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Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by nearlyNonexistent, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Music pack for Starbound, like the rest. Unlike the rest, this has more songs than all of them. (Not combined, though.) Furthermore, I have gone through each file by hand to make sure there are no long, awkward pauses at the start before it starts playing, a common mistake from MIDI to ABC conversion.

    Download (V 3.2.3 COMPATIBILITY + NEW SONGS)

    At the time of writing:
    • Songs of Starbound: 75. (Both volumes combined)
    • The Great Collection of Starbound Songs: 80.
    • More Songs in Your Instruments: 15.
    • An ABC Christmas: 17.
    • This pack: 100.

    Take all the ABC files in the zip, and drop them in:
    • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\assets\songs (Note: this one is tested and works.)
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Starbound/assets/songs (Note: this might not be correct; I do not have a Macintosh to test it with.)
    • Linux: /home/user/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Starbound/assets/songs (Note: this might not be correct; I do not have a Linux-based computer to test it with.)
    Additional optoinal step:
    Install Extended Songbook by v6ooo.​

    Restart Starbound if it was running. Then it should appear in the song list on instruments.

    Songs and Attribution:

    • 5th Symphony.abc - Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, transcribed by Celestial.
    • 500 Miles.abc - The Proclaimers' I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles), arranged in ABC notation by Swotro-Crickhollow.
    • Adventure Time.abc - Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time Theme Song, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Air on G String.abc - Bach's Air on a G-String, transcribed by Tiamo/Skjald.
    • Always Look Brightside.abc - Eric Idle's Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, transcribed by Cranberry of the Mighty Mighty Bree Tones.
    • Another 1 Bites The Dust.abc - Queen's Another One Bites the Dust, transcribed by Kuroshi of Silverlode
    • Back in Black.abc - AC/DC's Back in Black, Transcribed by Aziel of Elendilmir.
    • Bad Apple!!.abc - Alstromeria Records's Bad Apple, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Barbie Girl.abc Aqua's Barbie Girl, transcribed by unknown.
    • Beatdown.abc - Curt Blakeslee's Beatdown, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Best Friends in World.abc - Rebecca Sugar's My Best Friends In The World, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Bohemian Rhapsody.abc - Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, transcribed by Snosh of Vilya.
    • Boulevard Broken Dreams.abc - Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Bynn the Breaker.abc - Darren Korb's Bynn the Breaker, transcribed by miago.
    • Call Me Maybe.abc - Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Carol of the Bells.abc - Ukranian Christmas Carol's Carol of the Bells, transcribed by Celestial.
    • Cave Story.abc - Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya's Cave Story Main Theme, transcribed by miago.
    • Caramelldansen.abc - Supergott's Caramelldansen, transcribed by miago.
    • Clair de Lune.abc - Debussy's Clair de Lune, transcribed by Maxsayo.
    • Deck the Halls.abc - John Hullah's Ed. of Deck the Halls, transcribed by Cyrano.
    • Doctor.abc - George Buzinkai's Doctor, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Dord Waltz.abc - Elain "OJ" Wang's Dord Waltz, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Entertainer.abc - Scott Joplin's The Entertainer, transcribed by unknown.
