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    Who am I?
    Hello! I am Chris, also known as Scarfy! A few months ago I finally made the decision to make a YouTube channel! With all the games that I enjoy playing I feel that it might be a fun project to begin doing daily Let's Plays of them! Recently, about 15 days since I am writing this I began my Stardew Valley lets play! Now, I am by no means the best at the game and still have a ton to learn, but I really enjoy playing it! So, I thought I might take a minute to share it over here!

    What is the Series about?

    Like most Let's Play series I release a video of myself playing a game! Since I normally talk to myself anyways when playing video games :p I felt that it might be fun for me to record it! Though I do feel like I have a chance to connect with the people who enjoy my work which is super awesome! So if you wan't to watch a complete noob play a game here is your place! I have been waiting for Stardew Valley to come out for what feels like years, and now that I get the chance to record my experience with it is awesome! Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions doe me though!


    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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