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    Welcome to the clan thread of
    Network of Starbound Fanfiction Writers
    abbreviated as

    * What are we? *

    NSFW is a clan for active writers of Starbound community. Each member has written and shared Starbound-themed works on Chucklefish Games Forums' fan fiction subforum or elsewhere on the internet. We write for our own and others' enjoyment.

    * What is our purpose? *

    NSFW is a gathering place for authors. We aim to promote Starbound fan fiction and the writers' stories. The clan is also a place for the authors help each other in terms of ideas, inspiration, and other writing-related problems.

    There are also plans for NSFW to host community-based writing contests in future. Nothing is set in stone yet, but stay tuned!

    * Clan Rules *

    Forum rules apply
    2. Being a jerk not allowed
    3. Appreciate haiku

    * How can I join? *

    New members join NSFW via invitations and approved applications. Currently we only accept members that have written Starbound fan fiction. In the case you are interested in joining the clan but do not have a written work, do not attempt to forcefully write a story just to join the clan. We do recognize all insincere attempts.

    In the case you have a genuinely created fan work, the joining is easy. Send the following application filled as a private message to any of the Managers (check the member list below). The information in your application will be added to the member list upon your joining.

    Author name:
    [Account name or nickname]
    Description (optional):
    [Describe yourself as a writer (in terms of Starbound or generally); what do you write, what are your styles and themes, etc.]
    [Your Starbound-related works. Add also links for convenience or if your works are off-site]
    Story descriptions (optional):
    [Describe each of your stories in short]
    Other information (optional):
    [Anything you'd like to add; other art forms, links to non-SB works.]

    * Members *

    The eldest ones




    An author with not too much experience. Native tongue is not English. Writes a lot at times, and mainly for his own enjoyment. Considers his fanfictions as learning experiences; slowly, but steadily getting better at writing.


    Night Sky
    Sequel to Shadows from the Abyss.
    Six races, six members in a crew. Each of them has faced a loss and now must build a new life together. While both a totalitarian regime and a megacorporation are strangling their freedom, they stumble on threads of a conspiracy.

    Shadows from the Abyss
    A Novella set in time before Earth’s destruction. A thief’s life is thrown into chaos by a tragedy on a space station. With a friendly floran, a scientist, a bounty hunter, a crime lord and others he must face a mystery that threatens their survival.

    Other information:
    My profile: (Nothing but Shadows from the Abyss there)

    The Squid

    The Squid, aka Bustow

    An amateur author with an average amount of writing experience. Writes both fan fics and original works. Pretty lazy, so don't expect too much. The Squid likes to write about Apex. Or rather, the Apex are the best race and The Squid feels he should represent them in his works.


    The Chronicles of Bustow
    A series of journal entries following the adventures of Bustow, an Apex rebel, as he stumbles through the stars.

    After the Bombs Dropped
    A story about three Apex rebels trying to escape the Miniknog's clutches.

    The ones who administrate the clan

    @The Squid

    Writers - the clan members
    Miss Alkane

    Author name:
    I am Alkane, formerly Varc Audial.

    I tend to focus on ordinary people and the dramatic, rather than very technically knowledgeable or skilled characters or descriptions. I suppose you could say I'm a layman's writer in that respect, but I do appreciate poetic and diverse language.

    To the Valley

    An ongoing story, the longest so far (over 10,000 words as of 19/8/16). Written from the perspective of a young farmer moving to Stardew Valley. Plenty of magic, action, and mystery to come.

    Boom: The Story of an Experiment
    An ongoing story focused on a former Miniknog "experiment" whose past is unknown. Written in first person.

    The Monster Behind the Mask (part one / two / three)
    Completed short story focusing around two Phobe (a suggested, Halloween-themed race).

    Varc's Journals
    Discontinued. Two stories, one completed, in the form of journal entries made by the Glitch Varc Audial.

    Other information:
    I also draw digitally and traditionally. My drawings are split between three threads: Byte-Sized Sketches (for Starbound art), Stardew Alley (for Stardew Valley), and The Alley (for everything else).

    Captain Karo

    Author name:
    Captain Karo / Karo

    I occasionally sit down to write when I'm not out flying or something. I write sci-fi or WWII short stories in my spare time.

    Wanderer; my only Starbound work to make it onto the internet. It's a scrapped idea for a story about Karo and his crew of close friends. Discontinued.

    Other information:
    I occasionally doodle.


    Author name:
    Tatterdemalion (Also occasionally Tatterdemaliae if the former is already taken)

    I'm author by hobby and occasionally by trade. Generally I write original works; Substellar Vagary is the exception. I most frequently write sci-fi, fantasy, or a combination of both. My style tends to veer towards lighthearted adventure, but as a rule I attempt to vary my tone across experiments to widen my repertoire. I consider world-building my forte.


