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    All right, so I'm gonna lay some stuff out like usual.

    This universe takes place in the normal world and in the dream world. Done. Jk. More to explain:

    Dreamers: Average humans when they enter the dreamscape. They have regular dreams (even if extremely weird) and usually don't have any powers. They also have the dream world obscured and reshaped to match their dream's storyline. And since they are always led the right way, they never get lost in the dreamscape. That doesn't mean that their dream can't be re-routed or corrupted (nightmare)! They can't share dreams exept with dreamwalkers.

    Actors: these little creatures are every non dreamwalker or creation character present in a dream storyline. They are also the majority of objects in said dream. Each actor is apart from the face (which is exactly the same for all actors) is completely different. They are made of random varyous objects, drawings (especieally pieces of childhood art) and the only part that is never changed or added onto is their face, but that doesn't mean that they don't get random little horns or hats! Actors are neutral party, meaning that they can be good or bad individually. Actors come in a freaking huge and near infinite number of forms as they can be anything from a chair-centaur with a ruler on its head to a banana with various objects for legs and have seven legs total. They are a diverse bunch and are one of the most common creatures in dreamscape.

    Thoughts: these little bubbles are random in personality and are every where here. You can tell what kind of thought they are based on the color. However, everyone has different things associated with different colors, and thoughts are colored to match the association for every single person, and thus just look like normal bubbles when recorded on camera. It's like a universal label that everyone can read.

    Creations: these are usually people's old imaginary friends but can also be characters that people created and put a lot of thought into. You can always trust your own imaginary friend, and usually other people's, but you can't trust all characters, as we usually have some sort of villain or jerk in our stories when writing or whatever. They tend to look like (to some extent, there is some creepy little kids art. . .) whatever illustrations of them, but not all do and some just look like what the creator imagined (thus some could be drawn a stick figure and in dreamscape look bad*ss) The way they look depends on whats needed, they need to scare somethin' then they look however that creation has looked creepiest.

    Dreamwalkers: these are people who have lucid, controlled, and even shared dreams. Dreamwalkers aren't bound to having a set dream, they can (once they leave the "stage") can see all the actors as they really are and are able to percieve everything in the dreamscape. They can also have superpowers (need some system of limits for this though, too op) while dreamers cannot see other dreamers, they can see dreamwalkers. Thus dreamwalkers have to sneak around or do some acting every once in a while. dreamwalkers have all the same weaknesses of any dreamer, falling into coma, nightmares, following same world physics and dangers as in the dreamer's story, and even straitup dreaming. If a dreamwalker and an actor walked into someone's dream, the actor tjat came would look like one of it's object body parts to the dreamer, but the dreamwalker would still see the actor as it really is, but the area's actors would look thebsame for both dreamwalker and dreamer. Dreamwalkers can see and interact with other dreamwalkers.

    Sleepers: this is where sh?t gets dark. Sleepers are people in a coma. They are in such a deep sleep that they are sleeping in both worlds. Perfectly still. On Earth lying in a hospital bed, in dreamscape a mound with their face on it. Sometimes they wake up in the dreamscape and live a life there and become so detatched (if they even know that they're dreaming and never wake up, and so live there after death instead of reincarnating. These are called dream-hangers. Coma is where the universe (everything ever in dreams) came from. When we all woke, the universe exploded into being along with the dreamscape. Coma is a dark endless flats filled with these sleepers. Sleeping their dreamless slumber. Dream-hangers can do all that dreamwalkers can exept wake up. :(

    Lost: these are dreamwalkers that get lost in the dreamscape and are pretty much in a coma, exept they weren't ever sleepers. They are the people that dream during comas and never sunk into the dark, cold and lifeless Coma, and they are stuck until they return through the stage again. Any dreamwalker can become a lost if not careful.

    Shades are dreamwalkers that have become corrupted, have serious mental illness or are just plain evil. They are the most common enemy that dreamwalkers must protect against.

    Shadows are parts of the sub-conscious. They are primitive parts like Fear or Hunger or Ego. All together they are the subconscious. Not all are bad however. . .

    Nightmares are like a sickness, always spreading, but thankfully the infected are well by the time the nightmares move on. The more evil parts of the subconscious usually follow these around. Actors, thoughts and creations occasionally catch a nightmare, which not only harms them but the other around them. A nightmare brings the worst possible thing from each thing they infect. Like if an actor has a utensil for an arm. . .

    Regarding landscapes:
    Anywhere that isn't a "stage" is pretty much just random and make no sense such as size and spatial reasoning, or why a forest is fading into a rug. . . There are some biomes though.

    Paradoxes: these are confusing landscapes that are usually a lot like M. C. Eschter's labyrinth. There are also those cartoony hallways that make no sense. Paradoxes are the main way dreamwalkers get lost.

    That's all I have right now. I would like some help brainstorming a system so things aren't too OP. And if I ever get access to a scanner (the best digital art I've ever done was my Octopus avatar pic, and I'm probably gonna make it into a T-shirt someday.) I'll put my pics here or on an art thread titled "Dreamscape". The name might be a little too cliché and yes, it inspired by "Inside Out" and "Inception" with some of my experience with lucid and shared dreams. And also some insperation from someone's abstaract art and the Netflix show "Hilda" (just mildly though.)

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    When I read the upper paragraph, I was going to say that this universe makes remember me of the movie "Inside Out". And hey! The last paragraph actually mention it.

    Sorry, I have just get the chance to read this today. I already got the notification of it some weeks ago, actually.

    One more thing. I think you are improving pretty well in writing this kind of things. I actually quite enjoy my time reading this one. Good work!
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    Thank you! :) I've been really working on FEELING my new universes, really getting a sense of how feel, are and work, rather than just junking something together like before.
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    No problem, friend.

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