    • Eridan's Theme.abc - Toby "Radiation" Fox's Eridan's Theme, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Eye of the Tiger.abc - Survivor's Eye fo the Tiger, transcribed by Branorin of Elendilmir.
    • Exile Vilify.abc - The National's Exile Vilify, transcribed by unknown.
    • Explore.abc - George Buzinkai's Explore, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Fur Elise.abc - Ludwig van Beethoven's Fur Elise, transcribed by Jazriel the Naughty of Vilya.
    • Flight Bumblebee.abc - Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee, transcribed by BobLion54.
    • Gerudo Valley.abc - Koji Kondo's Gerudo Valley, transcribed by unknown.
    • Get Lucky.abc - Daft Punk's Get Lucky, transcribed by unknown.
    • Grasswalk.abc - Laura Shigihara's Grasswalk, transcribed by miago.
    • Ghostbusters.abc - Ghostbusters' Theme Song, transcribed by Cervantes.
    • Ghosts n Goblins.abc - Ghosts 'n Goblins' Stage 1, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Harry Potter.abc - John William's Hedwig's Theme, transcribed by Devire
    • He's a Pirate.abc - Hans Zimmer's He's a Pirate, transcribed by Garridor.
    • Highway to Hell - AC/DC's Highway to Hell, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • I Knew You Were Trouble.abc - Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble, trancsribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • I Will Survive.abc - Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, transcribed by Cervantes of Meneldor
    • I'm Just Your Problem.abc - Rebecca Sugar's I'm Just Your Problem, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Imperial March.abc - John Williams's Imperial March, transcribed by Earacorn.
    • Indiana Jones.abc - John Williams's The Raiders March, transcribed by unknown.
    • I've Got Spurs.abc - Gene Autry's I've got spurs that Jingle Jangle Jingle, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Jurassic Park.abc - John Williams's Opening Titles (Jurassic Park), transcribed by unknown.
    • L's Theme.abc - Hideki Taniuchi's Eru no Tema, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Libera Me From Hell.abc - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's Libera Me From Hell's piano solo (sadly not the whole thing; coming soon), transcribed by unknown.
    • Light's Theme.abc - Hideki Taniuchi's Raito no Tema, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Loonboon.abc - Laura Shigihara's Loonboon, transcribed by miago.
    • Luigi's Mansion.abc - Kazumi Totaka's Luigi's Mansion, transcribed by miago.
    • Lost Woods.abc - Koji Kondo's Lost Woods, transcribed by unknown.
    • Mario Theme.abc - Koji Kondi's Mario Theme, transcribed by Nightwind of Windfola.
    • Monty.abc - Monty on the Run's theme, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Morrowind.abc - Jeremy Soule's Call of Magic / Nerevar Rising, transcribed by Tiamo/Skjald.
    • Mother, I'm Here.abc - Darren Korb's Mother, I'm Here (Zulf's Theme), transcribed by unknown.
    • Never Gonna Give You Up.abc - Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, transcribed by Cervantes.
    • Nowhere Man.abc - The Beatles' Nowhere Man, transcribed by unknown.
    • Nyan Cat.abc - Daniwell-Aidn's Nyan Cat, transcribed by miago.
    • Oh Fionna.abc - Rebecca Sugar's Oh Fionna, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent. (This one's for you, you know who <>)
    • Oh, Canada.abc - Canadian National Anthem "Oh Canada"; transcribed by Oleandra Fields of Silverlode.
    • Over the Rainbow.abc - Somewhere over the Rainbow, transcribed by Bungee.
    • Pink Panther.abc - Harry Mancini's Pink Panther Theme, Crescendo of Gladden.
    • Pokemon Battle.abc - Junichi Masuda's Pokemon Red/Blue Battle Theme, transcribed by miago.
