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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Chiel, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Chiel

    Chiel Space Spelunker

    I've been working on my own personal Abigail portraits and sprites, and while the sprites are done and at the correct size, I used an old version of Abigail's portrait as a base for my own work, and it was incorrectly sized. (my work) (resized)
    Issue now is, when I resize to 128x320, the images get a lot blurrier. Anyone know if there's a way I could resize it and still keep my pixelized look? Thanks in advance!
    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      I know on Gimp, you need to set "Interpolation" to 'None' when scaling pixel art to keep everything crisp and clean. Gimp Ref:

      It'll be a somewhat similar task of changing the scaling algorithm on other art programs. But, as for the specifics; I'm not too sure. Maybe post which program you're using, and someone else can chime in.

      Also, minor note: Once you scale appropriately. You might still want to copy & paste your sprites into a clean 128x320, and compare it to Abigail's original tilesheet. Just to make sure everything's aligned properly.
      • Chrysanthe

        Chrysanthe Starship Captain

        Here, I resized it for you.
        Photoshop settings would be selecting Image Size... and checking off resample image: to the nearest neighbor (preserve hard edges) after entering in appropriate pixel size or percentage.

        And of course, please follow MysticTempest's advice to compare it to the original tilesheet. Good luck!
        • Chiel

          Chiel Space Spelunker

          I use Photoshop, but it was my first time working with any kind of pixel art, which clearly requires more technical know-how than I expected. Thanks a lot to both of you!

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