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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eon_noir, May 4, 2018.

  1. WilliamZ

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    I play only with people that I know, but if you're going to make a open game for everyone then expect to meet trolls, but not everyone are trolls and have bad behavior in online games, don't let one bad experience spoil your fun.
    • Aytie

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      Play single-player if you want your own money :b
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      • Jack Of Shades

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        Rule #1: Don't drink and farm! :D

        It's saved my life [But more importantly, my bank account] countless times.
        • NomiChi

          NomiChi Seal Broken

          The only thing I don't like is having to use everyone's money to upgrade my personal cabin. Otherwise we haven't ran into any problems on who's tools to upgrade first or who's job is higher priority to use all of the money on.
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          • gummywyrms

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            What do the farmhand cabin upgrades add? Sorry, I haven't played MP yet and can't find info on the Wiki. ^^;

            The kitchen is the only added feature you get from the upgrades (besides marriage and having children, which come later, though), so if it's possible, I'd say just have one kitchen to begin with, then wait until later to upgrade everyone else's cabins, when you can easily spend the money on it.
            • blOgre

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              The house upgrades cost the same and internally look almost identical as main house upgrades. On the outside Texture on the farmhand house changes (at least on the second upgrade I noticed) does not increase is it's plot size.
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              • Myrkana

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                Shared money is there because otherwise the players would have zero reasons to interact... Separate money means it's no longer coop, it ll turn into a versus game where you buy and sell between players and no longer cooperate together for the good of the one farm. Players will fight over farm space, farm type, who owns what animals, etc... If your drunk friends spent all the money thats your fault, entirely yours because your friends are idiots :p

                I'm at fall day 2 of year 1 so far and with 2 people we have 0 problems sharing everything. We upgrade tools as we decide we need them, we have 60 sprinklers at the start of fall, 2 coops, a barn, level 2 backpacks for both players, a level 2 coop, and much more. We chose 75% so it evens it out a little bit. Not every player has to immediately have all the tools upgraded, work together and share tools :)

                edit: why is thsi in general btw? theres a multiplayer forum :eek:
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                • eon_noir

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                  Multiplayer forum is quite new. And the reason for the thread, is cause i like options to choose if i want it or not. I play mainly with friends and not any randoms. And not everyone wants shared gold, Is kinda neat to play with eachother without playing with each other. just be on the same map and playing the same game, and say "hey! look at this!"

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