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Bug/Issue Multiple NPC clones (Robin, Maru, Demetrius)

Discussion in 'Support' started by catstar8, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. catstar8

    catstar8 Void-Bound Voyager

    Quite a few people across the discord, reddit and Chucklefish forums since December 13th or so have been reporting issues where NPCs, specifically Robin, Maru and/or Demetrius, spawn a bunch of clones of themselves. Most of them have had Stardew Valley Expanded, but it seems like that can't be the culprit-- at least one person over on Reddit has the issue using a different map mod.

    If you have this issue and want someone to look into it:
    • Upload your SMAPI log either to this thread or to #modding in the SDV discord. I've been looking into this issue, so you can @ me Cavalry#9977 if you want. Even if your log doesn't show any obvious issues, it gives a lot more information than just a list of your mods or a screenshot would do.
    • This comment has some instructions for how to edit extra NPCs out of your save file. Even if whatever's causing the issue gets fixed, the extras will most likely stay in your save once they've spawned and you will need to edit them out manually.
    • Other info that can help with figuring out this bizarre bug:
      • which if any of the mods listed below you're using
      • if you use any XNB mods (mods that go directly into the game's content files)
      • which NPCs are duplicated and how many
      • what locations the clones appear in
      • what season, day and year it is ingame
    So far, all the people I've encountered with this issue have been playing modded. I don't have confirmation of what other mods the single person who doesn't use SVE has, but besides that person, here are the common mods I've found, besides Content Patcher and the base mods that come with SMAPI:
    • Custom NPC Fixes
    • CustomMusic
    • Farm Type Manager
    • Json Assets
    • Lookup Anything
    • NPC Map Locations
    • PYTK
    • Reset Terrain Features
    • SpaceCore
    • TMXLoader
    • Winter Grass
    • Deep Woods
    I'm going to look into all of those a bit more and see if any of them could be the culprit, but it's also possible this may be a base game issue.

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