Multiplayer or Farm visitors (other than 4 player co-op)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ybron, Mar 6, 2016.


would anyone else want a (visitor) feature in the game? or am I just wasting everyone's time..

  1. I like the idea of an option to visit other players farms

  2. I think this would be a waste of time.

  1. ybron

    ybron Void-Bound Voyager

    I'll try to keep this on subject.
    Let me just say for everyone reading this tho, that I absolutely love the game already as is, and don't need anything more from it. Its perfect just as!
    Ok now with that out of the way, I had a suggestion to perhaps to add a feature where people could visit each others farms.
    I know this maybe impossible because of the coding and all. But I figured I'd explain how this worked in my head at least..
    If the game is already going to allow 4 player co-op in the future. That means the game will at least support 4 players to be in the game simultaneously. I was thinking perhaps even if someone started the game in single player, that it would still have the code to let someone else be in there too.
    I thought if there was a way, to go to the bus stop, or maybe even the train stop(make it so each player has to play a month before allowing multiplayer by waiting for the train stop to open up). That when accessing a console at one of these stops, it would let you bring up a server list or [enter ip address] option.
    When the second player joined, they would arrive at the first players train station or bus stop. And from there be able to roam the world.
    I'm not saying that visitors would be able to necessarily play the game, I realize the coding nightmare this whole thing could create, and there are many questions to ask like; what if the visitor had other recipes unlocked, or what about the visitors current level and perks.
    I'm not asking for a full fledged Multiplayer MMO style game, just the option for friends to join in as more of a spectator than a second player.
    I think most people could agree one of the thing we like most, is sharing our farms, our creativity, and experiences with others. And even if maybe the game could be opened up for mod ability to add this feature, that would be so great.
    All in all, I just figured I'd suggest stand alone from co-op mode, we could have the ability to join in to our friends game, even if it was just to spectate, and we weren't able to actually do anything, but maybe the visitor if the game would already support co-op, would just immediately be added as a player in co-op, and start at level 1 everything, despite their level in their actual single player game.
    Anyways, I already enjoy the game as is, and I know the game doesn't even have to include multiplayer.
    In that case I would say if this was a DLC option, I would pay money for this, and I have already talked to my buddies about this, and they agree.

    Thank you for anyone reading this, I hope I didn't break any forum rules, I was debating posting this here, or in mods..
    And THANKYOU ConcernedApe, for being so dedicated to the community making such a fantastic game that I will play for years to come!!

    P.S. ConcernedApe if ur reading this, bunch of us who play live in Olympia, so you should totally come to one of our rockin LAN parties one day... xD
    • Khaosius

      Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

      I think we should wait for the release of multiplayer before we try to suggest things to it. :p That's just my thoughts though.
      • LordSashimi

        LordSashimi Seal Broken

        Is there an idea of what multiplayer will be? I'm completely clueless on any details for multiplayer and if someone could fill me in with the known at would be much appreciated
        • Khaosius

          Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

          4 player coop. You'd be better off with a google search.
          • zoeevee

            zoeevee Zero Gravity Genie

            It is planned as a 4 or more player coop where everybody is taking care of a single farm. Things are run by the host's server so the host has to have it up and running for you to play that file. You will be able to get married - possibly to fellow players, definitely to npc's. Not too much more is known about multiplayer right now because it is still such a work in progress.

            I'm not sure how the visitor feature would work in because multiplayer is based around a host server format. I don't know enough about it though to judge. If this were to be implement this would probably be a long way down the line since multiplayer is already so far off.

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