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Closed My Title...?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Schatzy, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    Well... I used my brother's Amazon to preorder Starbound and I bought the Pixel donor pack and he deleted his email inbox x_x and I have the soundtrack and that's the only evidence I have that I bought it... I realize I kind of screwed myself... but is there anyway I can get the title so I can be reassured I'm getting Beta access and everything? Also, how would I even get on the game, considering I pre-ordered it.

    I know it sounds sketchy how he just so happened to delete the email inbox but I swear it's the truth. I bought it in April on the 15th, 16th, or 17th I believe?

    Looking forward to the game and thanks for your help!

    FIX: Accidentally said Penguin instead of Pixel tier.
  2. The Question

    The Question Ketchup Robot

    15 Dollaru Is Pixel Tier. It Does Come With Beta.(No Badges For Pixel)
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  3. Cake

    Cake Cosmic Narwhal

    I don't think that is what he is asking..

    On topic: I think this should fix it.. maybe..
  4. The Question

    The Question Ketchup Robot

    He Talking About Obtaining A Title, Wich You Cant Get From Any Beta Pack. So I'm Pretty Sure He Means A Badge.
  5. Cake

    Cake Cosmic Narwhal

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  6. The Question

    The Question Ketchup Robot

    But He Says (15$, Correct?) Pixel Tier Is 15 Not Penguin.
  7. J-block

    J-block Pay it Forward

    He gave information for both, meaning he himself isn't sure which is which.
    I'm assuming he knows he has the "Penguin" tier but wasn't sure how much it cost.
  8. Cake

    Cake Cosmic Narwhal

    I think he made a mistake with the money, after all a mistake with money is easier then typing a whole different word.
    He also did say "15$ Right?" meaning that he was unsure.

    Pleas stop ninjaing me. kthxbai.

  9. J-block

    J-block Pay it Forward

    Sorry, too fun
  10. The Question

    The Question Ketchup Robot

    Cake, You Used To Be So Much Nicer. Now Your A Rotten, MOLDY, SMELLY CAKE.
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  11. Cake

    Cake Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm sorry master.
    On topic: That should solve your problem so yeah.. i'll leave before this starts to be spam.

  12. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    No, I bought the Pixel tier. I thought penguin was the Pixel tier.

    Also, I don't think the humble bundle will fix it... I bought the game from Amazon.com...
  13. Cake

    Cake Cosmic Narwhal

    Well than..
    I can't help you.
  14. VoidFusion

    VoidFusion Contact!

    Might want to email support@playstarbound.com? I think that's the right e-mail. E-mail support on your situation. Do you by chance have an account on Amazon? Because that would show your purchase history.
  15. Silver Tier = Penguin badge
    The game is sold via the Humble Store, but you can pay via Amazon.
    Contact rewards@chucklefish.org for assistance from the email that you used to pre-order.
  16. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    I do have an account, but despite looking hard and long, I couldn't seem to find the history page... if you could inform me where to find it, that would be helpful.

    I've looked in Digital Orders and expanded range to 2013, and I can't seem to see it in there...

    P.S. It might be possible that when I made the order I forgot to confirm the email.
  17. T-Rex

    T-Rex Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    They will email you to a download link when the BETA is released, the beta key is only for the soundtrack and badges, so i don't think you would need the old key for the BETA, they will send you a new one for the STEAM, well if i'm wrong and you need that key for the BETA, they have your email stored in thier database so they can always check if you bought the game or not, so no worries about it
  18. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    Alright, I do happent o know I confirmed the order obviously, because I have the sountrack, just a simple brainfart. I suppose I'll just have to hope for the best :D
  19. Freija

    Freija Big Damn Hero

    It won't appear in your Amazon purchased history account if you used your brother's account to purchase it. You'll also need to visit the Amazon Payment site here: https://payments.amazon.com to check on your purchase history. It should be listed under the 'Your Account' tab.
  20. Schatzy

    Schatzy Starship Captain

    I looked ON my brother's account's history.


    If I don't receive the e-mail then I will just send them the screenshot :)
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