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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Sengoku, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Sengoku

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    Hello everyone, just caved to my girl wanting me to join her in the stardew universe and as i was setting up for the multiplayer beta it doesnt seem to work for us.

    What happens is after either of us created a co-op farm, after the other player joins and exits the house for the first time, the moment the players meet the host crashes out of the game.

    We’re both on steam;

    i have tried to get it to work in several ways as below:

    - run with smAPI w mods / without mods / without smAPI

    - run with LAN / Invite Code / Steam Invite

    - switched hosts

    They all crash the same way, but as long as our character dont meet in the same screen the game runs.

    Additionally our single player saves cannot convert to 1.3 saves (no multiplayer menu) and no option from robin to build cabins.

    Also we are both in beta mode + smAPI launching is on etc.

    Needless to say we are pretty bummed.

    Any suggestions?

    Doesnt seem like my problem is duplicated anywhere else..
    • GvrFreitas

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      Man, at least you cget to play with your girl. I bought the game so I could play with mine, but we cannot even connect to each other. Everytime we try, we get the message "connection failed". We tried exact the same things you did and the game still doesn't allow us to play. Also, no one seem to know how to solve this issue, it's just frustrating...

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