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  1. eemie

    eemie Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I really would love it if your and stephanreiken's mod were compatible! I already know @stephanreiken is okay with adding your tea crop and products to his mod as a compatibility version. I just want to know if you're cool with this too :)
    • stephanreiken

      stephanreiken Pangalactic Porcupine

      I've already written a combined mod together, had some spare time. Its not tested but I covered all the bases.

      Personally I would also add the other areas my mods already cover. NPC gift tastes (so NPCs like being given tea), and adding to the shop (this would take altering my SMAPI mod which is essentially a barebones version of the shop expander, he provided his source to help me ^^). But I don't want to be too intrusive on someone else's mod in a compatibility version.

      So if you want it I don't mind tossing it out there, can link it on both our mod pages.
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      • MysticTempest

        MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

        @eemie & @stephanreiken
        Oh yea, sure! If y'all want to incorporate my Tea mod, and add a few things for extra compatibilty that's fine; I don't mind. ^-^
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        • stephanreiken

          stephanreiken Pangalactic Porcupine

          Alright I tested it, fixed a bug, and here it is. This combines the two mods by moving everything from the Tea Mod. This means save files using the Tea Mod already will act a little odd at best. Sell and destroy all tea plants and items, then install this which sells tea at Pierre's in spring and summer, or you'll run into things like using the old tea leaves as seeds makes tea plants that drop turnip seeds and the old items being craftable into peanut butter and jelly.

          Mail still delivers Tea as it did before.

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          • MysticTempest

            MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

            Ah, nice. Thanks for making a compatible version! I updated my main post. And yea, that's fine about the ObjectID oddities; that's to be expected when moving that data around.
            • Balentay

              Balentay Void-Bound Voyager

              Are you going to add compatibilty to Longevity? RTGoat has added a more crops section, and I'd make it compatible myself but beyond editing the sprite sheets I don't think I know enough to do it eheh.
              And I simply can't play with my +2 speed green teas ;p
              • lizaryker

                lizaryker Void-Bound Voyager

                Do you have a list of who is supposed to send you recipes and when? I keep getting letters in my mailbox but when I click on them they just disappear and nothing happens. I'm not sure how to figure out which recipes aren't working without knowing which ones I'm supposed to be getting. Some of them worked. I have the recipes for the plain teas and two of the fruit teas and the box, but not the tea bags, sweet tea or a couple others. I'm using the more crops mod as well so it could be some sort of clash between mods.
                • MysticTempest

                  MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                  @Balentay : Sorry, for the late reply. It's been a hectic month for me. As for More Crops compatibility I already have that on the first page; based on TenkoKuugen's Unofficial Continuation. You can use that one as a substitute.

                  @lizaryker : If you're using the compatibility version of More Crops I have on the first page by itself; there shouldn't be a problem. But, using other mods that also overwrite the mail file could be glitching out your mail. If it happens again; looking through your savefile for the mailbox section will tell you the letter that's giving you issues.

                  Recipe Letters:
                  White Tea: Friendship Level - Jodi 2
                  Dandelion White Tea: Friendship Level - Harvey 3
                  Berry Surprise Tea: Friendship Level - Linus 5
                  Green Tea: Friendship Level - Emily 2
                  Granny Pom Tea: Friendship Level - Marnie 4
                  Fruit Splash Tea: Friendship Level - Willy 6
                  Black Tea: Friendship Level - Lewis 2
                  Sweet Tea: Friendship Level - Leah 2
                  Fancy Sweet Tea: Friendship Level - Evelyn 10
                  Tea Bag Carton (White): Friendship Level - Abigail 10
                  Tea Bag Carton (Green): Friendship Level - Abigail 10
                  Tea Bag Carton (Black): Friendship Level - Abigail 10
                  Collectible Tea Box: Friendship Level - Robin 10
                  Tea Leaf Cuttings: Friendship Level - Demetrius 2
                  • MysticTempest

                    MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                    Alrighty, I've gone ahead and updated the standalone version of my Tea Mod.

                    It now supports v1.2 of Stardew Valley; which introduces new language options for the game. My Tea items will remain in 'English', but can be used in any of the new languages available.
                    Other then that; no changes to the gameplay aspect of my mod. So, it's still v6; but I finished the 2nd half of v6, which is localization support.

                    Update 2:

                    After some major sleep/food deprived headaches. Finally have some working compatibility versions.(Except for NPCGiftTaste files.)
                    Only weird thing I noticed after some minor testing was the MoreCrops saplings acting like crops and needing to be planted in hoed dirt.
                    Everything else seems to work, as long as the SMAPI dependencies for the original mods are up to date.

                    Update 3:
                    Small update referencing Update 2.
                    Entoarox helped me fix the MoreCrops saplings. They can now be planted without issue. No need to hoe the dirt first.
                    There's also been a few other bufixes on issues that others have reported. See the main post for downloads, and a list of bug fixes.
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                    • ekffie

                      ekffie Phantasmal Quasar

                      Yes! so I can play 1.2 with my save and even more crops - thank you soooooo much :-D <3 Am very curious about the tea now :-D

                      Edit: I can't seem to purchase the beacon tree of morecrops @ Pierres anymore I purchased one two ingame weeks ago so it should be visible ? Bug?
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                      • Midoss

                        Midoss Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        Add Turkish tea

                        SM-G800H cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi
                        • Inkweaver22

                          Inkweaver22 Phantasmal Quasar

                          Do you know if/when the SLoC compatible version is going to be updated?
                          • MysticTempest

                            MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                            No prob; hope you enjoy my Tea items!

