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  1. Beroin

    Beroin Space Spelunker

    Decided on moving all requests over to the Pets/Horses modding thread. This page will still be updated, however I won't be looking at requests for skins or breeds on this page as often. New thread located here:


    Note: On the Nexus page will be additional files that make the German Shepherd Bundle compatible with the mod, Animal Crossing Digspot by Lechet. Find the original mod here:

    German Shepherd Bundle:
    • Tan Classic German Shepherd
    • Brown Classic German Shepherd
    • Bicolour Classic German Shepherd
    • White German Shepherd
    • Black German Shepherd
    • Ghostly German Shepherd
    Also Includes 2 Custom skins and 2 mix skins
    • "Gunny" Custom Skin
    • "Gunny" Classic Custom Skin
    • Husky Mix 1
    • Husky Mix 2

    Husky Bundle -

    Currently has 3 skins:
    • Husky 1
    • German Shepherd Husky Mix 1
    • German Shepherd Husky Mix 2

    Update: So now that I've gotten used to making skins, I do have a list of what I plan to make, and to put an hour a day into getting some progress done. In addition, I will look at requests, maybe not for dog breeds, but for dog costumes, for example the ghost german shepherd.

    To do list:
    • Dark Brown German Shepherd
    • Changing the black border around the early German Shepherd skins
    • 1 New Husky skin
    • Newfoundland Breed (New breed mod, 3 skins)
    • Newfoundland Ghost Breed (1 skin, Version 1.00 release)
    • German Shepherd Poodle Mix (1 skin)
    • Newfoundland Bermese Mountain Dog mix (1 skin)
    • Newfoundland + Shepherd mix (1 skin, both packs, both mods update)
    • New breed? (Corgi maybe, will see if any are already made, listen to requests)
    In addition, possible additional costume skins:
    • Robot skin (German Shepherd + Newfoundland)
    • K9 Unit (German Shepherd)

    As of now I will may listen to requests that might ask for skin changes (example: costumes or fur pattern changes).
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    • alan88

      alan88 Void-Bound Voyager

      super cute thanks for this,i love it :kitten2:
      • BakaTenshi

        BakaTenshi Orbital Explorer

        German Shepherd (つ ◕ᴥ◕)つ<3
        • taintedwheat

          taintedwheat Master Astronaut

          I'm using the dark German Shepard now, so cute :3
          • Cerylia

            Cerylia Void-Bound Voyager

            hmm i love cats but this little guy is very cute i hope your husky will be cute too maybe my new save become one with a dog xD
            • Pingulrik

              Pingulrik Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              i can't wait for the newfoundland retex!
              • Atrien

                Atrien Big Damn Hero

                German Shepard Husky is going to be awesome! <3
                • Jujube

                  Jujube Void-Bound Voyager

                  German Shepherds~! OMG, I love you to death! I can have my little ones in my game!

                  Is it possible to have this converted to storm instead of smapi?
                  • Beroin

                    Beroin Space Spelunker

                    I'm glad all of you are liking the mod so far, I can't wait to add more breeds and fur types~!

                    I honestly didn't know it was compatible with SMAPI, and I haven't touched either of those two programs, so if ever did start to make my files compatible with them it would take a long time and I would need some additional programs probably.
                    • miryuo

                      miryuo Zero Gravity Genie

                      oh this one is nice! :) maybe add a thread for your re-textures in the pets/horses subforum, so it's easier to find after a while.
                      • Abbyfries

                        Abbyfries Space Hobo

                        I love them!! Could you please consider doing a St. Bernard? thanks :)
                        • Little Lea

                          Little Lea Big Damn Hero

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                        • littleraskol

                          littleraskol Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Out of curiosity, why does this require changing the cursor?
                          • Little Lea

                            Little Lea Big Damn Hero

                            The Cursors.xnb is optional. If I understand correctly, that particular xnb houses many many many game files. For example, the sprite of your dog's head on your menu next to it's name. Along with the horse. Dig spots, among others. For this mod, you can not only change the way your dog looks in-game, but how it appears on the menu. So they would match. The only problem is if you want to change, let's say, the dog and horse menu sprites. You can only have one Cursors.xnb at a time, so you can either change one thing or another. Unless someone has combined the two into a single changed xnb.

                            I hope that makes sense. ^^;
                            • littleraskol

                              littleraskol Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              It does, thanks. Hopefully someone can figure out how to resolve non-conflicting overrides like this, but it's taken Skyrim modding years to even start having a good solution...
                              • Ckika

                                Ckika Void-Bound Voyager

                                uwaaah I love this! How do you do it? +_+ id love to make one of my puppy<3 how much?
                                • MoonlitBrenya

                                  MoonlitBrenya Phantasmal Quasar

                                  nice work, you have convinced me to try the dog for once. I am a cat person at heart, but I still love dogs as well. Nice mod.

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