[Multiplayer Oriented Suggestion] Ability to have one ship as base with friends

Discussion in 'Other' started by honestkiddy, Feb 27, 2016.

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    I feel that starbound doesn't have a home-y feel when playing with friends, unlike other exploration type games, because everyone has their own base(ship), and only come to a common place when we go down to planets to explore (but there are too many planets and building a base on one random planet doesnt have as much satisfaction).
    I feel there needs to be some sort of place where friends can build stuff and can go back to together everyday. (like a ship, which goes everywhere that the player goes)

    So I have a suggestion that there could be:
    1). A home base(ship), that everyone can set as their base or a owner can invite people (friends) to join their ship as crew members.
    2). Allow for the ships to be fused together in mutiplayer (an option for request to fuse ships), which will result in a larger ship. (And everyone will beam up to the same ship and have their own portion to work on on the ship)

    *Any comments/ideas on this matter would be gratefully accepted. I really want to make starbound feel more home-y but I seem to be unable to get this feeling currently.
    [Note: Will try to create some mock-up pictures for the ideas, if more people are interested in this]

    **Just noticed someone had a similar suggestion before (http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/sharing-ships.103269/) but no one seems to post in the thread.
    <<I really feel like having a same ship will quadruple the fun in starbound. Not having it seems abit sad>>

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