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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gilou, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Gilou

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    I am a failure at strategy. But while I have managed to beat the levels so far, I am stuck at "Central storage: food and supplies storage" (the yellow mission suggested by Samuel, which consist in a "S" shape way towards a small room with foods).

    I can survive the 3 first waves. But I always lose at the 4th. They are too numerous to simply hold the food room, not packed enough to make grenades a 100% successful. And I don't know why, Morten misses so many shots in comparison to the others; even with the perks.

    How did you manage to finish the mission?
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      I usually go in with Mule, Wallace and Thirteen. The whole thing is basically a DPS race, enemies trickle in in a steady stream and you need to take them out before they overrun you. Mule and Wallace are pretty much the best ranged DPS you get and Thirteen can two-shot one of the scientist guys in melee as well as tank lots of hits so long as you stock up on medpacks. Put him into the hallway to the right with Wallace in the lower right corner of the food room and Mule somewhere in the upper left where he can shoot incoming melee enemies. Once you take out those you can hunker down, let your shields recharge and go after the two ranged guys.
      • Gilou

        Gilou Seal Broken

        They are too numerous. I always end up overrun. And They always attack one member so he dies very quickly.

        Thank you INA
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          That's why you put Thirteen in the back of the right corridor, this way only one enemy can attack him at once, forcing them to spread out their attacks..
          • Seminus

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            As some already said: This mission is hard if you do it wrong. (you can come back later at it as it is an optional mission and stays available until the end).

            Some tips: Grenades are definitely a good help here, also Medkits.
            Blocking the way with one strong guy/girl is a good plan, as it gives you the time to snipe them from behind. (Medkits a must here)
            • Gilou

              Gilou Seal Broken

              OK so I have one other question about resources: if I spend resources now to buy medikits and grenades, won't I need these resources later? How should we deal with resources?
              • Seminus

                Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

                Always keep abit of energy back for later. So do not waste all of them.
                You get enough items to get through the game without ever using the store. So see the store as a bonus if you will ;)
                (At least I have played it without spending one energy, but then I'm one of the devs and I now every dirty little secret and tricks ;))

                With one of the next patches we will remove the "enemy first turn" event in the forth wave, making it more tactical and less frustrating. (Still the mission will stay hard just more fair I guess)
                • Nepomuk

                  Nepomuk Space Hobo

                  That sounds interesting. Will you change enemies always having the first move in general or only for this particular mission?
                  • hotmitts

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                    Hello, I'm new to the forums. I'm really enjoying the story, the art and the style of gameplay.
                    I have to say though, I'm finding the difficulty spike that happens around the time of this mission is very intense. Not only on this mission but in the second 2-person mission that comes up at around the same time. Enemies teleport in, or you discover them in a room, they always have the first turn and can wipe you out easily.
                    I'm not one of those players who enjoys that sort of frustration, it makes me doubt whether to continue playing. That may be just me ...but I don't think so, I actually think there are a lot of people who don't complete games, because of difficulty spikes like this. It's maybe a good argument for adding settings for difficulty levels. I know you've patched this particular mission but I think you could go futher personally;
                    'easy' for people who want to enjoy the story and atmosphere with a slowly rising challenge, but always the tools to beat it.
                    'Medium' for those who like a harder edge.
                    'Hard' is for the masochists! People who like perma-death and such things! I wouldn't touch a game with perma-death personally, but it seems to be popular at the moment.
                    I personally think that the real hardcore gamers are maybe the most vocal on game forums, and people like me who might be considered more 'casual' gamers, are less apparent on forums but are here nonetheless and make up a large part of the game-playing public !
                    Just my two cents.

                    The enemy having first turn thing, it does kind of take strategy out of it, there's no time to find positions or cover or reload. Remember we players are not the developer and can't read the games' mind! I had to come here to find out about the types of guns available, there's no mention of range as a factor in the guns stats, or the fact that reaching an 8 on the aiming stat halves the action point cost? Also no mention of the stimpack limit in-game.

                    Genuinely trying to be helpful here, as I have been enjoying many elements of the game so far.
                    • Seminus

                      Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

                      Yes the two person team mission nr 2 will be adjusted too. You will have the first move there too.

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