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Multiplayer/Server issue

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Clerick50, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Clerick50

    Clerick50 Space Hobo

    Hello fellow protectors,

    I've recently purchased the game (from steam) for my brother and I, and I've decided that I want to host the server and then he can join on me. So I did the whole port forwarding bit, opened the 32-bit server and it worked for the entire evening. Once we were done, I closed the server gracefully (ctrl + c).

    I started the server up again today, and he disconnected a couple of times, which was fine. But after about an hour/two of gameplay, he started disconnected extremely frequently. I've restarted the server several times. Then I learned that there's a 64-bit starbound_server.exe, so I tried that, and the same thing happened.

    Next thing we tried was him hosting the server on his computer. He connected using, and within the minute, he crashed. A couple of times it said he disconnected because of inactivity (Which was strange because he was walking about and interacting), and other times it just said he "Disconnected because the connection was lost", which is still extremely strange because well, it's on his own machine.

    I've also had him re-verify the game cache from steam options, and then try and uninstall the game, remove the entire starbound directory and reinstall it. Used a brand new character, 64-bit server,, same issue.

    I've checked his logs but it doesn't really tell me anything else other than, "Disconnected" or "Kicked due to inactivity".

    I'm not sure what else could be the issue because we were playing just yesterday and it was fine!

    What I'm going to try next is him revert back to using the 32-bit server, and see if that affects the frequency of the crash.

    Please help :c

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