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Bug/Issue Multiplayer Progression Bugs

Discussion in 'Support' started by Azriet, May 2, 2018.

  1. Azriet

    Azriet Void-Bound Voyager

    In multiplayer, any progression that takes place does not seem to be kept on people who are not the host. So if I donate a mineral to the museum, and get that same mineral the next day, it tells me I need to visit Gunther to learn more about the mineral. If I visit the museum, Gunther says I have nothing to donate.

    This also happens with the bundles for the junimo. The host completed the first bundle, and when I (as non-host) tried to view the requirements for the bundles, it said nothing was donated for the spring foraging bundle, and would not allow me to flip through to the other, newly unlocked, scrolls. This fixes itself if I visit the community center and see, specifically, that the spring foraging bundle is complete, but this only lasts until the next day.

    However, the host reports to not have any of these issues, and progression seems to be saved for them.

    This does not impact quest progression, as I can visit the community center to complete bundles that I can't see from my player menu, but I am not sure if this would be the case if I took this character to a different host.
    • Schneekiste

      Schneekiste Void-Bound Voyager

      i have a similar problem. My Friend (im the host) donated some artifacts to the museum. I got the rewards, but the artifacts arent in my collection as you can see in the picture. When im changing to single player they are still missing and i cant donate them again.

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      • antwonmon

        antwonmon Seal Broken

        I have these exact same issues OP is describing. Gotta keep the wiki open to see what items are needed for the different bundles, and ask the host which items have been donated to the museum already.
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        • Kitsunejirk

          Kitsunejirk Void-Bound Voyager

          The same thing happened to me it also happened when she bought the backpack and i need to buy one now but we spent all the money on hers also im at 25/28 and she is at 15/27.
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          • WhyWorry

            WhyWorry Space Hobo

            Same here, I bought the backpack and my friend didnt get it. It also especially sucks since we cant buy the 2000g tier backpack again, so we'd have to keep saving for the most expensive one and only one of us can get that one.
            • antwonmon

              antwonmon Seal Broken

              You two are describing a different thing. The backpack is supposed to be separate. Each farmhand has to upgrade their own tools, and buy their own backpacks.

              What OP and I are reporting is that the community centre and the musuem are shared, but the farmhand cannot see the progress without actually visiting the building.
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              • Zirial

                Zirial Space Hobo

                We started a Co-Op farm with 3 people. Only the host is able to freely check progression of the community center. Of the two farmhands neither of us can do that, except when we are inside the community center, then we can check the progrssion via the menu.

                As for the museum, we have gotten the alert for donating 40 items to the museum three times yesterday, but seem to get the donation rewards just fine.
                • abefelix10

                  abefelix10 Intergalactic Tourist

                  Our non-hosts have these problems too
                  • audunmg

                    audunmg Void-Bound Voyager

                    I have the exact same issues as the host, and in addition the farmhand cannot craft furnaces, even after receiving the blueprint.

                    I think this is because the host crashed the day the farmhand received the blueprint.
                    It looks like the save file is updated to reflect that the farmhand has seen that event, but wasn't updated to include the furnace blueprint since the host crashed later that day..

                    Also, the farmhand got a letter to see the wizard twice, the second letter arrived the day after he went to see the wizard, and now there is no Journal entries related to the community center at all. Looks like it's broken.
                    • Tilly-wa

                      Tilly-wa Space Hobo

                      I started playing a while ago and wanted to know if this issue is being addressed in anyway? I'm having the same issue but it was when the non host(me) completed a bundle and neither of us have access to anything that unlocked, outside of the community center.

                      My boyfriend (the host) also has been donating to Gunther and it doesn't add to my collection at all. Doesn't even unlock discription.

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