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Bug/Issue [Multiplayer] Farmhand Level-up Not Saving

Discussion in 'Support' started by WerewolfFindsDragon, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. WerewolfFindsDragon

    WerewolfFindsDragon Intergalactic Tourist

    I understand that this was a bug in the multiplayer beta, but it seems to be in live, too? Essentially, farmhand level-up states don't save unless you sleep two nights in a row (they'll just get the popups again every night if you quit and load after sleeping unless you do so twice in a row).

    Of course, if the farmhand levels up again the next day, that's going to require another night so it isn't really feasible to do that. That's the issue we're running into.

    No other issues are present, no progress lost other than the level-up notifications happening each night.

    This isn't cosmetic, either, as one farmhand has levelled fishing to where they should have the crab pot recipe. Every day they connect it's gone, and it'll be gone until they level up again. Then it'll be back, but only until they quit the server. Once they quit and return, upon the next server load the server will have forgotten they levelled up.

    Is this issue known about as being in live? Are there any workarounds other than sleeping two nights in a row?

    Thanks for your time!!!
    • WerewolfFindsDragon

      WerewolfFindsDragon Intergalactic Tourist

      Sorry to bump this, but this is the only issue remaining for my friends and I. I'm wondering why it wasn't replied to and I gather it might be a known issue for release? I hadn't seen anything indicating that, though. Sorry if I missed it.
      • BoogtehWoog

        BoogtehWoog Void-Bound Voyager

        I also experience this!
        • WerewolfFindsDragon

          WerewolfFindsDragon Intergalactic Tourist

          This was almost a week ago, now, just checking in. Does the new patch fix it? I didn't see this mentioned in the patch notes.

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