    Substellar Vagary:
    An episodic sci-fi serial set in my take on the Starbound universe. The overarching story follows the crew of a ramshackle ship called the Sucker's Luck as they try to scratch out a living in an uncaring galaxy. I occasionally make updates, but there's no set schedule.

    Sucker's Luck Soliloquies:
    Not actually a story, but rather a collection of short selections that take place in the Substellar Vagary canon. Spin-offs, world-building, and interactions between characters, as well as some behind-the-scenes discussion are all posted here.

    ...I should really put some of my non-Starbound stuff up on here. Maybe later.

    Other information:
    Let's see... I'm also an avid actor. Theatre's a passion of mine, especially musicals. I play alto saxophone in both jazz and classical styles. I have a pug named Beauregard. Terry Pratchett is the best. That's 'bout it.


    Author name:

    When it comes to writing, Im being pretty chaotic in it. I can keep working on one story for months, burning like a bonfire, but then suddenly extinguish, like a pile of matches. Im always trying to do as good as I can, but sometimes I feel like I need to be better, even if I can't. It makes me depressed and then I often stop working for a while. Also, English isn't my native, so, to solve a grammar problem, Im using the help of a kind person. :D

    If you ask me about the "professional" things, such as style, themes and stuff.... Well... Im not going deep inside of it. I just start write for my own amusement, and then keep writing if my story is being liked by somebody.

    Currently, my only big work is "One long journey of The Green Lance". The link is in my signature.

    It's a long story about the traveling Novakid spacetrain and it's crew. The tale itself is made of many small and medium "chapterlike" stories. Each story tellst you a small episode of the crew's life.
    When I was writing it, I was trying to stay as canonic, as possible, but I had to put some of myself in it, but I think, if you are fan of Novakid as a race, you will like it.

    Other information:
    Due to my chaotic temper, sometimes I disappear from the forum, so you can easily lose the track of me for some time. Also, I think im really addictive to attention, so I get burnt out quicker, if my story gets less comments from the random people. I don't know what to do with it... =(
    But, from the good sides - Im a fan of the Dwarfs! =D I want them into the game, at least as an NPC race. And NO, Alpacas are not Dwarfish enough!

    Jareix Cryvix

    Author name:
    Jareix Craivix

    Ameritech newbie. Prefers darker themes as well as the grim and twisted realms of the psyche.


    The Flower child
    An orphaned floran is adopted by a human. 'Nuff said.

    Other information:
    mostly does art as RP rather than writing


    Author name:
    Alias Pseudonym

    I haven't written much, mostly due to the fact that I keep changing my mind about what it is I want to write. What I do write (when I manage to) is usually fantasy or science fiction. I haven't pulled through with many projects, so if I ever find something I'm really enthusiastic about, I might disappear for a while just to get it done. Don't worry, I'm probably not dead. Probably.

    Only current work is Sound Bedlam ( but I am writing more (other) things as well.

    Other information:
    I also write non-Starbound stories, but none of it is anywhere on the internet (yet). I am on Wattpad (going by the same name), which I recommend as a sharing platform for creative writing and a great place to read the works of other aspiring authors.


    Author name:
    Jumjummju, though mostly called Jum because the full name is nigh-unpronouncable.

    While I am a fanfiction writer with a whopping one whole fanfiction written before the current Starbound one I'm writing, I already have a somewhat specific style for fanfictions. Since I like to make my own characters and plotlines, my fanfictions basically just end up being novels set in another universe. That said, since I've only ever written one thing before, and it was more of an experiment to hone my writing skills if anything, I wouldn't label myself a veteren writer.

    That said, my writing takes inspiration from Douglas Adams and Joss Whedon primarily. I'm a huge fan of a story that can be both dark and funny without floundering about with a tone that it can't decide on what it wants to be, and I've always just adored Douglas Adams's sense of humor in his writing.

    Darkbound (WIP):
    So a bounty hunter, a bank robber, a self-aware glitch and a hunted diplomat all meet in a cage...

    Other information:
    Writing is literally the only creative endeavour I am even remotely competent in. I can't draw, music, or otherwise "art" in any form. I can't even draw a stick figure!


    Author name:
    I go by the name of Lavranzo on the forums; TheVoidPrince a lot of other interesting places.

    I write poetry a lot - I simply love it. Most often it is mostly lyrical (as is most poetry) with hints of epic. When I do write prose, it tends to be very emotional, incorporating, what I think is the greatest strength of poetry, the lyric aspect of description of emotions/feelings.
    My poetry, as well as my prose, also has a tendency to be sad or melancholic.
    The form as well as the thematic tendencies might be a result of my big fascination of the sligthly nihilistic, symbolistic (as in the 19th century art-movement) poetry of the 80's Denmark (where from I originate).


