New Buildings, Player hosted Feast, Cooking changes, etc.

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    Here are some ideas I've had while playing Stardew Valley:

    - Additional buildable greenhouses! - Robin should totally have blueprints for buildable greenhouses, maybe only allow it to be built until after you progress through the relevant questline far enough.

    - High-level food processing buildings - If you're using more than 10 cheese presses on your farm, you could build a cheese crafting workstation instead and use it like the mill, that processes every milk item you feed it overnight. Also applicable for converting eggs to mayo in a new building called Saucery (this could also convert tomato into ketchup).

    - Fish breeding in the farm ponds! - Willy should be able to help you out with bringing some life into your ponds. Working exactly like the Crystalarium, you would bring a fish to Willy and he would stock your ponds with that certain species, resulting in a 90% chance that you will catch one that species when you go fishing on your farm.

    - Employ a villager! - For money, of course. Like they employ you to complete certain tasks on the village notice board to help you out on the farm with certain tasks. The player could decide if they should water or harvest the crops, feed the animals, process trash on the farm (rocks, branches, and weed growth), repair fences or process raw materials from 'Chest A' using the appropriate equipment and put the resulting items into 'Chest B'.

    - Set player birthday in the calendar when starting a new game - So other people would shower you with gifts! The gift values would depend on the friendship level with each villager, and the type of the gift would be related to the personality of the gift giver.

    - Make cooking food take time, but increase its value so it could be a profitable hobby - Give the stove a timer like any other crafting station, but allow the player to use it as a way to make money off of cooking/baking. Allow additional stoves and/or other types of food processing stations (like an outdoor grill, a bakery for pastry or a pizza oven).

    - Host a feast and/or invite people over, also make cooked food quality be represented by the ingredient quality - This would make cooking way more interesting, and help bring you closer to the villagers based on what type of food and what quality you serve to them.

    - Expand the mead fermenting idea - If there are several honey types you could use, it's only fitting if mead is created the same way wine is made in the game.

    Other minor ideas:

    - Allow refrigerator upgrades to increase its inventory size OR use every in-house chest as a crafting source.
    - Wedding anniversary in the calendar
    - Discover cooking recipes by experimenting with ingredients (like alchemy in the Elder Scrolls series)
    - The ability to teach your pet to herd livestock or accompany you into the town.
    - Kegs for making vinegar and plantable rice crops - I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I think every cooking resource should be craftable.
    - Gift quality has an effect on friendship points gained.
    - Mayonnaise should require oil.
    - Allow clothing change.
    - Change hairstyle and colour.
    - Seasoning Herbs, Medical herbs (possibly usable for creating different cheese types too!)
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    • Odd Farmer

      Odd Farmer Big Damn Hero

      Those ideas are all pretty nice, but you can change your looks at the basement of the wizard's tower if you have 4+ hearts with him.
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      • xMel248

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        These are all great ideas! I agree about the additional greenhouses. I would love to have some spread out around the farm, or maybe have a line of three of them or something. Then you could easily dedicate a greenhouse to a specific type of crop if you wanted. Maybe like Spring/Summer/Fall crops.
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        • Odd Farmer

          Odd Farmer Big Damn Hero

          Seconded greatly. However, I would definitely limit the number of greenhouses to a maximum of three. Just for balance. And of course, they should be expensive and/ or only available after you restored the actual greenhouse.
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          • jafred2015

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            Gift quality already affects friendship points gained for liked/loved gifts, and you can already change your clothing and hair in the Wizard's basement.
            • Liana

              Liana Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              'Tis true! Thank you for pointing it out.

              I agree with the limitation on the number of greenhouses, as well as the prerequisites for building them.
              • thunderlight12

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                I hope he can add these things!

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