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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by GalopaWXY, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Title says it all... I've never been able to play with friends since the beta started, so I thought maybe that was the problem and waited for the game to come out of beta. But now it has and it's still not working (I'm trying with a different person).
    The issue in beta was: we were usually able to connect to each other, but we always got disconnected from the game after a few seconds of play.

    Now: basically one of us hosts the game, and the other tries to join using either code, Steam, or clicking the host farm to connect. It says "connecting" for a while then "connection failed" (the waiting times don't seem to vary at all). We've both tried changing the join mode (invite only or friends only) and disabling IP join and trying out different combinations.

    We are both friends and online on Steam. We have the same game version (.28). We both checked our firewalls and deactivated them entirely at some point with no results. My friend tried changing his Internet connection (ADSL / 4G) two times. They have played online before with people, but I never succeeded.

    This lasted for about two hours to no avail :( now we're super sad and we have no more ideas on what to try. What am I doing wrong?
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      No thought on this issue? Multiplayer is completely inexistant for me x_x
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        try the support section this is for player search
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          That's kind of bad advice. Posting duplicate threads is a no-no. Also, this section is for issues with multiplayer.

          Consider using the report feature to request your thread be moved to the support section if you think you might get help there.
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            I have the same issue. My friend and I cant connect to each other, but she said she already played with her sister before...
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              My girlfriend and I were having similar issues when we first started playing multiplayer. The game seems to be pretty picky when it comes to connection strength, so if your internet doesn't maintain a consistent connection, that could be the problem. You could also try disabling the firewall on your router, or setting your computer as the DMZ on the network (Google it). Even though I have great FiOS internet, the game didn't like it when I was trying to play multiplayer over WiFi, so I finally just ran a 100 ft Ethernet cable all the way to my PC and that fixed connection problems for me. We have played for hours on end without a problem. Make sure, if you can, that the person hosting the game is connected via Ethernet cable. If you can't do that, then at least make sure they're as close to the WiFi router as possible.
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                I could get mine connected, but wasn't able to stay connected very long. I was directly jacked into an Ethernet cable, so I didn't understand why I kept loosing connection. As you can guess my my username, I'm a mom. So I, of course, had about 10 tabs open (and maybe not every mom does this, but every mom I know does). And it turns out, this will slow down / lag your game and sometimes cause it to crash. Also, it can cause connectivity issues, which I was also having on occasion.

                Now that I know this, I try to shut down most tabs before I start my game. Since most are saved to open when I start my browser anyway, it's no big loss. ;)
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                  This happens sometimes, what works for me is to just restart the server.
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