                            As for the Bacon Sapling issue you're having. I took a look just now, and I can buy it just fine. I didn't change anything related to the availability of the original items. I added my Tea Leaf Cuttings, but that's all.
                            Anyway, I took a look at the Config.json that defines store availability for the 'Shop Expander'.

                            It shows the following requirements for Bacon Saplings (Item# 811):
                            "Conditions": "year>1,married,weatherSun"

                            So, make sure you meet those; still married, sunny weather, and you're still in a year greater than y1.

                            Heh, interesting idea. I'm not familiar with Turkish tea; and right now I'm probably going to stick with what I have.But, interesting nonetheless.

                            The compatibility version of Stephanreiken's Lots of Crops, and my Tea is on my original post. I updated that as well; everything except the BigCraftablesInformation & NPCGiftTastes files since I wasn't too sure about what changes were needed in those.
                            I didn't mention it directly in my recent update post; since it didn't give me any issues. But, sorry; guess I should've been a bit clearer that I also updated that one.
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                            • Inkweaver22

                              Inkweaver22 Phantasmal Quasar

                              Just a couple of bugs I'd like to point out for the SLoC version. I'm not sure if it's because of the left out files or not.

                              First, while the recipes show up in the collections menu, they don't show up in the kitchen.

                              Second, my mailbox will have something in, but when I click on it, nothing happens and the notification goes away. I'm assuming these are the Tea recipes as I've received a couple SLoC ones in the mail with no problem.

                              Third, while the seeds are place-able and have their icons, in the shop they are labeled 'Error Item' and are worth 0 gold. Probably as a result the new crops can't be placed into a seed maker.
                              • MysticTempest

                                MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                                Hey Inkweaver22 thanks for the heads up.

                                In regards to the recipes; they show up in the kitchen just fine for me.


                                I'm not sure about the mail as it's also not happening for me. But, I'm looking into that now. If you still have the save with the letters in your mailbox; send me your save. I can take a look at the data and see exactly which letters you have.

                                And as for the shop; they show up fine for me.


                                Are you using any other mods that might be interfering? Can you send me a list?
                                For example if you're using or were using another mod that overwrote the mail. Your save could still have a letter that's not part of the mod. Which would make it disappear like that.

                                I did come across my "Tea Bag Carton (Black)" as being broken, but everything else in terms of the new items are fine on my end. And, I'll work on fixing that Tea item of mine shortly.

                                Update: The "Tea Bag Carton (Black)" issue has been fixed. But, I'll continue to look into the other issues on my end while I wait to hear back.
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                                • ekffie

                                  ekffie Phantasmal Quasar

                                  • Inkweaver22

                                    Inkweaver22 Phantasmal Quasar

                                    Huh. That's strange. Where do I find my save file to send it?

                                    As for mods, the only ones I have that edit the mail do it completely through SMAPI, being HappyBirthday and Harp of Yoba Redux. I also placed all of the files from this mod into the XNBLoader instead of actually replacing the files.

                                    The other mods I'm currently using are:

                                    Entoarox Framework
                                    All Professions
                                    Casks Anywhere
                                    Cooking Skill
                                    Custom Element Handler
                                    Custom Farming
                                    - New Machines Redux
                                    No Soil Decay Redux
                                    NPC Map Locations
                                    Better Quality More Seeds
                                    Skull Cave Saver
                                    Chest Label System
                                    Super Greenhouse
                                    • MysticTempest

                                      MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                                      Save file locations:
                                      Windows: %AppData%\StardewValley\Saves\
                                      OSX: /Users/yourusername/.config/StardewValley/Saves
                                      Linux: ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves/

                                      Yea, HappyBirthday has a mail file as well. It's likely conflicting with my own version. So, XNBLoader is only using one. And, the glitchy mail is due to the other file not having the appropriate data.

                                      I'll start checking what those other mods change; and see if they conflict with object data. That's likely the cause of your other errors.
                                      • Inkweaver22

                                        Inkweaver22 Phantasmal Quasar

                                        I suppose I don't need Happy Birthday anyway. Also for some reason my save file isn't showing up. I can get to the folder and it shows up just fine, but it says there's nothing in there when I try to upload it.

                                        Edit: So I removed Happy Birthday and replaced that mail files again but it's still broken.
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                                        • MysticTempest

                                          MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                                          If you go to the folder manually; just zip up the save there. And, then move it to your desktop or something. That folder is normally hidden; so the uploader here might have trouble navigating there.

                                          Even if you remove the Happy Birthday mail mod; the data is still in your save file. If it's a letter specific to one of our mods; then it'll glitch out. You'd have to play a few days after deleting the problematic letter and see if it happens again when only using one mail file; for now. Just send the save so I can see the letters you have.

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