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Discussion in 'Support' started by Grantor, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Grantor

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    I haven't been able to find anyone else with the same issue that wasn't resolved somehow last year, but when i bought the game, "maybe a week or so ago" I loved playing with my 2 friends and we had a multiplayer save goin and everything was fine until one day my entire capability to play with anyone in any way just vanished. I don't know what happened and I doubt I've done anything different from how i ran the game prior, but i just straight up can't host or join any of my friends games anymore, it always goes to the same 'connection failed' screen after loading for a bit after choosing my character. "this is online across wifis btw". I have tried just about everything i could think of, I've: tried friend invitation codes, trying through steam invite, verifying cache, update checks, restarting pc, having my friends restart theirs, restarting servers/ making new ones, deleting the game and reinstalling, changing regions, antivirus on off; literally nothing me or my friends have come up with has helped fix this and it sucks because now I'm just left out of the save we started together :\

    I'd love whoever can help out so I can fully use this great game and not have to play alone
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      I'm afraid it's not clear which game you're actually talking about. The Website & Forum Support section is intended for assistance with issues related directly to the website and forums. All games developed or published by Chucklefish have their own subforums.

      Let me know which game you're referring to, and I'll move your thread to the right place.
      • Grantor

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        lol sry for the misunderstanding im talking about stardew

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