My SV child made me scare-jump (lol)!

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    I'm new to SV, I've played for aybe... the past week or two. It's a lot of fun. I like it a lot. It reminds me of my favourite Harvest Moon (Back to nature), but like... more progressive/modern than its "predecessor." The art and music are just stupidly beautiful, too.

    Okay, now that I've paid my respects... This is the first time I've encounted this: I came home from mining. It's midnight. It's dark. I was just about to call it a day when I noticed this from the corner of my eye and jumped:


    After a second, I realised it was just my child and had a good laugh. X'D But it's midnight, and he's just standing there staring at ME the player, and I'm like "...why aren't you in bed young man?" Couldn't interact with him or anything. I went outside briefly to see if he would magically appear in his bed but he was still there in the same spot.

    I have played more days since. He was fine and raced about the next day, so he's not stuck and he's not done it since (thank goodness xD). I think it was a fluke or a glitch (I don't know, you tell me!). Just thought I would share because I found it funny. ♪ Has something like this happened to you?
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    • endly

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      maybe he's just curious why there's a loom in your bedroom xD jk. i would be scared too.
      my kid was playing near the fireplace one day, i just hoped he wouldn't try to start a disaster xD.
      two things in the game that scares me, the unknown sound during rainy days, and the train sound is somewhat intimidating to me xD
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        He can investigate the loom in the bedroom DURING WAKING HOURS! Tsk-tsk, child! :rofl:D
        Oh man, try not to get too toasty child-who-plays-with-fire. xD
        I'm guessing the sound in the rain is like... a bullfrog or something xD I've seen frogs leaping in the game. At first I was like "WHAT IS THAT?!" The other one has got to be a ghost (or maybe it's a witch). Just kidding, maybe it's w olf. Not sure. I used to live by a set of train tracks, so I don't think I ever really registered the train sound in the game. I think I just tune it out.

        Update with my adorable albeit creepy toddler: I noticed he keeps his eyes open when he's in bed. :wut: :rofl:D Meanwhile, all the other NPCs roll on their sides and close their eyes. (I guess like... parent like child. /Was the creeper who stayed in peoples' houses passed their bedtime just to see if I could do it. Hahaha)
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          believe it or not, the same thing happened to my kid just 5 minutes ago, like in your screenshot, but it's 11:40am and he was standing in front of my bed, lol.
          i just hope he wouldn't pounce on me and my wife holding a knife while we're asleep haha xD probably motivated by the skull on my blanket.
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