My Long Feedback, Balance Suggestions, and New Ideas

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    Let me just start with how blown away I am by this game. I can’t remember the last night I’ve spent so much time on a game and had so much fun. I can’t believe everything was done by one person. The writing, music, art style, are all fantastic. With that being said, here are some minor things I think could be improved.

    Balance Issues

    Once fall hits, I was able to make ridiculous sums of money with cranberries. To the point where I was able to unlock 75% of everything. By the time I finished winter and started my second year, I pretty much had everything unlocked. Personally, I feel like the exponential growth on crops is a little bit too good. Without things to do going into my second year, I am losing some of the drive to keep playing. Some ideas to fix it:

    · Nerf the returns on crops across the board (slightly)

    · Reduce the returns on the crops like cranberries that are a bit too good currently.

    · Make SOME of the artisan goods and cooking a bit more profitable as they have the largest time sink. This also helps offset some of the crop selling nerfs. Also has the side effect of getting recipes through friendship more important as that will be your biggest return.

    · (Optional) With the reduction in crop prices, you could afford to make the game day length slightly longer so users don’t feel so rushed. Something like 10 seconds = 10 in game minutes might have better pacing. The current 7:10 seems slightly too fast. I know you are interested in a casual experience, this plays into that ideology. Having experimented around with 10:10 you still can’t get everything done in a day, time management is still an issue. Just helps some a bit with allowing for some town interaction without feeling completely rushed and overwhelmed.

    · There are not enough end game gold sinks or the gold sinks are priced too generously and easily attainable. For example the tier 2 and 3 upgrades might need a price increase.

    · Have some of the farm gated by “plots” that you must buy to unlock. By buying land, this will force players to manage space better and prevent them from gaining exponential growth. You could even tie it into the story by buying them back from the corporation or a rival farm. Players could still start with a generous amount of the farm unlocked at the start.

    · Fishing is great the first few seasons, and then it becomes obsolete as the gold returns aren’t worth it. I suggest some sort of bait upgrade for worm bins or something else. This tier 2 bait would increases the selling price of fish by 50-100%. This would allow it to scale into end game. Also could work with crab pots so they scale better into end game as well.

    · Mining actually feels pretty well balanced, I’d leave it as is. My only suggestion is make the quarry a bit more meaningful. I actually unlocked the quarry after I got to level 120 in the mines, so it didn’t really have a purpose. I suggest increasing the rewards in the quarry slightly or change the pacing so it unlocks sooner.

    · Some minor perk changes, the 10% animal friendship comes to mind, but there are others that could just have the percentages adjusted slightly to be a bit more competitive.

    Additional Features and Ideas

    Lastly, I just wanted to throw in some ideas I had for some brainstorming. Feel free to add your own too.

    · I want an upgradeable pond I can stock with fish! Maybe have one of the ranks let you catch off season fish. Maybe you can farm fish you can’t get anywhere else. You could add cattails and lily pads to customize it to look cool. Snail farm anyone? Lots of possibilities here.

    · Another more expensive fishing pole that allows for bait and 2 “tackle” options (endgame gold sink).

    · I make beer as a hobby and I love that this is in the game. I would be cool if you could make mead out of honey. In fact, different honey types actually effect the taste of mead. Likewise, there are many different types of hops out there that flavor beer. It would be cool if there were a few different hop options that you have to add to wheat (or barley!). Brew kettle is another idea.

    · More house upgrade options. Upgraded kitchen has chance to make a second meal for free. Upgraded bedroom has a chance to start with extra stamina beyond your limit. Fishing has a chance to catch a fish with no fishing bar, ect.

    · There is a huge unused area to the south if you look at the map that isn't in the game. I think buying an orchard would be neat. I like the idea of planting trees on your current farm, not sure how to make the orchard unique. Some ideas: Only fruit trees could be placed there or Increased quality for planting in the orchard. Fruit grows twice as fast? Maybe it comes with more greenhouses?

    · Green house upgrades or being able to build more.

    · Bow or staff as range weapon possibilities

    · Some non-farm buildings you can build or repair. Imagine if you could have your own fishing shack by the beach, or a windmill.

    · Windmill for making flower or pumping up water for sprinklers

    · More pests you have to manger like insects and gophers. Maybe they don’t start appearing until the second year as to not overwhelm players.

    · A buildable boat to explore shallow waters where you can reach some of the better higher quality fish and other secrets.

    · NPCS that show up and build houses on empty plots. New friendships to be made.

    · I love the idea of a rival farm that you are trying to compete with every season. This could be completely ignored for players who don’t want to deal with the stress, but it could be fun for competitive players and add interesting story elements.

    · As a player, I want to feel like I can contribute to the town and feel like I have a positive impact that gets acknowledged. It would be neat if villagers noticed and or thanked you for repairing a bridge. Or maybe commented on how nice the farm is coming along. It would be cool if they visited you occasional at your farm as well.

    That’s all I got for now. Hope this isn’t too long.
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    • B_Miller

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      I think you have some really great ideas here! I love the idea of the upgradable pond. I don't think I'm quite as far as you are, but I know that trying to find fish during different seasons is kind of difficult. I am in no way asking for the game to be easier. I love the fact that you can only find certain fish during certain times, but it would be cool if you could buy fish for the pond (stock it) and charge folks to fish at your pond. Or maybe, hold a festival or two at your farm.

      Currently I don't feel like you (the player) contribute too much to the village other than winning an event at a festival etc... I think it would be cool to open your own little shop of whatever you chose. Like, say I'm a good forager. I would open a shop that sells items I've foraged. Or say my looms are doing really well, I would open a textile shop.i know there has been mention of a few of the villagers liking books, other than the library there isn't s book store. (Just some ideas coming through)

      I also think it would be cool to help other villagers to complete bigger tasks, other than sending the, a coconut or puffer fish. But, maybe helping the, repair their barn , or teach them how to fish, etc...
      I like the current level of integration in the game, but I also think as time goes on ,and the game grows it would be cool to add little things like that. That's what makes games like this so great, the little additions that come along. Keeps the player interested.
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      • Mythoss

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        I agree more town interactions would be awsome. The store idea is a good one.
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          I have a few more ideas:

          • Compost Bins you can throw your bug meat, fish, or any vegetable into. Mass produces high quality fertilizer over a longer time period (1-2 days). This would also make less desirable crops more desirable.
          • Walnut, Almond, and Avocado trees.
          • Bug Catching. The could be collected to fill the museum. Fishing tackle and flys could be made from them. Also sold for profit. Could include interesting mini game similar to fishing.
          • Expanded tree farming with a lumber mill and furniture making. Alternative path to growing crops. Could also expand into making your own boat.
          • Drip Irrigation, an alternative to sprinklers. Rain barrels if water ever ends up not being as simplified. As mentioned earlier wells, windmills and water towers could be introduced as a form of water management.
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            I love your idea for a compost bin, that is indeed a great way to make the quicker growing crops more valuable. That makes me wonder about how other crop could be utilized besides just selling it, giving it away, or preserving it...

            I also really like your idea for drip irrigation, I am a sucker for automation systems.
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