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Outdated Naruto World Mod 2.70

Play as 1 of more than 25 characters, with new weapons and attacks! Top 20 Mods! Thanks Everyone!

  1. dcsk8erboy

    dcsk8erboy Space Kumquat

    Fixed it! I remade all the files, I had no clue what was wrong! Then I realized I forgot to type "head" after madara on the main item file, haha. Didn't even notice til 10 minutes of staring at every file!
  2. lNooBDowlN

    lNooBDowlN Void-Bound Voyager

    haha :DD ohhh man thanks... :*
  3. M6U5H

    M6U5H Void-Bound Voyager

    I just noticed the spawnable NPCs have very weird behavior, quickly stepping left to right and vice versa over and over again. They love walking into walls for hours at a time as well

    Also, it isn't really a bug, but the guard that you can spawn is extremely overpowered. If you accidentally attack him, he can one shot you in Impervium gear. I'd suggest changing it to Zabuza or someone with a sword that you at least have a chance of ranging
  4. dcsk8erboy

    dcsk8erboy Space Kumquat

    hm. I'll look into the Naruto NPC, I should be able to make him hit by a lot less.

    As for the other NPC's, they are Standard "villager" NPC's that use Starbound's original LUA files for their personality :x And I do not know how to change them! I think they are used to walking in large towns rather than places with walls! :x So I'm afraid until there are smarter NPC options that's all I can do for now!
  5. M6U5H

    M6U5H Void-Bound Voyager

    Well thing is, I have them inside a building larger than the screen along with a Hylotl villager who acts normal. I have a couple in a building probably half the size of the other to the east, and they have normal behavior as well. Weird
  6. M6U5H

    M6U5H Void-Bound Voyager


    I hadn't restarted the game since spawning them haha. They seem to be fine now

    Edit: 2 minutes in and I spoke too soon =/ but it isn't nearly as bad
  7. dcsk8erboy

    dcsk8erboy Space Kumquat

  8. SpacePenut

    SpacePenut Space Spelunker

    You should add punches. I've seen something like this on other mods but i feel like it should have it in this mod. The punches should be in tiers strong to weakest. That would be cool:gooby:
  9. dcsk8erboy

    dcsk8erboy Space Kumquat

    I do currently have a sakura punch, which destroys blocks.but I guess you mean one that is just got melee without the big explosion! I will definitely think about it, thanks for the feedback! And feel free to review it!
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  10. SpacePenut

    SpacePenut Space Spelunker

    Oh yeah hahaha forgot about that one! Then you should add obito and maybe add the fire ball jutsu! Your mod is awesome thanks for replying!:iswydt:
  11. dcsk8erboy

    dcsk8erboy Space Kumquat

  12. Arkneos

    Arkneos Aquatic Astronaut

    Could you make the ribs their own, separate object? Since they now go over the meat (or, perhaps that's a glitch), you can't finish the hunting quest near the start of the game.
    Thanks! Awesome mod, b the way - definitely looking forwards to future builds.

    UNFAMOUSLi Space Hobo

    the mod looks great but the only items that i can find are the 2 radios. There's nothing else. I'm extremely confused
  14. dcsk8erboy

    dcsk8erboy Space Kumquat

    hm. if u build a "reloaded Station" and "ninja Crafting Station", you should be able to craft all of the weapons/outfits.
  15. Yuppa64

    Yuppa64 Void-Bound Voyager

    I cant seem to find the akatsuki robes... any pointers? For now I'll use starcheat.
  16. BlueAngel

    BlueAngel Intergalactic Tourist

    Oh,how can i download it?Please tell me!I'm really want to play this!
  17. dcsk8erboy

    dcsk8erboy Space Kumquat

    dcsk8erboy updated Naruto World Mod with a new update entry:

    Updated to Upbeat Giraffe

    Read the rest of this update entry...[DOUBLEPOST=1422621241][/DOUBLEPOST]Seems like this isn't compatible with the new Upbeat Giraffe UPDATE, I'll have to look into it, sorry!
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
  18. Naga-Boss

    Naga-Boss Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The problem is probably the Techs, those have been changed (quite a bit) since the last stable build.
  19. phoenix416

    phoenix416 Void-Bound Voyager

    love this mod please update to upbeat giraffe soon.
  20. SnorLaxative

    SnorLaxative Orbital Explorer

    Plz update so mod can be used

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