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    A lot of people keep going on about how "hard" the NA version of 7th Saga is, and how it's nearly impossible and how it takes "forever" to get through it because it's so grindy.

    So, I'm doing a video walkthrough. I call it "How to Play: 7th Saga" and it's the first series of mine to be done in this format.

    It can be found here.

    I added more information in the descriptions of each video, so be sure to read those for a better idea of what's going on in the video.

    I'm doing all the grinding sessions (except for the very first) off-Camera, and I let you see the stats and the time played at the beginning of each part so you know that there's no trickery involved.

    So far, I'm probably about a third of the way through the game's story and I have almost 3 hours of video footage with 7 and a half or so hours on the game clock, which means about 4 and a half hours of grinding thusfar (done in 30-90 minute chunks).

    It's a really nice battle system, the music is good, and it's a fun game, but sadly most people have this notion that the game is oh-so-hard.

    So if any of you guys are interested and if you watch any of it, let me know what you think! The latest two parts are admittedly far more exciting than the first couple, but there's close moments, a couple deaths, spread throughout the parts.

    EDIT: This thread can also be about anything else pertaining to 7th Saga itself too -- strategies, questions, etc.
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