Bug/Issue Multiplayer Gold Resets to 500G When Rejoining; Loses Saved Gold

Discussion in 'Support' started by skipp136, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Version 1.4 on Steam

    While I was hosting a farm with separated funds in the 1.4 update, one of the farmhands has lost their gold each time they have rejoined the game. In total, the player has lost about 3,600 G. He has only rejoined the game twice, and both times this has happened. The game did not crash and we have not experienced other bugs. He is using a Thinkpad and I am a Mac user. We decided to merge our funds because the separated funds option is not worthwhile and is unplayable as is.

    Not sure if this is a bug or if this is how the game is designed when playing with separate funds. It seems like it's an error and is a major drawback/ setback when playing with separated funds if the farmhands have to restart at 500 G whenever they rejoin a game. If this is part of the design, then the farmhand's extra gold over the 500G should go to the host. As of right now that doesn't happen either so we have lost significant gold which is important early game. We are still in Spring, Year 1. I don't think the dates have anything to do with the issue since it's happening upon rejoining.
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      This is an issue with games hosted on MacOS/Linux and has been reported to the devs. You may want to switch to shared money at the mayor's house until we get a patch.

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