RELEASED New Dog Skins - Beroin's Mod [Updated April 3rd - 14 skins]

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  1. Beroin

    Beroin Space Spelunker

    A thread devoted to the pet skins that I have created and planned to create in the future. A little bear for now, but I hope to add more in the future.


    Note: On the Nexus page will be additional files that make the German Shepherd Bundle compatible with the mod, Animal Crossing Digspot by Lechet. Find the original mod here:

    German Shepherd Bundle:
    • Tan Classic German Shepherd
    • Brown Classic German Shepherd
    • Bicolour Classic German Shepherd
    • White German Shepherd
    • Black German Shepherd
    • Ghostly German Shepherd
    What is the difference between a classic skin and a non classic skin? A classic skin has a black border, while a non classic will have a faded colour border.

    Also Includes 2 Custom skins and 2 mix skins
    • "Gunny" Custom Skin
    • "Gunny" Classic Custom Skin
    • Husky Mix 1
    • Husky Mix 2


    Husky Bundle -

    Currently has 3 skins:
    • Husky 1
    • German Shepherd Husky Mix 1
    • German Shepherd Husky Mix 2


    Update: So now that I've gotten used to making skins, I do have a list of what I plan to make, and to put an hour a day into getting some progress done. In addition, I will look at requests, maybe not for dog breeds, but for dog costumes, for example the ghost german shepherd.

    To do list:
    • Dark Brown German Shepherd
    • Changing the black border around the early German Shepherd skins
    • 1 New Husky skin
    • Newfoundland Breed (New breed mod, 3 skins)
    • Newfoundland Ghost Breed (1 skin, Version 1.00 release)
    • German Shepherd Poodle Mix (1 skin)
    • Newfoundland Bermese Mountain Dog mix (1 skin)
    • Newfoundland + Shepherd mix (1 skin, both packs, both mods update)
    • New breed? (Corgi maybe, will see if any are already made, listen to requests)
    In addition, possible additional costume skins:
    • Robot skin (German Shepherd + Newfoundland)
    • K9 Unit (German Shepherd)

    As of now I will may listen to requests that might ask for skin changes (example: costumes or fur pattern changes).
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    • Aufklein

      Aufklein Void-Bound Voyager

      Hey, Could I please request a Rottweiler or a Rottie Mix? Thanks! Amazing work by the way~
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      • Valkjosandi

        Valkjosandi Subatomic Cosmonaut

        I love these and I can't wait to see what else you have in store. If I may make a request I'd love to see a Husky or an Alaskan Malamute as I have yet to see anyone make either of those and they are by far my two favorite breeds.

        Edit: Also a K9 costume skin sounds like a great idea! One wearing some kind of suit/tux would look cute as well.
        • Kyle Sunter

          Kyle Sunter Yeah, You!

          I would love to see an Australian Cattle Dog I know not everyone would be into it but maybe they are, please it would be great if possible!
          • Cnidaria-LVL

            Cnidaria-LVL Space Hobo

            It's possible I'm doing something wrong but why is the bundle pack link not working..?
            • Valkjosandi

              Valkjosandi Subatomic Cosmonaut

              I think the Nexus site might be having some issues right now, I'm having trouble downloading mods on there currently as well.
              • Beroin

                Beroin Space Spelunker

                An Australian Cattle Dog would be pretty cool, the difficult part is that it's 2/3 the size of the dogs I've been working on so far, so I would have to resize most of sprites by hand, rather than just changing the ears, tail and fur pattern. I'll get around to it if possible, it'll just take a while.
                • blueberryymuffin

                  blueberryymuffin Big Damn Hero

                  I would love to see a Samoyed. <3
                  • Zalkyria

                    Zalkyria Existential Complex

                    how did you combine the digspot for the cursors?
                    • Beroin

                      Beroin Space Spelunker

                      The worms that are replaced by his mod are in the Cursors.xnb file. The same is with the dog portrait used in the menu screens. I used his file and changed the dog portrait my breed of dog for the compatibility file. I let the author of that mod know that I would be making the compatibility files for my mod since I plan on making a lot more breeds, as he is currently making his own compatibility files for other mods.

                      Also finishing up husky 1 + 2. Might do a few more changes, maybe one for fur pattern before next release.

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                      • Superior_s

                        Superior_s Sandwich Man

                        Looking forward to it, your German Shepard bundle was one of the first things I downloaded when I got the game.
                        • shwee

                          shwee Space Hobo

                          I LOVE the husky/shepherd mix! The gray skin looks just like my dog irl :D
                          • XxhexerxX

                            XxhexerxX Phantasmal Quasar

                            Hi, love your designs and I want a pack of my own too!
                            Mind sharing how you managed?
                            Have gotten multiple dogs thanks to another thread but they all look the same.
                            • Superior_s

                              Superior_s Sandwich Man

                            • legolas15

                              legolas15 Void-Bound Voyager

                              I'm looking forward to your newfoundland mod, hope you'll do a landseer. I have a landseer newfoundland service dog and would love to put her in my game. Keep up the great work love your mods.
                              • XxhexerxX

                                XxhexerxX Phantasmal Quasar

                                Hi, I tried this method but the dog/cat seems to work differently.

