!
                                    Upon using the item, a relatively small rocket (5x5) will drop from the sky.

                                    It will land on the lowest-health enemy's initial standing point. The range for the enemy detection is on view. The rocket takes 0.5 seconds to reach to the destination.

                                    If it reaches its target point, it will deal a measily 5% damage to enemies around it. The explosion range is 30 x 30.

                                    However, if it's 0.1 seconds away from the target point, and there's an enemy at 10% or lower health within the explosion range, it will home into said enemy, zap it into the rocket, and home in towards you.

                                    If there are several enemies with below 10% health, the rocket will capture the enemy with the lowest health. If there are several enemies with the exact same health, and they have the lowest health, the rocket will randomly select an enemy.

                                    When you activate the item, again, it will zap out the captured enemy (lets refer it as a familiar), and it will have full health. The familiar will gain the following stat bonuses:

                                    Health Boost: +(100 * (1 + (Your Level / 8))%
                                    Damage Boost: +(10 * (1 + (Your Maximum Health / 200))%
                                    Move Speed Boost: +(1 + (Your Current Health / 50))%

                                    The stat bonuses will not be adjusted accordingly once you release a familiar.

                                    Example: You're at Level 9, you capture an enemy, and release it. The first familiar will have a 212.5% health boost. You capture another enemy and keep it until you level up. After reaching to Level 10, then releasing it, the second familiar will have a 225% health boost, while the first familiar's health boost is still 212.5%. Then you capture another enemy, and release it, only to reach to Level 11 after doing so. The third familiar will also have a 225% health boost, and not 237.5%.

                                    It will follow wherever you go, and if it's out of your view for 2 seconds, it will warp back to you. While the familiar stands still (not attacking and such), it will heal 1% health per second.

                                    If the familiar sees an enemy (has a 125x50 range), it will start attacking the enemy. The familiar still warps back to you when it's out of your view.

                                    You can have up to 6 familiars; if you send out another familiar, the first familiar will die. For each familiar you have, the cooldown increases by 30 seconds.

                                    The cooldown will start either when the rocket explodes, or when you send out the captured enemy. It will not start the cooldown upon capturing an enemy.

                                    If you do switch the Rocket Fall with another item while having a captured enemy, that enemy will be erased.

                                    Cooldown: (60 + (Familiars * 30)) Seconds
                                    Maximum Cooldown: 240 Seconds

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                                    • Shrooblord

                                      Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Can you imagine capturing six Elder Lemurians? Oh god I want it now!! :D

                                      Relinquish Destiny [Tier 2]
                                      After taking a hit, there's a 25% chance you will warp to another earth-bound location on-screen. You are invulnerable for 0.3 seconds after the warp.
                                      Stack Behaviour:
                                      • Every next Relinquish Destiny will increase the invulnerability frame by 0.05 seconds.
                                      Imagine having 100 of those!
                                      • Mettle

                                        Mettle Poptop Tamer

                                        The Rusty Jetpack already does that in a way.
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                                        • AbeX300

                                          AbeX300 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                          Berserk's Power (Active)
                                          Go into an uncontrollable, powerful rage upon use.
                                          When using the item, you gain the following stat bonuses:

                                          Damage Boost: +200%
                                          Move Speed Boost: +100%

                                          However, while this item is active, your character will have a dark-red tint, and be controlled by an aggressive AI. It will chase down and attack the first enemy it sees, trying to murder it, and then move onto the next closest enemy. If there are no enemies on view, it will stand still. It can jump, but it can't climb ropes and such.

                                          The attacks it uses is somewhat random; however, it'll use the attack with the longest range, first, if the enemy is within that range. Then if the enemy goes closer, it will choose between the longest and second-longest attack, and so on, and so forth. If it has any speed-boosting abilities, it will attempt to use it whenever it can to get into range, and even if the enemy is already in range, the speed-boosting ability is used, first.

                                          Example: HAN-D with 2 DRONES uses Berserk's Power. A Rock Golem is just barely on view, so HAN-D starts chasing after it, immediately activating OVERCLOCK. The character uses up the 2 DRONES as it runs toward the Rock Golem, and once it goes into the FORCED-REASSEMBLY's range, the attack is used. Then once it goes to point-blank range, HAN-D will use HURT, DRONE (if it somehow killed another enemy in the process of killing the Rock Golem), or FORCED-REASSEMBLY. Because the AI doesn't think to use OVERCLOCK for the attack speed and stun benefits, it's never used.

                                          The stat bonuses, the dark-red tint, and the AI-controlling goes away when the duration ends (as you may know).

                                          Beating Embryo Effect: Damage Boost and Move Speed Boost are doubled (+400% and +200%, respectively).

                                          Duration: 20 Seconds
                                          Cooldown: 45 Seconds

                                          I was inspired to make this from the unused Anger's Power badge from Paper Mario:

                                          [​IMG] [​IMG]

                                          Of course, this is pretty much an RPG's Berserk status, but I am trying to look up Paper Mario badges for ideas. Feel free to try to do some of them!

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