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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Starbound Valley, Feb 19, 2018.

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    Random discussions about multiplayer for Stardew Valley, thats all.

    Does anyone know if theres been news on split-screen, I've only seen old posts and I just want to make sure its still not planned, Sadly.

    Nevermind, this doesnt need any more comments, thanks!
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      I moved your topic to the Stardew Valley Section. The social section is not for discussions about games published by Chucklefish.
      Also avoid double posts. When you want to make addtions to your post please use the edit function instead. :nuruhappy:
      • Lilliput

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        It is still not planned, sadly. Sorry, but the only current plans for multiplayer will be network supported, not split-screen. Keep checking the official developer blog and if they change their mind, they're sure to announce it. (Keep in mind that designing that into the game after the fact isn't going to be easy and probably wouldn't be quick, even if they decide to do so based on the demand for it.)
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          Yeah I agree with what Lilliput said, really the fact of the matter is, even the Online gameplay is one of them things that should have been designed from the very start.
          Multiplayer and even Split screen are things that are generally designed from the beginning because I can tell you this, as a game developer my self, adding multiplayer generally means re-creating the entire codebase from scratch, or at least some of it, some may just be changing the way's you call Methods, such as an RPC flag or something, but a lot of other stuff must be re-written in either a way that you have two of the same scripts, or a single script that can run the same code both offline and online.
          • Lilliput

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            CA did always intend for the game to be online/network multiplayer, and had a lot of the code for that in the early release versions. (There's even some video of him showing off multiplayer well before the original release of the game!) But a few months before his planned release he took a poll of the then-much-smaller support base for the game and determined that releasing the single-player version with more polish and bugfixes was worth delaying the multiplayer implementation, so he put that feature on hold while he finished the single-player version of the game.

            How-ever! I really don't know how much of his original multiplayer coding was of use to the current update in the works, and he never did any work that we know of on a split-screen version. It's possible that they were able to use some of the work he had already put into multiplayer for the expansion that's in the works; it's also possible that they had to start over because of design issues. No way to really be sure unless CA feels like talking about the behind-the-scenes stuff!
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