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Discussion in 'Support' started by thegreedyturtle, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. thegreedyturtle

    thegreedyturtle Space Hobo

    Especially on the Recycle item button. An 'are you sure you want to recycle x" would be very nice.

    This will be especially important if you do a touch screen version, you'll want to pretty much be able to undo most actions barring any dice rolls like shooting.
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      Image Not Available Pangalactic Porcupine

      This would be an awful idea. Considering the sheer amount of items I recycle each game any more confirmation boxes would get very tedious very quickly.
      • blackjackGT

        blackjackGT Space Hobo

        I'd vote for it as an option -- turn it off by default, but put a checkbox in options for those of us prone to accidentally dragging stuff to the wrong text entry. :saywhat: I have accidentally recycled several items just by letting go of the mouse-drag a millimeter or two off-target. :disshappy:

        I'd actually lose an undo-item for battle maps (I lost count how many times I accidentally sent someone to a spot out in the open by mistake), though I realize that could maybe be exploited to "uncover" enemies on a map, and then change your mind about movement.
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        • Retrospective

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          Sorry about necro posting but I don't think there is a confirm button in the shop , that just sucks ballz since people might accidentally buy suff they don't need especially the first time they open the shop.

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