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    Getting more customisation in multiplayer match setups

    What i really want: A warcraft 3 map setup, were any player can be any team, and be placed at any position and be controlled by either AI or Human. Also the AI would have multiple difficulties.

    Longer than short
    After playing a good amount of local multiplayer matches with friends i thought i would give some feedback/suggestions on things that i felt were missing.

    Me and my friends got a bit tired of maps that would place player 1 and 3 close and player 2 and 4 close. We would rather be placed together as a team and not as far away from each other as possible. The solution would be to either allow positions to not be based on the player, or to not lock player 1 and 2 to team 1 and 3 and 4 to team 2. Also the AI had no difficulty level so it was hard to get enough variation from round to round.

    As stated in the short, a setup like warcraft 3 would allow for ANY combination of team, placement, difficulty and player/AI on ANY map. Imagine the possibilities :nuruhappy:


    Note: I also found the map image to be a bit smal and hard to see start areas when playing on a TV.
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