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Discussion in 'Mods' started by mrsbond, Feb 25, 2020.

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    I am trying to unpack some map xnb files so I can edit a map. I've tried every tool I can find and none of them seem to unpack the files properly. I just get a tbin and a yaml file for each map, and it sounds like there should be some other files there (pngs ?).

    Is there something I'm missing here? I am using Linux but I have access to Windows in a virtualbox. I have tried:
    • xnbcli on Linux and Windows
    • XNB-Convert on linux
    • xnb_node with two different gui's on Windows (Easy XNB and XNB kit)
    All of them do the same thing - tbin and yaml files but nothing else (it would be nice of some of the instructions for using these tools show what should be in the extracted folder). I have tried core maps and some from Ace's Expanded Farms. What am I missing? I really just want to add a pond to an existing map.

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      First you need to open your tbin editing program (most people use Tiled or tIDE). It should tell you what files you're missing. Usually it's paths.xnb and spring_outdoorsTileSheet.xnb. Go to Content/Maps, find those files, and unpack them too.

      Edit: Also you may want to look at this: It's incredibly useful for beginners.
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      • mrsbond

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        Oooooohhhh! I knew I was missing those other tilsheets but I didn't know where they were supposed to come from. Thanks a lot!

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