    • Pokemon Bicycle.abc - Junichi Masuda's Pokemon Red/Blue Bicycle Theme, transcribed by miago.
    • Pokemon Elite 4.abc - Junichi Masuda's Pokemon Red/Blue Elite 4 Theme, transcribed by unknown.
    • Pokemon Center.abc - Junicha Masuda's Pokemon Red/Blue Pokemon Center Theme, transcribed by unknown.
    • Professor Layton.abc - Tomohito Nishiura's Professor Layton Theme, transcribed by miago.
    • Radioactive.abc - Imagine Dragons' Radioactive, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Rule, Britannia!.abc - Thomas Arne's Rule, Britannia!, transcribed by unknown.
    • Red Like Roses.abc - Jeff Williams's Red Like Roses, tranascribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Rock Like Hurricane.abc - Scorpions' Rock You Like A Hurricane, transcribed by Snosh of Vilya.
    • Santa is Coming to Town.abc - J. Fred Coots's Santa Claus is Coming to Town, transcribed by Cyrano.
    • Shingeki No Kyojin.abc - Hiroyuki Sawano's Gurren no Yumiya, transcribed by CAPSLOCK.
    • Sis Puella Magica.abc - Yuki Kajiura's Sis Puella Magica (You Should Be a Magical Girl!) transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • Space Oddity.abc - David Bowie's Space Oddity, transcribed by Robaidh of Silverlode.
    • Star Wars.abc - John Williams's Star Wars (Main Theme), transcribed by Tiamo/Skjald.
    • Star-SpangledBanner.abc - Francis Scott Key and John Stafford Smith's Star Spangled Banner, transcribed by Sevastian of Brandywine and Wraithsong.
    • Song of Storms.abc - Legend of Zelda's Song of Storms, transcribed by unknown.
    • Greensleeves.abc - Unknown's Greensleeves, transcribed by unknown.
    • Staying Alive.abc - Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive, transribed by Genwen and Prim Reapers of Meneldor.
    • Still Alive.abc - Jonathan Coulton's Still Alive, transcribed by Maxsayo.
    • Terraria.abc - Scott Lloyd Shelly's Terraria Overworld Day, transcribed by Beliela.
    • Tetris.abc - Wally Beben's Tetris Theme A, transcribed by miago.
    • The Oompa Loompa Song.abc - The Ooompa Loompas' Songs from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, transcribed by Dalthyn of Landroval.
    • The Fox.abc - Ylvis's The Fox, transcribed by unknown.
    • The First Noel.abc - Unknown's The First Noel, transcribed by Cyrano.
    • The Steel Samurai.abc - Masakazu Sugimori and Naoto Tanaka's The Steel Samurai, transcribed by unknown.
    • Thru the Fire and Flames.abc - Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames, transcribed by Cervantes of Meneldor.
    • Trololo.abc - Eduard Khil's I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home, transcribed by miago.
    • U.N. Owen Was Her - U.N. Owen Was Her, transcribed by miago.
    • Until I Break.abc - Nevercake's Until I Break, transcribed by Nevercake.
    • Walls Covered in Blood.abc - Toby "Radiation" Fox's Walls Covered in Blood, transcribed by unknown.
    • Want you Gone.abc - Jonathan Coulton's Want You Gone, transcribed by miago.
    • We are the Champions.abc - Queen's We Are The Champions, transcribed by Cianra of Brandywine.
    • We Will Rock You.abc - Queen's We Will Rock You, transcribed by unknown.
    • Why Did U Eat My Fries.abc - Rebecca Sugar's Fry Song, transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.
    • When I'm Sixty-Four.abc - The Beatles' When I'm Sixty-Four, transcribed by makalaure.
    • Yellow Submarine.abc - The Beatles' We All Live In a Yellow Submarine, transcribed by unknown.
    • YMCA.abc - Village People's YMCA, transcribed by Genwen and Prim Reapers of Meneldor.
    • You've Got Friend.abc - Randy Newman's You've Got A Friend In Me, transcribed by Angeleen of Laurelin.
    • Zia's Theme.abc - Darren Korb's Build that Wall (Zia's Theme), transcribed by nearlyNonexistent.


