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    Hi guys!

    Advance Wars was one of my favorite series ever! I played every single one and would play with friends on AWBW too. Going to the forums at AdvanceWarsNet to discuss and post custom pixel art was one of my DAILY pastimes.
    As soon as I saw this game was in development 2 days ago my jaw dropped and I've been obsessed. I've watched both hour-long videos that have been posted showing gameplay without fast forwarding a single bit. I'm SUPER HYPED.
    Thank you for developing this!!! I can't wait to play!

    My biggest general suggestion would be to carefully design the CO's so that none of them are nigh-useless. In the AW series, some CO's were almost never played (depending on map). Examples are Eagle, Drake, Flak, Koal, Jake, etc.
    This effectively narrows down the CO selection to much less than the intended amount. Please make CO's usable and effective even if there are no air units, no water, no road, etc. I promise that doing this will ensure a much longer replayability.
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      CO = Commanding Officer?

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