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Bug/Issue My save is old save!!

Discussion in 'Support' started by tayapa2542, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. tayapa2542

    tayapa2542 Space Hobo

    I actually play in my pc and yesterday I load Stardew in my notebook, I play since Fall year1 to summer year2 and today my save gonna back to Fall year 1!
    I try to do from suggest(File #1. A file with exactly the same name as the folder.
    File #2. A file called "SaveGameInfo"
    File #3. (optional) A file with the same name as the folder, with an "_old" appended to the end.
    File #4. (optional) A file named "SaveGameInfo" with an "_old" appended to the end.)
    but it's not work,plz help me.:nurusad::nurusad::nurusad:
    (sorry for my English)

    Ps:Thanks you

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