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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eon_noir, May 4, 2018.

  1. eon_noir

    eon_noir Space Hobo

    Hi, i was wondering if its possible for you guys to fix the share gold.... kinda makes me want to stop playing the game. Would be nice to have the option to opt out of it. Kinda annoying not to have separate accounts when u already got a separate house....
    • One More Day

      One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

      Why would you not want a joint account?

      It's a collaborative effort, it's teamwork, all for one and one for all.....

      Keeping money separate would be like shooting yourselves in the foot; it'll take everyone to go buy the seeds instead of just one of you, or take longer for each person to afford the tool upgrades you're all going to benefit from, or whatever else you want to purchase.

      Your idea makes zero sense. If you don't want to share then multiplayer probably isn't for you.
      • eon_noir

        eon_noir Space Hobo

        I don't know why i don't like it that much. Its more that i like to progress along with my buddies but still being separate. When you play other multiplayer games you will have separate progress. Its just a nice feature to have. Instead of loosing players over something that's as small as having shared gold. It would have been nice to be able to not have it. some people like to share some people don't. I like the aspect of playing with a buddy without having to share everything and progress differently to see what we do differently from each other, then help each other to understand the game better. Where one fails another one triumphs, and then u can learn from each other.
        • pokeroots

          pokeroots Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          I want it separate because my drunk friends spent all our money on wallpapers, carpets, and hats
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          • Reneeisxena

            Reneeisxena Big Damn Hero

            This is why I haven't played any multiplayer games yet. I've watched several where the host really has no control over what anyone does with the money they have worked hard to get. The way to get around separate gold would be to have the host need to approve of any purchase. This could just be a pop up that the host either says yes to or no. I like the new beta but there are some issues with the multiplayer. If the host had more of a tighter control over what others do on his/her farm it would be a much more enjoyable experience. Plus this could cause some hard feelings between friends when they act like total morons.
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            • Clovis_Sangrail

              Clovis_Sangrail Subatomic Cosmonaut

              That's not a problem with the game. That's a problem with your choice of friends.
              • One More Day

                One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

                The way that sentence started, I thought you were going to say they just wasted it :D

                Seriously though, separate skills makes sense because you do different activities to help the team progress faster, and separate sets of tools is obviously necessary if you want to work as a team.

                But separate money literally makes no sense. Do you want separate seeds, and separate fields to plant them in? Separate ores? Separate stock of wood? No, I thought not, because if you did then you'd just stick with the single player game. Money is just another resource for the team to use, like the seeds, like the ore, like the wood, like everything else. Separating it out from the other resources, raising it up on a pedestal to be treated differently, is mistaking the very nature and purpose of money. You have to trust them to use the money wisely like you trust them to use the seeds, the ore, the wood.

                And if you can't trust them, maybe you should find better friends to play with
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                • Noy0

                  Noy0 Master Chief

                  Actually the simplest concession would be to have both, and allow players to freely "wire/trade" funds with each other. Additionally, you could have it setup to distribute funds earned from the bin to players or the joint account as a adjustable setting. (ie, 50% joint, and 50% split evenly across all players) that way everyone has an allowance set to them personally and a joint account everyone can use. (that way if you drunk friend spends everything, you probably still have money yourself to do things.) The down side is that this isn't practical from a design perspective, since items are bought one at a time, and there is no sales UI that could be updated to select accounts expenditure. (though I suppose a toggle for prioritize personal/joint account might work)
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                  • trapisti

                    trapisti Lucky Number 13

                    IMO separate money does makes sense. We all play the game a bit different, and we all want to spend it on different things.
                    If one person goes all out on farming, he/she wants to spend everything on seeds, if the other wants to go deep in the mine, that player wants to upgrade the pickaxe and buy new weapons, and buy the bigger bag, etc.
                    These are not cheap, especially early game. This way there is no problem who get to do what. And if someone has a bit of extra, maybe a gold transfer option would be nice.

                    Shared gold does have benefits, but it has downsides too. Having the option to turn it on/off is good for any kind of player.
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                    • Goremanslizer

                      Goremanslizer Void-Bound Voyager

                      That's all the developer should know about: there are people who want AND not want to have shared money :)
                      Simple solution: implement an option to turn it on/off and show the state in the window for joining this farm. It's that easy imo. :DD
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                      • JohnyAngelo

                        JohnyAngelo Void-Bound Voyager

                        Shared money is a must for me. Random people getting together for MP are already treating it like individual race between 4 farmers. bleh
                        • BentFX

                          BentFX Cosmic Narwhal

                          One of the key concepts in the 1.3 update is "cooperative" farming. If the money and all goods were kept separate then the people who choose to not be happy will claim they should have their own farmland.

                          You don't have "a separate house." You've been GIVEN a cabin on someone else's farm. You are a farmhand.

