Modding Help Need help with changing the dialogues - Can't repack the .yaml

Discussion in 'Mods' started by AnticAssassin, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. AnticAssassin

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here, and also new to making my own mods, so I hope I'm not doing anything wrong while I post.

    So, what I'm working on:
    I wanted to add more dialogue to the game, for every character. I started with Shane. I wanted to add new lines for every season combined with the day and the heart level (so for example spring_Mon5: "-").

    I was probably pretty stupid to add every single line in the file for Shane before testing it, but as I said I'm a beginner. So I finished editing the .yaml-file in Notepad++ and want to repack it with XnbNode. But whenever I try, I get quite a long error in my console. I'm uploading a picture so you can take a look at it.

    So, could anyone tell me what this error actually means and what I did wrong?

    I'd be very thankful for any help, I just hope I didn't work for nothing now.

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    • Chisami

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      I'm definitely not an expert with this, but I'm pretty sure this is the same error I got with me trying to do that with Seb, haha. It turns out I messed up coding some places. (missing #s or "s and the like.) I ended up slowly adding lines and repacking every once in awhile to make sure it was still packing. I would suggest making a test edit the you know would work to see if you can get it to pack at all. I.E.: change an existing line to something obvious, and save+repack it. Unpack, and see if it saved that change. If yes, I would bet you messed up some coding somewhere.
      If not, totally out of my hands. I am not an expert at the coding side of these things at all. But maybe it will help? :rofl:
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      • AnticAssassin

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        Hey @Chisami, thanks for your reply! :)
        Well, guess that's my fault for writing all the lines instead of trying if it works every now and then. :mwahaha:
        I'll go and double check all the lines, thank you!
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