My lamp posts disappeared..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheBossPaws, Jun 27, 2016.

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    Boy this game is really something. We got from a fun farming game to roving Jojo Mart employees spying on people, possessed houses that spit fences, slime invasions, and townspeople that tear stone walls with their bare hands. LOL. What's next??
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      So, I played around. lol

      Hit all the ones I mentioned above, and just for fun, I grassed my house and Seb's old room because I know he visits his mom on Mondays and he'd see it. Best part, Monday was our anniversary. lol Take that you adorable prankster! :rofl:

      And, it appeared the grass was all still there the next day. Food for thought. >u>

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      • Snurtsnurgle

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        Well Clint has always said he's stuck inside all day. I guess now the outside is inside now. Should be expected that a farmer's prank would involve some kind of farming. :rofl:
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          This is the Stardew equivalent of cow-tipping: Sod Planting.

          *slow claps*

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