My thoughts on DLC and why I dont want a new faction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by spyromo, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. spyromo

    spyromo Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello there, I saw the post from yesterday claiming DLC will be made at some point.
    And I really hope they DO NOT add new factions.
    In my opinion the 4 factions we got are interesting by themselves and have nice lore, seeing them being expanded on would be far better, then having the dev team work on another spritesheet for the same old units, wasting time.

    We already have an idea of different subfactions in the main 4. How about the outlaws? They could use an own Commander, having a "bad" or "evil" cherrystone commander would be something new.
    For the Floran tribes, we read in the lore about the "flooded forest", why not make a CO from there too?
    Fellheim could have a deepkin etc.

    That would be an opportunity to expand on the world we have, seeing it from different new angles (like an evil cherrystone CO) and could deliver new lore (like the CO from the flooded forest would expand on that region).
    I think making a new faction and shoehorning it into aurania would be just boring. Seeing more from those we know would be incredibly interesting and the dev team would save time, as they wouldnt need to remake ALL units AGAIN.

    Anyway, those are just my thoughts and I would like to hear what you think about Wargrooves future and whether a new faction would be more a waste of potential storytelling/expansion on Wargrooves lore.

    I hope someone from the wargroove team reads this and if you do, have a nice day :D
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    • aiscool

      aiscool Poptop Tamer

      Adding a new faction would be fairly pointless IMO. Mechanically they're identical, and the lore has already been established for all the others in the campaign.

      Bandits should probably get a commander, but factions as a whole are just artistic.
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      • CLU752

        CLU752 Space Hobo

        I dont see the problem here, a new faction would mean 3 new commanders (deeper gameplay), more solo content and new visual. Sounds good to me.
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        • Erick648

          Erick648 Pangalactic Porcupine

          Having an evil Cherrystone commander would be nice (a bandit commander could work here, although an evil member of Cherrystone itself would be more interesting), as well as an evil Heavensong commander. We have evil Felheim and Floran commanders, so why not give every faction an evil member?
          • Midnight Tea

            Midnight Tea Phantasmal Quasar

            Honestly, I think the main reason they scaled back the effects of Commanders compared to AW is precisely so they'd have plenty of room to do interesting things later with future ones. By comparison, by the time AW Dual Strike rolled around, they were rapidly running out of ideas and had to actually introduce certain new mechanics (towers) just to justify a new commander's existence. It got out of hand quickly.

            Thematically there's tons of interesting places they could take a new faction with new lore. Thanks to the fact all four current factions essentially play identically, they don't need to take balance into consideration. Hell, I can only speak for myself, but I'd even be OK with new factions with "clone fighter" commanders that effectively play identically to existing characters.

            My vote is for a faction of cute fuzzy honeybee people that don't resemble hornets like most video game "bees" do.
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            • constipatednugget

              constipatednugget Void-Bound Voyager

              This game has a LOT of room for dlc imo, so if they do add a new faction, I'm sure it won't just be shoehorned in. Maybe it could be an outlaw faction or something, separate from the looseness of the outlaws in the side missions, or maybe something space related which would be pretty cool but very unlikely lole. But I gotta admit, an evil cherrystone commander would be cool too. Idk, I think any dlc will just make the game better
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              • EnricoBarbarossa

                EnricoBarbarossa Master Chief

                Isn't Dark Mercia already an evil Cherrystone commander? Albeit, a temporary one in the storyline locked behind stars. I think a new faction would be cool, but expanding current factions would also be cool. I see either of them as a good thing. Also, people are talking about an outlaw faction, but what about a seafolk faction? The merbois and deepbous gotta have some leaders. Perhaps they could each be long lost brothers/sister's who spawned the current Bois hundreds or thousands of years ago and had some kind of conflict that split them up. In which case I guess the merbois CO would be a cherrystone CO and the deepfolk CO would be Felheimian. If that were so then they'd probably still have to make new COs for the other two factions, which would be cool.
                • Erick648

                  Erick648 Pangalactic Porcupine

                  Officially, she's part of the Requiem faction. And lore-wise, she's not actually "real." The closest we get to villains from Cherrystone or Heavensong is the Outlaws (granted, this is a game where truly evil people are rare, but still...).

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