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  1. MrDrako

    MrDrako Seal Broken

    I havent been playing the game that long.
    The game had some serious good made style to make me whant to play it alot more.

    But here are some idears ive come up with for a maybe multiplayer univers.

    to start with what we know: The city
    The city we have the stardew valley people and the player.
    Well maybe put that on a server for all to join, with talk boobles for a see to talk back possibility and a Gramaphone/something to shout to the entire city.
    the players should se eatchother like all other characters in the game, but go thought players as ghosts.
    Clickable to trade stuff.

    The mines:
    Well here i whould suggest only ghostly players.
    the mine everyday is the same for all players, but changes the day after for a different route, but still the same for all players.
    Dying - that happens sometimes. has a small dilay for a player that crosses throught the mines to save u, granting a reward to the saving player from the K.O. player.
    Leaving a massage that "player" saved u.
    Maybe even add bigger mines for partying into mines and bosses to defeat.

    Here now comes the question Pausing the game?
    Well my suggestions:
    eating food grants a invulnerability for a certen time, that it takes to eat.
    Open inventory, game runs forward.
    Dying, Time goes forward.

    The biggest and hardest question is how should the time react: player timed, or world timed, i whould suggest player timed, making it night at the Player, but maybe day for another. Shops and people moved for the players only. So that it doesnt interfere with others around the server.

    For the farms:
    Well i whould suggest a Mailbox a the bus station. when interactet u can ask a player if u can access there Farm, if acceptet u get directly sent to it, if denyed u get a dely to ask the same player.
    a Button to allow requests or not.
    A ban Area for people that are not allowed to eather request ore see the player.
    a Kick button

    Your farm:
    Well u have your farm, u do your stuff, a person requests to enter.
    What now.
    Permissions to do stuff has to be grantet, and the player that enters, enters into your timeline.
    Night as long as he stays (can be kicked off land) or sleeps in the Guest room in the house.
    (that will be there, only in the multilplayer game)
    Selling items at the Owners farm is allways allowed.
    After leaving a farm all Permissions, can eather be Set to vanish or stay, depending on the owners selecting.

    all these idears was a little brain storming while riding the bus home from work.
    i hope some people like or have suggestions for it, i whould realy like to hear all kinds of comments on it.
    Feedback is allways good, so plzz comment, plzz plzz plzz.

    And sry for typing mistaces and bad english.

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