    This pack is public domain. You can do whatever you want with the pack itself, because I honestly don't own anything in it. While this song pack is legal, songs may be removed at the request of the songwriter, transcriber or other copyright holder, at which point I would not legally be allowed to continue publishing it with those songs and will remove them. If you wish to be considered the transcriber of a song, it is recommended you use proof, or I will have to search for a while to determine whether or not you are the true transcriber.
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  2. nearlyNonexistent

    nearlyNonexistent Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    A Basic Guide to Transcription

    You first need a MIDI to ABC program:

    You then need to get either:
    • A MIDI creation software. (To create original songs or make MIDIs if no MIDI exists for yourself. Note: free ones exist.)
    • A sheet-music to MIDI software. (To read sheet music and convert it to MIDIs. Note: EXPENSIVE.)
    • MIDIs for the songs you want to convert. (For direct conversion, if a file for the song you want to convert exists. Note: MIDIs are generally free.)
    • MP3 to MIDI software. (To convert music files to MIDI. Note: EXPENSIVE.)
    Once you get the ABC file by making a MIDI, then using the MIDI to ABC tool, you're going to want to:
    • Fix any points where it's impossible to hear the melody. This can be difficult, but can generally be done by removing tracks from the MIDI to ABC output so that more of the melody is playing rather than other notes.
    • Fix any long, awkward pauses. This is easier; ctrl+f the letter 'z' in the ABC file, and look for anything that has a really big number. (At one point I had a file that had 18 seconds of silence between the two halves of it.) Generally speaking, 2 or 3 is common, 5 is a pretty good break between two big sections so it should be rare, and anything beyond 5 is too long. Mind the fractions.
    • Fix time signatures by removing all bar lines.
    • Remove or ignore slurs that are not working correctly.
    • Ignore repeats; just copy-paste the part that should be repeated.
    • Shorten tuplets so that they do not play wrong. Remove the tuplet notation and multiply each tuplet note's length by musical time they're supposed to be playing divided by how many notes in the tuplet.
    • Shorten stacattos manually, then match it with the rest of the remaining length length.
    • Key, tempo and time signature changes mid-song will not work at all; you'll have to manually change all the notes to match the old time signature. Key signatures would have to be re-pitched using sharps and flats, and tempo is impossible.
    • Dynamics (+ or ! signs) are to be REMOVED FROM THE FILE, IMMEDIATELY, or it will crash Starbound.
    • Stacked octaves have been fixed.
    • Chords with notes that have different lengths will have problems.
    • Drums work as MIDI channel 10, put these two lines between the K: line and the first line of notes: %%MIDI channel 10 %%MIDI program 1
    • Voice lines do not work; separate each voice into a separate ABC file.
    Next Version



    * Existing file changed
    + Added new file
    - Removed a file​
    - Canon in D.abc - Decided not to package Starbound Vanilla songs.
    - Toccatta and Fugue.abc - Added in Starbound Vanilla.
    - Wish Merry Christmas.abc - See Above
    - Herald Angels Sing.abc - See above
    - Moonlight Sonata.abc - See above
    + Song of Storms.abc
    + Rule, Britannia!.abc
    + Flight Bumblebee.abc
    + The Oompa Loompa Song.abc
    + Over the Rainbow.abc​
    + Carol of the Bells.abc
    + Rock like Hurricane.abc
    + Oh, Canada.abc
    + When I'm Sixty-Four.abc
    + You've Got Friend.abc
    + Air on G String.abc
    + Toccata and Fugue.abc
    + Greensleeves.abc
    + Readded We Wish You a Merry Christmas as We Wish Merry Christmas.abc​
    * Beatdown.abc long pause fix
    - We Wish Merry.abc until fixed.​
    * Fixed a typo in the list of songs. (Sorry, Eric Idle, I mispelled your name as Erid.)
    + Radioactive.abc
    + Zia's Theme.abc
    + Beatdown.abc
    + We Wish Merry.abc
    + Herald Angels Sing.abc
    + L's Theme.abc
    + Light's Theme.abc
    + Red Like Roses.abc​
    * Starting delay removal on songs: every song in the entire file was checked for delays at the start. Any delays before a song starts playing is not something I can repair. (e.g. it might be due to the tempo, or other extraneous settings.)
    * Fixed Yellow Submarine.abc and Walls Covered in Blood.abc having voice tags.
    + readme file
    * Bad Apple!!.abc now properly pauses for a short time (5 secs vs previous 18 secs) between sections, rather than a huge pause that makes you think the song ended.​
    Unlogged versions 1-3:
    + songs
    - broken songs
    * fixed song pauses​
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  3. nebiz

    nebiz Intergalactic Tourist

    The harry potter theme stuttered a lot.

    If you know the problem with it, I am actually having trouble with an .abc file that I am trying to make and would be thrilled if you could help me solve it.

    ABC file works fine in the program, but does not play the proper beat in Starbound. The notes seem fine.
  4. nearlyNonexistent

    nearlyNonexistent Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Working on the Harry Potter theme; could you PM me a Pastebin of your ABC file so I can give it a look?
  5. nearlyNonexistent

    nearlyNonexistent Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Now compatible with latest Starbound; you won't get song duplicates from installing the pack.
  6. tomslucky7

    tomslucky7 Void-Bound Voyager

    oompa loompa song crashed me

    lost woods sounds terrible, doesn't sound like lost woods at all. just the bass line of it.

    harry potter theme is glitchy
  7. FangMoon

    FangMoon Space Hobo

    hey i think you forgot to add red like roses cause it's not in the file i downloaded nor is OH canada
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2016

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