                                <NPC xsi:type="Dog"><name>Izanagi</name><isEmoting>false</isEmoting><isCharging>false</isCharging><willDestroyObjectsUnderfoot>false</willDestroyObjectsUnderfoot><isGlowing>false</isGlowing><coloredBorder>false</coloredBorder><flip>false</flip><drawOnTop>false</drawOnTop><faceTowardFarmer>false</faceTowardFarmer><faceAwayFromFarmer>false</faceAwayFromFarmer><scale>1</scale><timeBeforeAIMovementAgain>0</timeBeforeAIMovementAgain><glowingTransparency>0</glowingTransparency><glowRate>0</glowRate><Position><X>3392</X><Y>512</Y></Position><Speed>2</Speed><IsEmoting>false</IsEmoting><CurrentEmote>20</CurrentEmote><age>0</age><manners>0</manners><socialAnxiety>0</socialAnxiety><optimism>0</optimism><gender>0</gender><id>-1</id><homeRegion>0</homeRegion><daysUntilBirthing>-1</daysUntilBirthing><daysAfterLastBirth>-1</daysAfterLastBirth><birthday_Day>0</birthday_Day><moveTowardPlayerThreshold>0</moveTowardPlayerThreshold><isInvisible>false</isInvisible><followSchedule>true</followSchedule><datable>false</datable><datingFarmer>false</datingFarmer><daysMarried>0</daysMarried><DefaultFacingDirection>0</DefaultFacingDirection><DefaultPosition><X>3456</X><Y>512</Y></DefaultPosition><IsWalkingInSquare>false</IsWalkingInSquare><IsWalkingTowardPlayer>false</IsWalkingTowardPlayer><friendshipTowardFarmer>390</friendshipTowardFarmer><CurrentBehavior>1</CurrentBehavior></NPC>

                                <FarmAnimal><name>Ari</name><isEmoting>false</isEmoting><isCharging>false</isCharging><willDestroyObjectsUnderfoot>true</willDestroyObjectsUnderfoot><isGlowing>false</isGlowing><coloredBorder>false</coloredBorder><flip>false</flip><drawOnTop>false</drawOnTop><faceTowardFarmer>false</faceTowardFarmer><faceAwayFromFarmer>false</faceAwayFromFarmer><scale>1</scale><timeBeforeAIMovementAgain>0</timeBeforeAIMovementAgain><glowingTransparency>0</glowingTransparency><glowRate>0</glowRate><Position><X>790</X><Y>248</Y></Position><Speed>2</Speed><IsEmoting>false</IsEmoting><CurrentEmote>20</CurrentEmote><defaultProduceIndex>176</defaultProduceIndex><deluxeProduceIndex>174</deluxeProduceIndex><currentProduce>0</currentProduce><friendshipTowardFarmer>1000</friendshipTowardFarmer><daysSinceLastFed>0</daysSinceLastFed><pushAccumulator>16</pushAccumulator><uniqueFrameAccumulator>-1</uniqueFrameAccumulator><age>35</age><meatIndex>641</meatIndex><health>3</health><price>800</price><produceQuality>1</produceQuality><daysToLay>1</daysToLay><daysSinceLastLay>2</daysSinceLastLay><ageWhenMature>3</ageWhenMature><harvestType>0</harvestType><happiness>46</happiness><fullness>0</fullness><happinessDrain>7</happinessDrain><fullnessDrain>4</fullnessDrain><wasPet>false</wasPet><showDifferentTextureWhenReadyForHarvest>false</showDifferentTextureWhenReadyForHarvest><allowReproduction>true</allowReproduction><sound>cluck</sound><type>White Chicken</type><buildingTypeILiveIn>Coop</buildingTypeILiveIn><toolUsedForHarvest>null</toolUsedForHarvest><frontBackBoundingBox><X>8</X><Y>32</Y><Width>48</Width><Height>32</Height><Location><X>8</X><Y>32</Y></Location></frontBackBoundingBox><sidewaysBoundingBox><X>8</X><Y>32</Y><Width>48</Width><Height>32</Height><Location><X>8</X><Y>32</Y></Location></sidewaysBoundingBox><frontBackSourceRect><X>0</X><Y>0</Y><Width>16</Width><Height>16</Height><Location><X>0</X><Y>0</Y></Location></frontBackSourceRect><sidewaysSourceRect><X>0</X><Y>0</Y><Width>16</Width><Height>16</Height><Location><X>0</X><Y>0</Y></Location></sidewaysSourceRect><myID>-9223372036854775253</myID><ownerID>-6666666</ownerID><parentId>-1</parentId><homeLocation><X>43</X><Y>20</Y></homeLocation><moodMessage>2</moodMessage></FarmAnimal>

                                There is an attribute that can be edited for farm animals (after adding them in the FarmAnimal files in data folder) but I can't seem to find for the dogs/cats.
                                Renaming the <NPC xsi:type="Dog"> to Dog2 and having a different texture file named Dog2 doesn't work, the game just gets stuck at loading.
                                • Superior_s

                                  Superior_s Sandwich Man

                                  I have the slightest idea I haven't tried to do any of it personally.
                                  • Beroin

                                    Beroin Space Spelunker

                                    Update: After much hair pulling on this one, I think I got the final Husky/Shepherd mix I want done before releasing all the new skins is almost done. Just some final tweaking, changing, testing all new skins, before it's done. Also, I'm going to go over the original German Shepherd skins and give the outlines a better fading effect instead of a black outline. Hopefully done by end of weekend.


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                                    • Schwadu

                                      Schwadu Guest

                                      Your sprites are the best, man. If you're taking requests, a basenji would be amazing.[​IMG]
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                                      • Darkrai337

                                        Darkrai337 Big Damn Hero

                                        If you ever made an English Bull Dog skin, I would die. Preferably with this fur pattern [​IMG]

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