                          I agree completely. It's not battle royale, and until people understand that it was designed to be a chill thing for friends to do together, there are some who just aren't going to be happy with it.
                          • Reneeisxena

                            Reneeisxena Big Damn Hero

                            Going with the farmhand scenario. If you are hired by a farmer you don't get complete access to their bank account. You are given a wage that is paid weekly, plus you get to keep any funds you personally bring to the farm. To that end I think each house should have it's own Lewis bin for putting product to sell in. There should then be a way for the farmer to give extra money to the farmhands, for a job well done or going above and beyond expectations. This would prevent someone from screwing around with the hosts money and being a complete jackass. Also I have noticed, watching others, that anyone can enter any house at any time. And you can even have everyone sleep in the same bed. The way around that would be if all the hands had assigned cabins and if they had to sleep they could do so only in their own cabin. If you are good friends with the people you play with you should know what to expect in their behavior. If they have never really gotten out of the jackass stage, maybe they shouldn't be asked to play on your farm. This is a beta game and as such there will most likely be lots of changes before the full release. Concerned Ape and Chuckle Fish, I'm sure, are aware of all the issues we have, big and small. I've no doubt that fixes will come.
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                            • eon_noir

                              eon_noir Space Hobo

                              Well it is random people... it usually takes time to find someone that plays the same way as you do. I play with friends and just like the possibility to have separate gold.
                              As BentFX says there are always people that are going to be unsatisfied. but its kinda great to have the possibility to change it. Always going to be a problem no matter what happens tho but if you introduce the option to opt it out or not there wont be that big of an issue. Different people likes to play the game differently. I am already aware that i'm shooting in the dark when it comes to this post cause concerned-ape really wanted the game to be the way that we see now with the gold sharing with the way it is. I understand it and i like it. But as i said, id like a work around also :)
                              • blOgre

                                blOgre Star Wrangler

                                Separate money as an option could be fun, it should come with a warning against drunk friends. I bet you would run into even more highjinks like stealing crops, filling your chests with garbage etc... maybe that would be the fun part though.
                                We're cooperating really well and look at what I've come back to after my trip to the mines : upload_2018-5-8_12-53-42.png
                                and this is after I've dug my way back to the calendar.

                                Even without I am happy with shared money, it is working well for my farm. We've had mistakes like accidentally chopping a fruit tree, someone spending all our money, but with extra people we make it back quick even on a new game.
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                                • Git Gud Fox

                                  Git Gud Fox Star Wrangler

                                  I think it'd be nice to have a way to host a shared money game or a separate money game. I enjoy playing survival games, so I like things to be as difficult as possible. I think that shared money is just the easiest way to implement the economy for multiple players, though. Maybe it has something to do with data, too.
                                  • O-Castitatis-Lilium

                                    O-Castitatis-Lilium Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Having shared money gets people talking, interacting, communicating. I love the idea of having shared money. With the shared money pool, you have to all communicate what you think is best, talk out what is going to benefit everyone now and later, and then use the money based on that. Of course you are always going to have friends, or random people, that think their need/want is the most important, but with co-op, it's what is going to benefit the group as a whole. There are very few games that harbor this type of game play. I honestly can't remember a game that does it (correct me if I am wrong, though) so this is a fresh new take on it and it's rather needed, in my opinion. The whole point of Co-Op was to have one farm and help in its success so that everyone makes money, not have four separate farms and compete. It's like a group project from Home Ec class, from when we were in school (or for some still are); you need to communicate, delegate tasks, manage funds, come to agreements, barter and trade, other things like this. if none of you do any of the work, or if one does it all and the rest don't do anything; or even if the others do all the work and one spends it all on what they want, it doesn't matter, eventually the farm fails and you all have a farm and game that isn't going anywhere. If you interact, communicate, complete your tasks and help out when needed, then the farm you all share will thrive and succeed.

                                    This was the whole point of Co-Op, cooperation, communication, interactions with people. Honestly, if you don't want to do that, then play single player.
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                                    • gummywyrms

                                      gummywyrms Big Damn Hero

                                      Okay, but it's not that easy - you have to figure out the best way to implement it.

                                      How is it split - according to who shipped it or evenly amongst the players?

                                      If the person who shipped it gets the money, how do you track who shipped what?

                                      If you're all running a farm together, how is that fair? Someone has to pay for the seeds, and probably everyone will water them - otherwise, you could just play separate singleplayer files.

                                      Are there just joint accounts, or do people get a joint account in addition to the group account?

                                      Will the farmhands be able to use the shipping skills?

                                      And so on, and so on.

                                      The developers specifically chose to go with shared money. It's a co-op game, and they probably also wanted to avoid having to answer all of the above questions.

                                      Even if you do answer all of the above questions, not everyone is going to be happy with the implementation, anyway, and then you're basically back to square one.
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                                      • One More Day

                                        One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

                                        @gummywyrms wins this thread

                                        If the person who ships stuff gets the money, all you're doing is creating a race to be first every morning to harvest crops, or milk cows, find truffles or collect from kegs, or whatever. That's not cooperation between players, that's a competition between players. It also distracts everyone from whatever they're actually supposed to be doing. Early doors, the fishing guy on the team is going to be rolling in it, but he's the one who's supposed to be funding everything for the farm at the beginning. The income that fishing generates has to be available for the whole team to use, otherwise everyone will just head off to go fishing, to get their own cash, and nobody will actually get on with any farming, or mining or foraging

                                        Separate makes absolutely no sense and those calling for it are fundamentally missing the whole point of the multiplayer aspect. It's a team game, it's about cooperation. If you want your own money, have your own farm, and go back to playing on your own. But if you want to play multiplayer and your current team mates are idiots then find a new team. Don't try to make the tail wag the dog
                                        • trapisti

                                          trapisti Lucky Number 13

                                          I feel like this thread is going in the wrong direction, everybody trying to prove his/her point, instead of giving feedback, that they like or dislike the way it is now.

                                          This is the most calm reply here, and the one that makes the most sense.

                                          I understand that the developer have a vision, and of course they can keep it that way.
                                          What I am trying to do in this thread is to provide feedback, that I do not enjoy this aspect of the MP, and gave some reasoning. It wasnt to prove a point, but for the developer to decide what to do with it.

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