    Story descriptions:
    Uh, so, I had written a good chunk of starbound-haiku-poetry, but it has seemingly vanished into the endless Abyss of my messy computer's hard disk, so all I've left is the piece of prose "A psychopath's peace".
    One might describe "A psychopath's peace" as a depiction of modern (or future) harshness; of a society, in which control is gained through control of peoples' emotions, and where those unwilling or incapable of showing emotions are excommunicated; a society, that ironicly, itself becomes a symbol of lack of empathy: the very thing itself discourages the most

    Other information:
    I do a bit of everything; I sing, I write, I paint, I play instruments, and yet, I have mastered none of these: Truly a jack of all trades, and yet a master of none.

    Gilligan Lanley

    Author name:
    Gilligan Lanley (Previously GilliTheFox) / Gilli

    I'm rather eccentric in my writing patterns and writing times. I tend to write in the third person perspective, but have recently tried my hand at writing in the first person--past tense-- perspective. I also have hand my hand in writing free verse poetry.

    I currently have several pieces written/in the works, all of which are already posted here on the forums. They are as follows:

    Diary of a Lone Avali (SB-Related)
    Diary of a Lone Avali follows the adventures of Nezun Skyfire, a meat-addict avali who has been separated from her hunting-pack and left adrift an unknown planet. This story told through Entry Logs like a journal.

    Scarlet Ice (Non-SB Story)
    Scarlet Ice follows the adventures of Ryneil "Scarlet" Darkfury, an escaped lab experiment that combined science and dark arts to seal twin black dragon souls into in an attempt to create the ultimate weapon for the Kingdom. Ryneil breaks free of the compound, but loses her memories in the process. This story is told in the third person.

    The poetry that I have written are works that I have written and posted here on the forums from what I recovered from hard copies laying around my room from highschool, or from notecards that I had tucked away in my inventory on a game called SecondLife.

    Other information:
    The thread in which my poetry is located is a thread that I had started to collect, produce, and share poetry from other members of the forums.


    Author name:

    For about five years now, I have been writing all sorts of random, pointless stories. One day I hope to be a decent writer. For now, I'm practicing with Starbound fanfiction. It's a lot of fun to write! I just hope it's fun to read. Shut up, AfterBurner, you're rambling.

    A Glitch in the Galaxy is my current work in progress. It can be found here: I'd love to get your opinion on it some time!


    Author name:
    Combozone (Or Axe, depending on what you want to call me)

    A (very casual) writer who fell in love with Starbound's lore, setting, and gameplay. Began (officially) writing in mid-February, but has been working hard to improve since. Loves the forums and community, always thinking of new ways to write.


    Currently titled (will probably be subject to change):
    "Nezun Skyfire":
    "Anthony's Journey":
    "Starbound Musings":

    Story descriptions:

    Nezun Skyfire:
    Avali woman mentioned above is forced to be a gladiator in a prison. Finding a lucky break, she competes in a tournament to win her freedom.

    Anthony's Journey:
    Human man Anthony experiences an alternate beginning of the original Starbound introduction.

    Starbound Musings:
    Anything else that I have done that involves my OC's, with no given point in time or storyline for any of them.
    Will give a character sheet if needed.

    Other information:
    I take requests! (Despite me not finishing any of them...)
    I am on the forums almost constantly.
    Very open to suggestions and criticisms on works.
    I have written some poems (and song lyrics)!


    Author name:

    I'm a fairly new writer, seeking for help and advice. I am having a lot of fun writing, and this is an activity I am spending a lot of time on.
    My writing is set essentially within the Starbound lore, because I fell in love with it as soon as I discovered it.

    Wyman -A fiction relating the story of an avali and her pack before/during the Starbound events.

    Other information:
    Not much to add, aside from writing I do a lot of traditional drawing.

    Sir Wilfrey

    Author name:
    Sir Wilfrey (Wilf)

    I write in varying styles and formats, constantly refining and tweaking. Also infamous for forgetting about projects and starting others, and taking long breaks between writing.

    Works: (Both Starbound and non-starbound)

    Other information:
    My crappy pixel art thread
    The RP I assist in/Partake in
    Also I make private mods and hunt for secrets in Video Game code on the side.


    Author name:
    RowanEx, or Rowan Ex

    I write sci-fi with a mix of my own special universe.

    The Six
    - A crew ends up on another Starbound-universe.

    Other information:
    FanFiction.Net = = Ex

    If you need any of your information changed, say so in this thread or PM the Managers.

    * Clan Logos *

    Add a NSFW logo to your signature to show your support. It is recommended to take a logo with the full clan name to avoid confusion with other subjects.

    For NSFW-related threads, 250 x 258:
    Signature version, 130 x 130:
    Signature version, with text, 250 x 130:
    Signature version, small, 100 x 100:
    Signature version, small, with text, 192 x 100:

    Thin version, 360 x 40:

    * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *
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